Buy Weed Seeds in Ontario

A rich agricultural history and bright California sunshine make Ontario an ideal place to grow your own cannabis. When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Ontario your best source is I49 Seeds California. We’re the experts on high grade breeders and we have the best weed seeds for your home grow, so check out our incredible selection of marijuana seeds available for purchase.

Known as the gateway to southern California, Ontario is the jumping off point for trips into the Angeles National Forest, San Bernardino National Forest and Big Bear Lake recreational area. Outdoors activities abound here. Disneyland isn’t too far away, but it tends to be crowded and the traffic can be a bit much on most days.

Ontario boasts the little known but well-loved Scandia theme park. Rides like the Swedish Swing and The Viking Ship break up nine-hole rounds on the two mini golf courses. Everything you’d expect from a bigger theme park is here but with a Scandanavian twist. Ontario is well known for its wineries too, and the state’s first commercial winery was opened here by John Rains. His home built in 1860 was the first home with a cooling system. Using cold water from the nearby creek, the house was always cool even on the hottest summer days. The dwelling is now featured on the national register of historic places.

Ontario takes you to flight with the Planes of Fame aviation museum. Over 160 aircraft in the collection including a replica of The Wright Brothers 1903 Kitty Hawk flyer, WW1 era bi-planes, fighter planes from WW2 and The Vietnam War and modern civilian and military aircraft. Go on the right day and you may even see an air show!

Maybe the day calls for more shopping mall than museums. In that case, Victoria Gardens is an open-air shopping area with national chain stores and local independent stores. Pedestrian friendly and not confined to a windowless, recycled air building, this makes for a fantastic place to meet friends or a special someone for lunch. Finding fancier eateries isn’t hard in Ontario either. The Sycamore Inn opened before the civil war and has remained open ever since. Spanish explorer Juan Batista de Anza was the first European to reach the area. He and his soldiers lived with the local Native Americans for some time at what became the site of the Inn. One of his soldiers stayed when the rest left and the rest is history.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

With so many marijuana seed supply companies out there, it can get overwhelming trying to choose where to buy marijuana seeds. I49 online cannabis seed bank stocks the highest quality pot seeds available anywhere. Our seed breeders collective is as passionate as you about growing great cannabis. We believe in our product, so much so, that we back it up with a rock-solid seed germination guarantee. Not convinced yet? Have a read over all the five-star customer reviews and you’ll see. The cannabis seeds from I49 are the best out there. We look forward becoming a part of your growing adventure.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Ontario?

Marijuana seeds are legal everywhere in the US as adult novelty items. There are still many states where it’s still illegal to actually grow them though. Not in Ontario, California, luckily! Anyone over the age of 21 can grow up to six cannabis plants at one time and can keep everything they harvest from those plants. They do have to be under lock and key and out of public sight though. That’s just good marijuana growing etiquette anyway. You can rest easy knowing the marijuanas seeds from I49 seed bank are legal and you’re permitted to grow them in Concord.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

When the goal of growing your own cannabis at home is to achieve the biggest possible harvest, then the big yield auto strains are what you are looking for. Autoflower seeds have been specifically developed to not require the usual shift in seasonal lighting conditions that marijuana seeds regular strains normally do. This means they have a very fast seedling and vegetative growth stage. Where traditional marijuana strains would be ready for harvest in three months, autoflower strains are usually harvestable within two months. They are generally a sturdier plant and have become a valuable teaching plant to novice cannabis growers.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Marijuana grows in both male and female sexes. Occasionally, they’ll even grow as hermaphrodites. Female plants are the ones most growers want because they are the heaviest flower producers. The trouble is that when growing cannabis, the plant doesn’t reveal its sex until after the seedling stage. Or approximately a month. That’s a lot of time to waste waiting to see if you have the plant you want.

Keep life simple! These feminized marijuana seeds for sale are guaranteed to be female. Created by stressing a flowering female to produce pollen then applying that pollen to another flowering female of the same strain will pass along all the original plants genetics and the female only chromosomes along, resulting in seeds that can be guaranteed feminized. It’s a genius process when you think about it. We all owe a debt to the breeder that came up with this method!

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Ontario?

If your plans for the day include a hike in the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area, our tropicana cookies marijuana would complement that hike very nicely. This sativa dominant hybrid delivers a clear-headed uplifting high, best suited for morning and day use. Flavors of cookie dough and citrus fruit dance on your palate when you smoke it. Growing purplish and resin rich makes it a great strain for concentrate extraction. When you’ve finished your hike, the Jurupa Mountain Discovery Center is nearly next door. Don’t concern yourself with being tired though because proponents of the bruce banner strain sativa or indica speak extensively of the strain’s regenerative effects. Massive THC levels will bring the energy of The Hulk out from you, except the uncontrollable anger part. This strain is famed for the happiness it brings along with all its other attributes and would marry well with a leisurely walk amongst the dinosaur statue collection while spotting the numerous modern day lizards that call the area home.

Indica strains are a great way to unwind from the day’s physical activities. Check out the famous indica california cannabis seeds we have at I49 seed bank. Choose from hundreds of popular indica strains that can help take away the stress of the day, relax at home or even better, head down to the Panama Night Market. With over one hundred vendors, food trucks and live performances there is something for everyone. End your day off with some Purple Punch marajuana seeds, and this indica hybrid will have you chilling out in no time.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain or other difficult conditions, medical marijuana may bring you some real relief. It’s been a miracle of sorts for kids suffering from epileptic disorders. It has proven to drastically reduce, and in some cases even stop, seizures in kids. CBD does not produce the buzz that THC does, making it suitable for use by kids and for people needing therapies during times where intoxication isn’t an option.

I49 USA strives to provide the latest and greatest high CBD strains that are hitting the market. If you suffer from any of these medical concerns, CBD is worth trying out to see if it helps you as clinical trials and medical studies are proving the benefits of CBD based cannabis therapy every day. You could be the next beneficiary!

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Outdoor growing of cannabis is illegal in Ontario so you would be best to consider growing weed from seeds indoors. Reasonably priced indoor growing kits are widely available and easy to use. Growing marijuana outdoors may be taboo but you can share the indoor tent space with vegetables or vegetable starters. A large enough tent could easily accommodate six mature cannabis plants, capsicums and tomatoes. Essentially anything typically grown in a greenhouse can be grown in an indoor tent alongside your own cannabis. Imagine harvesting those fresh tomatoes and capsicums alongside your very own fresh cannabis flowers. That’s a garden worth growing.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Ordering your 420 seeds online has never been easier thanks to I49 Weed Seeds.

With a plethora of weed seeds available in all varieties, we are ready and waiting with  the marajuana seeds you want. Hundreds of sativas, hybrid and indica strains from globally famous to local favorites. A super friendly, knowledgeable customer care team and a rock-solid seed germination guarantee are all included with the plain, nondescript package arriving at your mailbox within a few short days of ordering. Safe, secure and private. I49 is the most reliable, trustworthy way to buy cannabis seeds in Ontario, California. When quality matters, where you buy your cannabis seeds from matters too. I49 online cannabis seed bank has the highest quality of weed seeds ready for you to plant and harvest. We look forward to becoming a part of your growing journey, and hope you join the ranks of other happy cultivators!

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