Skunk Amnesia Fem

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Buy Skunk Amnesia Strain for your home garden.

The skunk mix with Amnesia is a tasteful way to take in your afternoon medicine. She takes a little longer to fully flower thanks to the lanky sativa Haze genes – but the wait is worth it! The high from this particular plant Is so cerebral and uplifting. Not a strain you will soon forget.

Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks
THC Content: 17%
Skunky with a sweet woody essence.

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  • '4' '15708'
    i49 is great but the seeds i bought this time are not. Bad germinating rates, only 40%-50% of them.popped.
  • '5' '15708'
    I shop through several vendors! I’m a Medical pot user. At first I thought i got scammed out of my money, the phone line doesn’t work, and I was hoping to do business with a company out of the USA! With that said, when I got the seeds, they were packaged very nicely. I have no complaints. I have my first Skunk Amnesia now to see how the plants grow! I have yet to see a plant. I ordered seed from another vendor. Out of Sacrament. I live in California, so the seeds I ordered from them is already in their 3 week. Shipping time is the only thing that kills me with i49! Growers choice I had seeds germinating on the 4th day after purchase. i49 took about 2 weeks to receive my seeds. i49 seeds ARE cheaper than most vendors, and the selection is off the charts! Probably one of the best EVER I’ve seen. They get seed from everywhere, and they even gave me 5 extra seeds because I was so worried about my order! IT TOOK THAT LONG!!! If i49 can stream line their shipping time, this company will be at the top of my list for ordering. I just need to see how the plants grow. I gave it 4 stars, because I have no idea where they are shipping from, and I my purhcase gets ceased in customs I won’t to be a happy camper.