Lamb’s Bread Fem

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Buy Lamb’s Bread Strain for your home garden.

This sturdy and effective Sativa strain descending from Jamaica is rumored to have been one of Bob Marley’s favorite strains. It promotes a very bright uplifting cerebral high that boosts creativity and introspection. The Golden bright green buds are coated with red hairs, but don’t let the smell of hay deter you as this strain is very strong and worth a try!

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 16- 21%
Cheese and grass aroma, earthy and woody flavors

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    Seeds are great first of all, depending where one is at with god if you know what I mean, because lets face it nothing get germinated inless god makes it happen. Secondly customer support is very good period. Delivery, get to track packages and arrive in mailbox accordingly.
  • '5' '15402'
    1st time with them, a little confusion on my part but all was where it was suppose to be. Super stealthy, great job!