What is Indica

    Indica marijuana is those cannabis strains originally from countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and some parts of Near East and Eastern Europe. Most of the pure indica genetics have strong roots in the Himalayan region and there were introduced to the western countries by the hippies who made trips between the regions back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Traits of the Indica plant

    Indica marijuana strains are known to exhibit the following characteristics:

    • they are short and compact plants, normally doesn’t grow beyond six feet
    • the distance between one node and another, the intermodal is also usually very short
    • the leaves are thick with broad leaflets
    • they have a short flowering period, usually between 45 – 65 days

    The effects of indica marijuana

    Indica strains are sedative in nature. Due to this, they are ideal for treating medical symptoms such as muscle spasms and tremors, insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. Additionally, they are highly recommended for night use as they can really slow you down during the day. For instance, the use of these strains is highly discouraged if the nature of your activity requires deep concentration such as operating heavy machinery or driving.

    Popular strains of cannabis indica

    The following are some of the popular strains of cannabis indica:

    Northern Light

    The northern light strain has been a favorite strain for growers all over the world. It’s exact genetic remains unclear, but it is hugely believed that it is a hybrid of 11 different varieties which are all indica-dominant. Some of its most pronounced characteristics include a smooth and distinct flavor with a coch-lock high.

    Purple Kush

    It is a hard-hitting favorite strain for millions of growers around the globe and it is one of the most powerful strains of indica marijuana you will ever come across. It is a hybrid between Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush, 100% indica strain. It is known for its deep sedation and pain relief features.

    Granddaddy Purple

    Granddaddy Purple is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. It has fat and lush green buds and the nugs are full of the delicious purple color.

    Ice Wreck

    Ice Wreck is another highly potent indica breed boasting of 27.7% THC levels. With it comes a full body stone and it is the strain to go for if you have nothing else to do and all you desire is lazy around for hours. It cultivated well, the plant can yield up to 450grams of leaves per plant at maturity.

    Aurora Indica

    This is a cross between Afghan and Northern lights and its THC content stands between 15- 20%. The buds are full of flavor and very ideal for patients who desire good intake of the CBD.

    Blue Mystic

    Also known as fruity-licious, the Blue Mystic is a breed between the Northern Lights and Blueberry. It is not only sweet and fruity, but also it is stony and has always been a top choice indica for many indica variety lovers since no other variety matches it in terms of flavor.

    What is a Seed Bank – Marijuana Seed Bank?

    I49 is A Marijuana Seed Bank

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    Please see below for some generic ideas about Marijuana Seed Banks.

    The history of Seeds & Seed Banks.

    The concept of having seed banks first began towards the end of 1980s when biodiversity and extinction of various plants became apparent to the whole world. Through the help of international and national NGOs, communities around the globe began to prepare seed banks of various kinds to primarily preserve the seeds which they thought that were most threatened with extinction back then.  During that time, most of the seed banks were owned by communities and some of the countries that pioneered the practice of having seed banks included Ethiopia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Philippines and Nicaragua.

    In the north, in countries such as the United States and Canada, there was a special type of community seedbank referred to as the Seed-Savers Network that undertook the preservation of seeds. Such networks started in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom before they spread to other parts of the world. Through the years, the numbers as well as the diversity of the seed banks have increased tremendously, with the world’s largest seed bank being the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

    The purposes of a Cannabis Seeds & Seed Bank

    At its basic application, a seed bank was to store and preserve cannabis seeds, especially from animals and extreme weathers. However, there is more to having seed banks currently than just protecting them from getting destroyed. The most important reason for seed banks now is biodiversity. Plants too have specific genetic traits and these ought to be preserved and there is no better place to do that than in a seed bank. Apart from preserving the crop diversity, the other purposes of a seed bank include:

    • To protect the extinction of certain crop species due to climate change.
    • Natural disasters has the potential of wiping out an entire ecosystem and without seed banks, species could be easily lost when such disasters strike.
    • Protection against man-made disasters such as wars and nuclear accidents.
    • Research purposes – the people who lived in the past used plants to cure diseases. When the seeds are preserved, there is the possibility of investigating their medicinal properties in the future.

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    Marijuana seed banks

    Marijuana seed banks are where the various strains of marijuana seeds are preserved and stored. It is where growers go to whenever they need the seeds and have the seeds delivered to them. However, it is vital for every grower to approach a marijuana seed bank with great caution.

    Since it is the desire of every grower to get the best from their marijuana, you should exercise a lot of vigilance when ordering the seeds from the seed banks because not all the pot seeds banks will have similar reputation. Make it a habit of ordering only from the reputable marijuana seed banks.

    Top Ten Amazing Cannabis Studies

    With the success of cannabis industry in the United States, one would be sufficiently correct to say that studies on marijuana are never going to end. Tones are seen changing as some of the strong voices that at one time opposed the legalization of the substance seem to adopt soft stances and they tend to now support more studies of cannabis across various fields. But as all the hullabaloos go on, here are some of the ten cannabis studies you will find amazing:

    Legal cannabis can be used to protect young people

    This is according to a study conducted in Colorado where it was discovered that the number of young people using cannabis after its decriminalization dropped by 22%. Since the legislations came into effect, four out of five young people do not use cannabis, not even on occasional basis.

