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California’s cornucopia, also known as Santa Rosa, is a city filled with charm and history. You won’t be disappointed with the ability to discover new activities, delectable food and elegant wines. Located 55 miles from San Francisco, Santa Rosa is in the heart of wine country. The warm and sunny year-round weather creates ample opportunity to explore the outdoors on a soul-searching hike on the Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail or even a day at the Sonoma Coast State Beach. The weather makes it a great place to have your own garden. Perhaps you might want to even start growing your own marijuana so you can have your own stash after an adventure filled day.

Do you love a little adrenaline pumping in your veins? If so, Sonoma Canopy Tours is a zip-lining tour deep in the Redwood Forest. For an even more daring twist, try doing it at night! Perhaps you would rather be doing some Ollies or Pop Shove It’s at the Laguna Skate Park. It is a favorite with the locals. Santa Rosa also has some breathtaking parks like Spring Lake Park or Howarth Park. Both parks feature lakes that just beckon for you to jump in and feel some reprieve from the hot summer sun.

After some adventure, make sure to check out Santa Rosa’s food scene as it is a foodie’s paradise! With all the local fresh foods available as well as so many renowned chefs that reside here, you are sure to be impressed. Stark’s Steakhouse is in the top ten as well as Willi’s Wine Bar where the menu offers inventive new items as well as the regular comfort foods you crave.

Santa Rosa offers some incredible art experiences if that is more your thing. Luther Burbank Center for the Arts is the city’s premiere arts and entertainment location and offers shows by artists like Diana Krall and Fifth Harmony. The Museum of Sonoma County offers guests a look back into the city’s history with a collection of items, as well as offering rotating exhibits that feature various artists. Whatever mood you are in, you can choose from a variety of strains of marijuana seeds to create your own personalized grow by simply buying from I49 Seed Bank.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

Santa Rosa lies in Wine Country and residents know a thing or two about quality growing. Whether your preference is for the Paradise Ridge Winery, St. Francis Winery and Vineyards, or the Hook and Ladder Winery, there will always be something that fits your palate. The same goes for the weed seeds california that can be sourced at I49 online cannabis seed bank. All our premium seeds come with a phenomenal germination guarantee that puts you at ease when using our simple and secure online ordering system. While reading our detailed product descriptions and growing information, be sure to read the stellar reviews by many satisfied customers. When it is time to find the perfect seeds indica or sativa to pair with your favorite merlot or cabernet, come get your 420 seeds online from a reputable seed bank.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Santa Rosa?

Did you know that marijuana seeds are legal throughout the country because they are considered a novelty item for adults aged 21 and older? Well they are, but thanks to Prop 64, Santa Rosans are now able to take these novelty items and germinate them and start growing cannabis at home. Whether you choose to grow outdoors on your property or indoors in a private growing space, you are now allowed to grow up to 6 plants per residence. Let’s get this party started and head to I49 seed bank to buy cannabis seeds in california. Get ready to show off your homegrown chronic as you sip on a Pinot Noir from Benovia Winery with friends.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Autoflower seeds have become popular amongst novice growers because of their relative ease. Often knowing when to change the lighting hours to trigger the transformation from vegetating to flowering can be tricky for newbies. Autoflower seeds take this guesswork out as they make the switch on their own based on age. Be prepared though as this stage change happens fast, sometimes as quickly as 2 weeks. Because of their decreased vegetation time, they will be smaller in stature which makes them ideal for growing in smaller indoor spaces. Not needing a separate room for flowering and vegetating is pure bliss! The harvest times for autoflower pot seeds is truly divine, with a crop often ready within 8-13 weeks. This allows for a steady supply of spectacular ganja.

Come buy autoflower seeds from your friendly, caring, and what seems like a neighborhood seed bank, I49 USA.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Oprah has famously said that being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Since we all have or know one, I think it’s fair to say that many moms do the heavy lifting in the family. Female marijuana plants are no different. They produce all of the scrumptious and superb sticky icky that we have come to know and love. Male plants are responsible for pollinating the female plants and helping them produce more weed seeds. When you are limited to 6 plants in Santa Rosa, wouldn’t it be nice to maximize your yield? This is when feminized seeds shine! Through the marvels of science, they have been able to develop pollination sacs and eliminate the need for male plants when growing cannabis at home or growing cannabis commercially. No more wasted space on useless males when you can have the heavy hitter females earning their keep!

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Santa Rosa?

Visiting Safari West wildlife preserve is on the bucket list of anyone who hears of it. The 400 acre preserve brings the wildlife of Africa right into your own backyard. Stay at one of their plush tents and marvel at the animals as you enjoy one of the many sunny days in Santa Rosa. This plentiful sunlight bodes well for growing the amazing tropicana og cannabis seeds as well. They thrive in soil which makes them a great outdoor strain for your home. Harvest them in September/October and enjoy a citrus orange cookie dough while enjoying the cerebral buzz of this sativa hybrid.

This purple punch strain is famous for its grape candy aroma, similar to the fame that Jack London gained for his wondrous White Fang novel. Head out to Jack London State Historic Park for a scenic tour of the late, great author. Revel in the history as you enjoy the euphoria that hits you right away before making room for the warm body stone that awaits as you gaze at the sunset. This indica strain has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks and is perfectly suited for being grown indoors yet still able to take advantage of the warm Mediterranean climate of Santa Rosa.

Head over to the Whiskey Tip and get your groove on. With a flowering time of 8-10 weeks, the Do-Si-Dos cannabis seeds will always have your back and turn a good evening into a great one. While it can tolerate cooler climates, it will absolutely thrive in the Santa Rosa climate. With 70-80F temperatures being ideal for indoor growing, allow the warm weather to lower your energy bills. Savor the white trichomes as you light this bad boy up and experience an uplifting head high coupled with a light sedative that will make dancing feel just right!

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Whole Foods does very well in Santa Rosa because it priorities well being and organic solutions to dietary needs. CBD Seeds are an organic and herbal solution that can help and support main chronic ailments. Cannabidiol, CBD for short, is the non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant and delivers therapeutic and medicinal benefits without any of the cerebral stones that come from THC. Research has suggested that CBD can effectively manage symptoms from a wide range of conditions, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain and inflammation, seizures and even cancer.

Next time you are fed up with the harmful effects of narcotics, search where to buy pot seeds and come see us for everything you need, including strains high in CBD.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

If you are growing outdoors and have the space, go for a heavy og strain from I49 Seed Bank California. We have all the know-how to get you started when you want to buy cannabis seeds in Santa Rosa, California. You can head down to your local hydroponics or horticulture zone for the basics to get started but make sure you get your 420 seeds online when you want marijuana seeds for sale. We take the hassle and privacy issues out of buying cannabis seeds.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Amazon has revolutionized the way e-commerce is done. When you can buy weed seeds for sale from Rincon Valley Little League Park, while waiting for your movie to start at Summerfield Cinemas or simply sitting on the can, it doesn’t make sense not to. It is so easy to buy cannabis seeds in Santa Rosa that with a few clicks and the amount of time it takes to make underwater sculptures, you will be well on your way to some satisfying homegrown maryjane!