Buy Weed Seeds in Palmdale

The cannabis plants might just outnumber the palm trees growing in Palmdale once you’ve started your home grow show. When you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Palmdale, California we have you covered at I49 Seeds California. We stock the most popular strains available, as well as local favorites and some you may have never heard of. It’s always a great season to start planting in Palmdale.

Palmdale is lucky to have all the amenities and excitement of Los Angeles but gets to live a quieter life nearly next door. Also known as the Aerospace City, it has a long standing relationship with the Air Force. Blackbird Airpark demonstrates that shared history with retired reconnaissance aircraft from the cold war era, including a U-2 and a couple of SR-71 Blackbirds. If you like fighter jets, The Joe Davies Heritage Airpark is right down your runway. Check out famous fighter aircraft from days gone by and more modern super fighters like the F/A-18 Super Hornet. Too bad you can’t take them out for a ride cause these birds can get you almost as high as the haze seeds for sale in our online cannabis seed bank.

Of course the climate in Palmdale dictates a year round growing season for cannabis. This allows the luxury of growing regular marijuana seeds like koolato strain seeds. A six-plant allowance is generous enough to consistently grow a variety of strains that never get old. Sativas for exploring nearby Los Padres National Forest or Castaic Lake State Recreation area. Grow indicas that stimulate the appetite for culinary adventures at local eateries. The Po’ Boys and Jambalaya at Lee Esther’s Cajun and Creole Cooking will fix up those munchies. Sample some Caribbean fare at Baracoa Cuban Restaurant in The Village Green shopping center.

Whatever you have planned for your day in Palmdale, we have something that’ll help make it better. Check us out and see for yourself.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

There is no doubt that there are many options available to buy cannabis seeds in Palmdale. So many stores and websites claim to have the best weed seeds around but that’s it. Just a claim. I49 Cannabis Seeds are the clear-cut winner though. We back up all of our seeds with a rock-solid germination guarantee so you can have confidence knowing you have purchased the finest quality, highest producing pot seeds on the market. If you find yourself a little unsure of how to buy marijuana seeds, we’ve got your back. Just check out our impressive seed bank for your favorite strains and you’ll have them to your doorstep within days.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Palmdale?

Weed seeds are legal in Palmdale. Actually, they are legal nearly everywhere in the USA as novelty items. You are able to buy cannabis seeds usa online legally in Palmdale. You won’t run into any trouble until you grow them throughout the US, but luckily, the Golden State allows anyone over the age of 21 to legally grow up to six marijuana plants at home. They must be tucked away inside under lock and key though. Only a few towns in Cali allow outdoor cannabis cultivation. Palmdale is not one of them so plan appropriately to grow indoors.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Autoflower marijuana seeds are an absolute revolution for all cannabis growers. These seeds were developed to lack the genetic coding requiring seasonal lighting changes to trigger the flowering stage. If you have never grown weed you may not be aware that cannabis needs a 50/50 split between day and night to start flower production. This can be a challenge for outdoor growers and requires automation for indoor growers.

Autoflowering seeds are unique. They “automatically” enter into the flowering stage after a short seedling and vegetative stage. Often harvestable a month before regular cannabis seeds, they are available in nearly every strain now including sativas, hybrids and many legendary indica strains. Knowing where to buy indica seeds in autoflower form is as easy as visiting our website.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Female marijuana plants are the workhorse of the species. Responsible for producing flowers and seeds for reproduction they also produce the super potent THC laced crystals we love to smoke.

How can a seed be called female? It’s a simple process really. Cultivators stress a flowering female into producing her own pollen. That pollen is harvested and applied to a different flowering female of the same strain. That pollen contains all the mother plants genetic information and because it was a female plant it will only possess female chromosomes. This pollen will trigger the receiving plant to produce seeds without any male chromosomes. That is how a seed can be guaranteed feminized. Nearly all the marijuana seeds for sale in our catalogue are available in feminized form so order some up and have confidence you are growing strong, healthy female plants.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Palmdale?

Spending the day at the Dry Town Waterpark is the local way to beat the summer heat. Get an energy boost for the day with the david banner strain from I49 seed bank. A sativa dominant powerhouse born of a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, this strain is well known for boosting happiness and providing a release for pent up energy. Lemon and diesel don’t really sound like nice flavor combinations but this strain pulls it off well. It’s tasty and has an aroma of roasted hazelnuts that hangs in the air like incense after smoking.  Perfect for slides down The Devil’s Punchbowl or Rattlers Revenge or race your friends down Dusty’s Mineshaft Racer.

You may have some sore muscles after all of that action at the waterpark. Get the relief you need by rolling up and smoking some dosidos strain. Great analgesic qualities blend well with anti-inflammatory properties and make this strain a go to for pain relief. You’ll like the light earthen aromas with a sweet cotton candy flavor. It is an indica dominant though so plan on an easy evening listening to live music at the Palmdale Amphitheater or a chill session with your friends at Lucky Luke Brewing. Maybe even head down to a honky tonk and get your square dance on before you get too relaxed.

How long has it been since you’ve been on Horseback? Maybe a long time or maybe never. The Rainbow Ridge Ranch has been a Palmdale institution for a long time. Take a two-hour guided trail ride to get out of the city for the afternoon. The clear headed high and mood lightening qualities of teopicana cookies would enhance the ride well. It helps relieve symptoms of nausea as well so if the heights of a horse are a bit much you still keep your lunch where it belongs. It is beautiful to watch grow, with crisp green leaves sporting violet like undertones and resin dripping flowers. Flavors of cookies due to its parent GSC and citrus from its other parent, Tangie, Tropicana cookies is a fan favorite everywhere you go.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

I49 USA believes very strongly in the healing power of medical cannabis. CBD or Cannabidiol is the miracle compound within the cannabis plant that is making many waves within the medical field. Perhaps one of the key features is that high CBD pot strains do not produce the strong psychoactive effect that higher THC strains do, making it ideal for treating epileptic disorders in kids. It’s doing just that too! Recent trials have demonstrated that CBD has the power to drastically reduce and even stop seizures in sufferers of the disorder. Certainly not to be forgotten is the incredible effects it has had at reducing chronic pain, helping relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Try it out for what ails you by growing a high CBD strain at home, sourced from I49.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Although growing marijuana outside is not permitted in Palmdale, this does not necessarily mean you have to grow inside your home. Garden sheds can do the trick, same as solid sided greenhouses. I49 specializes in outdoor canabis seeds that will grow very well in the southern Cali climate. Tall growing vegetables like vine tomatoes, bell pepper plants and even blueberry bushes compliment cannabis well in both greenhouses and other indoor growing methods.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

I49 was founded on the belief that the highest quality cannabis seeds could go hand in glove with fantastic client care and the industry’s best seed germination guarantee. Check out the incredible customer reviews and success stories. They confirm that you’ll find the best cannabis seeds high yield in our extensive online marijuana seed catalogue. We endeavor everyday of the year to be your best source for 420 seeds online, striving to make the process simple and seamless from the start. A few simple clicks or a pleasant phone call is all it takes and in a few short days a plain, nondescript package full of cannabis love will arrive in your mailbox. We look forward to growing with you and welcoming you into our family of happy growers!