    Riding bicycle when high

    Riding Bicycle when High Study was conducted in Germany where participants who were regular consumers of cannabis were allowed to smoke one, two, and three joints of cannabis and then cycle round a truck after each joint. It was observed that there were no significant changes on how they peddled before and after they smoked.  You should, however, not misinterpret the results then go peddling after smoking weed.

    Those who use cannabis takes fewer seek days

    This was from a survey dubbed, “The Effect of Cannabis on Sick Leave” and it concluded that there was a significant reduction in the number of those who applied for sick leave after medicinal cannabis and its seeds was legalized.

    While alcohol makes you aggressive, cannabis makes you calm and peaceful

    When as study compared the effects of alcohol to those of cannabis, it was discovered that those who consumed cannabis regularly were more peaceful compared to their counterparts who took alcohol on a regular basis.

    Insulin resistant diabetes and insulin

    Studies have revealed that cannabis users have better blood sugar values than patients who are non-users. From one particular study, cannabis users had lower values of up to 16% compared to patients who have never smoked cannabis.

    You can get slim when you smoke cannabis

    A relation has been established between the Body’s Mass Index and regular use of cannabis and it has been observed that regular users of cannabis never suffer from weight problems. Experts try to attribute this to the ability of cannabis to lower down blood sugar, which is always a contributing factor in obese people.

    Cannabis can help in the treatment of psychological conditions

    A research by the University of British Columbia on the potential effects of cannabis withdrawal noted that it could be used as a withdrawal drug for drugs that have more lethal effects and also through the use of cannabis, the use of opioids-based painkillers could also be reduced significantly.

    Young people know how to handle cannabis better than old people

    A study in the United Kingdom revealed that younger people, between the ages of 15 – 17 were good at handling cannabis compared to adults who got stoned very fast. Additionally, the study also concluded that cannabis consumption could only be problematic if consumed when people are too young and they consumer too much of it.

    Cannabis does not reduce the size of the brain

    There is no hard evidence to suggest that cannabis is related to the development of schizophrenia as has been believed in many quarters and there is no way how the use of cannabis can affect the size of brain, whether in adults or young people.

    Secondary school pupils in academies smoke more marijuana

    This is according to a study in Netherlands where it was concluded that there was a connection between the consumption of cannabis and the type of school. Pupils in academies were concluded to take a lot of drugs compared to those in public schools or other types of schools.

    How to Identify Cannabis Growing Problems and Fix Them

    Knowing how to identify cannabis growing problems and how to fix them should a prerequisite to successful growing of weed. Without this vital knowledge, all your attempts to grow weed the right way will be futile and you will never reap the benefits and the pleasure of growing your own weed. To help you get a grip on your marijuana growing, below are some of the problem categories you are likely to encounter and how you can fix them in good time:

    Cannabis Growing: Nutrient problems

    A deficiency in any of the essential nutrients is sufficient to sign the death sentence for the plant. The good news, however, is that most of the deficiency can be detected in good time and the lacking nutrient added before it hurts the growth of the plant. Here are some of the common nutrient deficiencies:

    • Boron deficiency – to detect boron deficiency, you will notice slow growth on the upper most parts of the leaves. Boron deficiency is mostly caused by low soil pH or over-fertilizing the plant. Simply ensure that these don’t happen and you won’t have to worry about boron deficiency.
    • Copper deficiency – a sign of copper deficiency is when then plant start cropping up on the younger leaves. The leaves then become discolored on the margins and the tips. Curling may also happen in some instances. To fix this deficiency, flush out everything using pH balanced water that contains all the necessary nutrients.
    • Iron Deficiency – to detect iron deficiency, the leaves of the plant will lack chlorophyll and this will make it lose the normal green coloration. To correct this, it is recommended to use an all-round nutrient provider such as the Marijuana Booster.

    Cannabis Growing: Environmental stresses

    Sometimes marijuana may be affected due to certain factors happening around in the environment under which it is grown. Here are some of the common environmental stresses to watch out for:

    • Heat stress – the temperature under which marijuana is grown is very important, and this is especially vital if you will be growing the plant indoors. The correct amount of heat is necessary to allow the plant carry on with its natural processes like photosynthesis and to ensure that there is enough uptakes of nutrients. Too much or too little heat will cause stress on the plants and a good indication for this will be withering leaves. Check on the strain planted to know the ideal heat conditions for optimal growth.
    • Airy and lose buds – when your marijuana is suffering from this problem, you will easily notice the buds as appearing airy and flaccid. The buds will not mature in the right manner and there is the likelihood of them falling off before maturity, leading to the loss of leaves. Once this problem happens, there is no fixing hence the only solution is to stop it from happening. There are quite a number of ways to prevent this and they include-: choosing a good strain, growing the marijuana under the right conditions of light and temperature, ensuring the growth medium has all the necessary nutrients, ensuring proper ventilation and humidity and timing the harvesting correctly.

    You should also watch out for marijuana diseases, pests and bugs which can potentially destroy the plants and stop you from having a good harvest.