Buy Weed Seeds in Salinas

The “salad bowl of the world” is a nickname that has some dressing on top. Salinas, California has been an agricultural powerhouse for hundreds of years. If experience develops talent then growing cannabis at home should come natural to the locals. When you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in Salinas, I49 California has the seeds you seek.

Hot sunny summers and warmer than national average make Salinas a pretty comfortable place to live. Close enough to big cities like San Francisco but small enough to stay relaxed and friendly, Salinas has some pretty impressive bragging rights too. It is the birthplace, childhood home and inspiration to John Steinbeck. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and winner of The Nobel Prize for literature, Steinbeck used the Salinas valley and the California Coastal Ranges areas to explore themes of injustice and the fates of exploited men. His legacy remains prominent and on display at The National Steinbeck Center and The Steinbeck Restaurant.

Salinas is home to another form of legend in the motorsport’s world. Laguna Seca raceways’ reputation is globally known and the track is loved by drivers and fans alike. Laguna Seca is Spanish for the dry lakebed the track encircles. Nearly two and a half miles long the track has an elevation change of over 180 feet and features the legendary turn 8 and 8A, the infamous corkscrew drop turn that can rattle even the most seasoned drivers.

Recognition should be given to Salinas and the Monterey Bay area for the wines they produce. There is something special about that seaside soil, Cali sunshine and Pacific Ocean breezes that create ideal conditions to produce some of the world’s best wines. Logically speaking, that soil must be fantastic for growing weed seeds too.

Check out the us marijuana seeds in our extensive online cannabis seed bank to find your favorites or pick up something you haven’t tried yet to add some variety to your life.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

Hundreds of customer success stories and five-star reviews can’t be wrong! At I49 Weed Seeds we take pride in offering the finest quality marijuana seeds you’ll find anywhere. Strict quality control, talented seed breeders and our rock-solid germination guarantee keep us at the top of the industry and your best choice for where to buy marijuana seeds in Salinas. A few simple clicks or a quick, super friendly phone call with our customer care specialists is all it takes to order your 420 seeds online. Within a few short days a plain package will arrive in your mailbox and you’ll be good to go. Some soil, some water and some light is all it takes when you order your seeds from I49 seed bank.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Salinas?

It’s hard to believe that is a real question anymore with our more modern approach to the cannabis plant. Prohibition ended years ago but in some places the plant is still restricted. Thankfully, Salinas and all of California legalized marijuana for recreational and medical uses a few years back. So yes, pot seeds are legal in Salinas. It is illegal to grow outside in public view and you can only grow up to six plants at once but that is a generous allowance for the home grower. Leaving the biggest question, how to grow marijuana from seed? That’s an easy question too. Visit our website for great advice, tips and tricks to help you get started on your cannabis growing journey.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

If you are just beginning your new marijuana growing hobby and you want to build confidence while producing the biggest possible yield of high-quality flower, then autoflower seeds are certainly worth considering. Developed to not require the usual shift in lighting times that regular pot seeds do makes them very easy to grow. These bruce banner auto marijuana seeds are an excellent example of a super potent, easy to grow strain. Not having to spend your time stressing about lighting and environmental conditions will give you the time you need to learn your craft and autoflower seeds are an excellent teaching tool to help you grow your success.

What are Feminized Seeds?

The cannabis plant grows in both male and female sexes, however, the female plant is the rock star of the species. Female plants produce the large amounts of THC laden flowers that we love so much. These seeds are created by stressing flowering females into producing pollen then applying that pollen to another flowering female of the same strain. That pollen contains all the genetic material of the original plant and lacks any male chromosomes. Meaning the resulting seeds will be all female. Most of our weed seeds for sale at I49 are available in feminized and are guaranteed to produce high yields of high-quality weed, as long as they are loved and cared for.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Salinas?

One of the best things about growing your own cannabis is having the ability to grow what works for you. This includes the strains you love but can’t ever find and the strains you can pair perfectly with a day’s activities. Wedding Cake is a massively popular strain and can be hard to locate when the occasion calls for it. The cake strain we have is absolutely beautiful. Growing stout but bushy, this lovely lady’s leaves and buds literally glisten with crystal just before harvest earning its name by resembling a frosted cake. Parental lineage is Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Both famous on their own, they have combined to make a super tasty indica dominant hybrid perfect for treating chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and elevating moods.

Not to be outdone is another legend in the cannabis community. Northern Lights is prized around the world. Created by crossing Afghan and Thai strains, it first showed up on the market in the 1980’s. It never looked back either becoming one of the most popular strains of all time. Can’t sleep? Northern Lights. Can’t eat? Northern Lights. Elbow or knee hurt? Northern Lights. You get the idea. I49 loves this strain as much as you do or will if you haven’t yet tried it. Super strong cerebral effects create an Aurora Borealis effect behind your eyeballs that warps time so it’s best to use this strain in the evening or on a day off taking in a colorful show like the Salinas Asian Festival. The Lion Dance is done masterfully by the local Asian American community and is well worth spending the day in a lawn chair with the Northern Lights you grew at home.

Being the wine producing region that it is, Salinas offers some incredible chances to see how it’s done. Salinas Valley is home to three American Viticultural Association wineries. Try pairing that tour with Purple Kush. A pure indica that’ll make your brain smile from lobe to lobe. Sporting a euphoric, mood boosting effect that trails off to a warm body stone, Purple Kush travels through the body like a deep red Merlot grown right here in Salinas. Check out the marijuana seed sales in our extensive catalogue and grow your own Purple Kush this summer.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

The medical marijuana community is largely responsible for the legalization push that has benefitted so many people. Cannabidiol or CBD is at the forefront of the resulting medical studies. CBD has shown an incredible ability to drastically reduce or completely stop seizures in people who suffer from epileptic disorders. That in itself is a miracle for so many people but medical marijuana offers so many more benefits including relief of chronic pain, anxiety, depression and even hard to diagnose conditions like adrenal fatigue.

The usa marijuana seeds we offer at I49 seed bank are high CBD strains great for treating a whole host of medical conditions. Perhaps one of its greatest attributes is not possessing high amounts of THC which means very little to no psychoactive effects, making this therapy suitable for use during the day or at night.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Although it is illegal to grow cannabis outdoors in Salinas exceptions are made in regards to greenhouses. Marijuana grows very well in controlled greenhouse environments and outdoor strains are best for it. Check out our great outdoor growing cannabis seeds to compliment your peppers, tomatoes and fresh herbs. It doesn’t take much space either which is ideal if you have a smaller backyard. Imagine harvesting all those fresh vegetables alongside your fresh cannabis!

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

The easiest thing you’ll do today is buy cannabis seeds in Salinas, California from I49 USA. We founded our company on the belief that fantastic customer care and the finest quality cannabis seeds go hand in hand. We back that belief up with an industry best seed germination guarantee. You can have confidence in the cannabis seeds for sale at I49. We’ve spent years carefully building our inventory with the most talented seed breeders in the biz. We are as passionate about growing marijuana as you are. Come join us in the quest to grow the best. We look forward to earning your trust, so read through the hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy growers to see what we are doing right!