Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana Seeds

At first glance, most marijuana seeds look more or less the same. Within those hard, speckled shells, however, lies the potential to create an entire cannabis plant with medical and recreational benefit. Options range from seeds for growing industrial hemp to seeds that become delightfully refined indica and sativa strains. Learn all you can now, because choosing the right marijuana seeds is the key to cultivation success.

A few fascinating facts about cannabis seeds

* Marijuana seeds incorporate an ideal balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Crucial to human health, these fatty acids are not naturally produced by the human body. If you desire a boost of essential fatty acids, opt to eat Omega rich hemp seeds, and save your top-shelf seed for growing medicinal and recreational plants.

* One cannabis plant may deliver more than one thousand seeds.

* The ideal temperature for marijuana seed storage is 41 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit, or five to seven degrees centigrade. Fortunately, this is right around the temperature of a door shelf in a residential refrigerator. Marijuana seeds must be kept perfectly dry to avoid mold growth and/or premature germination. If refrigerated in an airtight container, stored cannabis seed can remain viable for years.

* Hemp seed was often taken along on extended sea voyages. Dutch sailors were especially impressed with the quick growth of hemp, so they set to sea with a stash of seed just in case they ever became shipwrecked. Hemp seed could be used to feed stranded sailors, and a quick crop of hemp could be used to repair sails and ropes.

* A cannabis seed is typically the size of a match head, but the size can vary from strain to strain. Some marijuana seeds are not much larger than a tomato seed. Some are the size of a small pea. The size of a cannabis seed is not a reliable indicator of the size of the indica or sativa or hybrid plant that will grow from it.

* Industrial hemp seeds and marijuana seeds look almost identical. That’s why savvy growers obtain their seeds from reputable seed banks such as i49.

* Regular cannabis seeds can be either female or male. It’s not possible to know from merely looking whether a seed is going to produce a male or female plant. Cultivate regular pot seeds right, and your chances of growing all-female plants increases exponentially.

* Many of your favorite strains are grown from feminized cannabis seed. This is a brilliant way to ensure the femaleness of a crop, but plants that are grown from feminized seeds will not produce seeds of their own.

The surest way to get viable seed is to purchase from a reputable cannabis seed bank. i49 comprises a collective of ganja enthusiasts who believe that every farmer should have easy, legal access to top quality seed for a fair and reasonable price. We’re proud of our reputation as an excellent source of marijuana seeds for medical and recreational crops. To know more, please call 1-855-888-6452.

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