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Named after the ancient Roman goddess of fruit, Pomona is a small city in Los Angeles County, a suburb of Los Angeles. Sandwiched between the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley, the area has a history as rich as its fertile soil and is situated along a trade route used by Indigenous Native Americans. Occupied by the Tongva tribes before being settled in the 1800’s, the name Pomona was the winning entry by horticulturist Soloman Gates to name the city, long before any fruit trees were ever planted. In the early 1800’s Pomona was known as an urban garden with flourishing vineyards for the winemaking and raisin industries. Soon citrus and olive groves began to replace the vineyards and Pomona emerged as an economic leader in citrus and agriculture.

The prominent land grant, Rancho San Jose, changed the landscape of Pomona quickly. As urban development saw opportunities unlock, Pomona quickly picked up speed. The 1920’s saw this little town rank among the highest per-capita income regions in the country and was dubbed Queen of the Citrus Belt. In the 1940’s, Pomona was used as a movie-previewing location for major motion picture studios in order to see how films would play to middle-class audiences around the country, as Pomona was viewed as an idealized example.

Today, this average-sized city boasts a progressive economy which continues to be as fruitful as its lands. With a vision to promote diversity and economic prosperity harmoniously, Pomona is a vibrant community striving to provide a high quality of life for all residents.

Home to the main campus of California Polytechnic University, also known as Cal Poly, Pomona is also a hub for race car enthusiasts; with Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum rated an absolute must for anyone interested in drag racing history and race cars in general, or catch live action at Auto Club Raceway!

Whether you’re a student or raising a family in the city, Pomona is a fresh slice of paradise for all residents with the perfect mix of small city lifestyle and amenities with easy access to LA in all it’s crazy glory. When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Pomona, California look no further than I49 USA. Offering an extensive online cannabis seed bank with all the classic strains, I49 carries many lesser known superstars of the weed world, with detailed descriptions for you to peruse through and find the perfect fit for your California living lifestyle.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

I49 Pot Seeds are of such great quality they come backed with a germination guarantee so you can feel confident and secure in your purchase. All pot seeds are sourced from the best, most reputable breeders so you can rest easy knowing you’re purchasing top shelf weed seeds all from the comfort of your own home. Customer satisfaction and your growing success is our mission.

Check out our extensive selection of 420 seeds online, choosing from seeds that are best suited for that outdoor year-round California sunshine, or select from those better for growing cannabis from seeds indoors. We make ordering online easy and informative with expert information on each specific strain so you know exactly what to expect with your venture into growing your own ganja. When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Pomona, trust I49, the number one online source for all your weed seed needs.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Pomona?

Thanks to Proposition 64 (Prop 64), or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), recreational cultivation, possession and use has been legalized in the state of California. Pomona has opened up applications for commercial dispensaries in the city limits, but why not skip the middleman and grow weed yourself? Adults over the age of 21 are entitled to grow, harvest and use 6 cannabis plants, with a household limit of up to 6 plants as well. Feel like trying out that green thumb? From the comfort of your own home, you can find the seeds best suited for your individual preferences, like these marijuana seeds buy online.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

If you aren’t already growing autoflowering seeds, or you are new to growing altogether, you may be curious if they’re a good fit for you. Only you can be the judge of that, but let’s shed some light on just what exactly autoflowering seeds are, first. Typically, a mixture of cannabis sativa or cannabis indica mixed with cannabis ruderalis, autoflower seeds are cannabis seeds that switch automatically from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage instead of requiring precisely timed hours of light and dark to induce flowering. Unlike photoperiod flowering seeds which begin to bloom after summer solstice, autoflower seeds flower automatically after a (short) development phase.

Autoflowering cannabis plants tend to be quite a bit smaller than other cannabis plants, which makes them highly desirable for those with vertical limitations in their grow space, without requiring intensive and time-consuming pruning. Compared to regular cannabis seeds, autoflowering strains are better at fending off mold and pest, likely due to being bred with the hearty Russian native cannabis ruderalis that fares well in colder climates.

If no light cycling, quicker harvest times and smaller plants are selling features, then check out autoflowering seeds usa to find the perfect strain for you!

What are Feminized Seeds?

When you want to optimize your home grow and harvest the most bud possible, choosing to grow feminized marijuana seeds is the easiest way to do just that. Utilizing a completely safe and highly effective method to entice a female plant to develop male reproductive pollination sacks, the pollen from said sack is then used to pollinate another female plant and the seeds that are produced all carry female genetics. Instead of carefully inspecting your plants for gender, removing and culling the male plants before they pollinate your bud producing ladies, simply go with these feminized marijuana seeds for sale and cut out the hassle. Girl Power!

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Pomona?

Looking for an after dinner sweet treat? These purple punch weed seeds are the perfect choice for growing outdoors in Pomona so take advantage of that Mediterranean like climate and expect a fairly hearty harvest near the end of September. What an optimal choice for combating chronic pains, stress and insomnia or to end off the three-day Animanga anime and gaming convention held annually in the city.

Incredibly resin rich and ideal for extraction, tropacana cookies pair well with your chill and laid-back lifestyle and a day of swimming or fishing at Puddingstone Reservoir.

I49 makes it simple to figure out how to buy marijuana seeds like Do-si-dos, an ideal choice for use after an epic day of hiking Mount San Antonio (aka Mount Baldy or Old Baldy), these gals pack a potent THC punch.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Touted for its endless therapeutic benefits, CBD, or cannabidiol, products can be found everywhere these days. Popular with everyone from Boomers with arthritis to Millennials with anxiety, CBD truly offers something for every generation. Thanks to it being naturally non-psychoactive, CBD on its own can be safe for you and your four-legged friends as well. CBD Seeds from California Seed Bank offer the option of growing pot seeds that come with seriously high CBD content, mixed in with mild to moderate amounts of THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid. Why the mix? CBD offers longer term therapeutic benefits that aren’t necessarily experienced immediately, like inflammation reduction in joints and depletion of symptoms of anxiety and depression. THC can offer users immediate reprieve from chronic pain, treatment for nausea and appetite loss associated with chemotherapy treatment and just a general sense of relaxation, almost immediately. Grow CBD strains for you or for your folks. There’s something to benefit everyone, naturally.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Ready to take advantage of that year-round California sunshine and buy weed seeds for your outdoor grow space? Take your time perusing the sativa or indica seed bank and find the perfect strains for your home grow, whether you choose to go with autoflowering seeds to avoid your nosey neighbors noticing what you’ve got growing near your tomatoes, or you are embracing those towering sativa strains, I49 offers a huge assortment of cannabis seeds perfect for your garden. Consider adding in some companion plants like lavender or peppermint to naturally help reduce pests and entice butterflies and bees into your garden.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Embrace all that Pomona is about and spend a weekend at LA County Fair riding the carnival rides, celebrating California’s agricultural history and devouring all the delicious fried foods, or check out the awesome historical Rail Giants Train Museum. Regardless of how you choose to spend your free time in Pomona, when you’re ready to grow cannabis at home, choose to purchase your autoflower, feminized and regular California cannabis seeds from I49’s seed bank.

Find the highest yielding cannabis strain, or those hard hitting high THC strains your heart desires and rest assured your purchase with I49 comes backed by a germination guarantee and excellent customer service so you can kick those feet up, lose those leg prisons of pants and order everything you need from the comfort of your couch, delivered direct to your door. Want more proof? Read through the hundreds of five-star reviews from other happy growers!