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Orion Charter Township is a charter township of Oakland County, Michigan in the great United States. Orion is a place for those that love the great outdoors, the fresh scent of forests and a handful of adventures that include lakes, beaches, forest hikes and mountain expeditions.

Stony Creek Metropark, is an area situated in the southeast area of Orion, toward the edges of metro Detroit and can be a hot spot area for families with children because of the epic playground structures found here. The recreation center is situated on green land space with a little part in Shelby Township. The recreation center spreads 4,461 sections of land with Stony Creek Lake. This space is sought after for get-togethers and time in nature.


The best year-round things to do in Orion include the indoor amusements, such as the Urban Air Adventure and Theme Park. With new and exciting adventures behind each and every corner, this is the ultimate indoor playground for the family.

If food is what you are after, Orion has some of the best fast food and BBQ joints in the county including Fort N’ Pink Lake Orion and CJ’s Lakeside Grill. The top restaurant in this quaint little town is Bad Brads BBQ joint where their belief is one simple goal – produce the best possible BBQ dishes everyday.

Enjoy the long walks in areas such as Simon Fraser Hills Park, or the afternoon swims in Lake Orion along the edge of the town, soaking up the small town vibes each and every day. If you’re looking to expand your green thumb, hit up I49 seed bank to order cannabis seeds directly to your home and start growing your own medicine!

I49: A Different Kind of Seed Bank

With the goal to ensure every client has a positive experience, we have to know that your shipment of weed seeds is of the best quality. The group at I49 Cannabis Seeds  works with inhouse breeders and an expert seed cultivators to bring you the finest seeds money can buy. Included with this, we offer high THC cannabis seeds that are at the cutting edge of strain development. Our seeds are practical, natural, randomly tested for germination and ready to grow! Also, along these lines we are careful that our delivery is done safely and discreetly and you won’t have to stress over neighbors seeing your buy and your privacy being disregarded. These are only a couple of reasons why I49 USA is considered an exceptional seed bank choice.


Are Pot Seeds Legal in Orion?

Let’s start by saying YES! You are allowed to buy seeds and it is legal to grow your own marijuana plants in Orion, Michigan. Michigan legal cannabis sales started around Dec. 1, 2019. Under an Act put in place by the Michigan Medical Marijuana group, qualifying patients that are dealing and suffering from an approved debilitating and painful condition are allowed to have and obtain up to 2.5-2.8 ounces of usable marijuana, to support their chronic pain and inflammation.

Also in Orion, recreational and medicinal cultivators are now allowed to grow and harvest up to 12 marijuana plants, as long as these plants are kept in an enclosed space, and kept out of reach of children or pesky neighbors.

Feminized Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Feminized seeds can also be named female seeds. But what does that mean to a beginner grower? With feminized seeds you have to remember that the gender has already been determined. Even though it isn’t guaranteed for 100% the plant can and will become female, with this type of seed the chance of a female plant is 99.9%. Most regular seed cultivators will cull male plants and prevent them from pollinating their female plants, resulting in bunk, seedy yields. But if you go with feminized, this takes most of the chances away for you.

At I49 seed bank we have many choices of feminized weed seeds which include some of the most popular strains that I49 carries such as Girl Scout, Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, Bruce Banner. These are all very high thc strains that grow well indoors and out.

What are Autoflower Seeds?

Before you think about buying autoflower seeds, it is really important to know what the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of autoflowers are. With the explanation below you can make a well-educated choice. But first let’s get into the clear definition of auto flowering seeds usa.

Because of the short summer months, the ruderalis plant has developed properties to flower based on maturity. As these auto-seeds begin to cross with the ruderalis strain, they feature their own set of characteristics, which is a huge difference compared to photoperiod plants that need a change in the number of light hours in order to signal flowering. Due to their small and short window of a vegetation cycle, they grow smaller than most regular marijuana plants and their yield can be slightly reduced.

Strains to Grow in Orion

As the skies begin to clear and the temperatures begin to rise, many people are looking for fun and rewarding outdoor activities for the summer months and growing your own weed seeds is among these things to do. When you live in a small town like Orion, Michigan visiting i-49 online is a great option for finding strains such as blue dream weed strain and kush cannabis seeds. These kinds of strains are perfect for growing in your outdoor green space and for sharing with friends when they pop over for that weekend BBQ.

When you find yourself sitting around the fire pit in your backyard on Saturday evening with your closest friends and you are looking at the sour diesel strain review you may find that this sativa dominant strain is a great option for boosting energy. You may even decide to add it to your order when you buy cannabis seeds in Orion, Michigan with I49.

Last but not least cbd girl scout cookies cannabis seeds are some of our favourites at I49 and seeds that we highly recommend growing in your green space if you are looking for that remarkably high THC hybrid strain with potent smoke-ability.

Buying CBD Seeds: The Inside Scoop.

CBD is a wonderful option for people to use that may be dealing or suffering with chronic pain due to an old injury. It has also proven to help those that are in the midst of chemo treatments helping to calm their nausea as well as bring their appetite back to a place of comfort where they can start to enjoy a snack or two. CBD is extremely helpful in supporting people with anxiety and stress as it will calm and ease the body of any discomfort.

Some types of CBD weed seeds can create a cannabis plant that has some of the highest possible CBD content. Other types of high CBD pot seeds can produce a cannabis plant in which the THC and CBD ratio is in more ratio and balanced. If you’re not into smoking this weed, CBD also comes available in balms, tinctures, concentrates, and creams. Make your own when you buy high cbd hemp seeds and grow from home!

Buy Marijuana Seeds For Home Growing

Getting started for the first time can be overwhelming and lots of factors need to be taken into account. So it would be wise to get started with buying weed seeds for beginners. These cannabis seeds for sale can take the stress out of the equation. Many are very also mold resistant, making it easier to get familiar with other aspects of growing cannabis plants. Read through our extensive grow guide to learn more about the many ways to grow, and tips and tricks from experts in the industry. Regardless of if you end up going with autoflower, feminized, or CBD seeds, I49 is confident that you won’t find more superior genetics elsewhere. We offer strains that are ideal for indoor growing in a grow tent, and also outdoor seeds that thrive in a wild garden or greenhouse. Novice to expert growers rave about our easy to use website and secure ordering process. Join the growing club today!

How to Find Seeds For Sale in Orion

Want to buy marajuana seeds from a seriously reputable seed bank? Welcome to I49 USA!

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