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Located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and only 11 miles northeast of the hubbub of downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena is a cultural oasis with easy access to the big smoke of LA. Home to 14 museums and 11 performing art centers and organizations like the Pasadena Playhouse and Norton Simon Museum there is always something new to see and discover in town. Boasting the California Institute of Technology, the alumni and faculty of this world-renowned facility have collectively earned 32 Nobel Prizes. Nearby, find the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, home of the Mars exploration expeditions, a mere 10-minute drive north.

Most famous for the New Year’s Day Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game, football fans and visitors flock to view the elaborately decorated floats, watch the lavish parade and to attend the most famous college football game of the year.

As the birthplace of legendary Julia Child, Pasadena is home to well over 500 restaurants, serving culinary delights from across the world. Foodies will agree that this city is an absolutely mouthwatering treasure trove to discover. Home to one of only 15 Le Cordon Bleu affiliated schools for culinary arts, it’s easy to understand why there are so many gems of eateries! Pasadena is also renowned as home to the very first Trader Joe’s market, which opened its doors in 1967 and is still in the same location, serving customers to this day.

Whether you’re more inclined to shopping and dining on South Lake, or having a wander around the California Cactus Center marveling at the weird, obscure and brilliant blooms of native cacti and succulents, when you want to buy cannabis seeds in Pasadena, California, I49 USA has what your heart desires. Offering the largest selection of 420 seeds online, you can buy pot seeds with confidence knowing you’re purchasing from the most reputable and respected online seed bank in the country.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

When you buy marijuana seeds, you want to know with confidence that the seeds you’re purchasing are of the highest quality. I49 only sources seeds from reputable breeders and our seeds come backed by a germination guarantee that will leave even the greenest of growers set up for success. Whether you’re an indica connoisseur, prefer hybrid weed seeds or are still figuring out where your preferences fall, choosing to buy from I49 ensures you’re purchasing top shelf cannabis seeds from the most trusted marijuana seed companies and largest online cannabis seed bank around.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Pasadena?

Glory, glory, all hail Prop 64! Since 2016 and the enactment of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), also known as Proposition 64, recreational marijuana has been legalized in the state of California. Allowing adults, 21 years of age and older, to possess, cultivate and transport small amounts of marijuana for personal use, California has been at the forefront of the country’s move to decriminalize, legalize and regulate cannabis production and consumption.

As it currently stands, an adult may possess 28.5g of cannabis product (one ounce) and 8 grams of concentrated cannabis product. According to AUMA, adults can also cultivate and harvest up to 6 cannabis plants at any time (with a household limit of 6 plants as well). When you’re ready to give it a go, growing your own weed seeds at home, I49 Seeds California has a great selection of sativa, indica, CBD and high packing THC strains for you to choose from. Skip the middleman and save money from pricey dispensaries by growing your own ganja at home in Pasadena.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

If you’re newer to growing cannabis, you may be curious about auto or autoflowering strains you keep seeing and how they could be of benefit to you. To keep things super simple, we’ll give an overview to help you understand and weigh the pros and cons of choosing to grow autoflower pot seeds.

There are four stages or cycles of cultivation before harvesting your rewards; germination, seedling, vegetation and flowering. Germination is where the germ inside the seed goes from lying dormant to breaking free of the see and sprouting. Second comes the seedling cycle where the plants begin to take root and the plants are most sensitive and vulnerable to disease. The next cycle is vegetation; this is where the plants grow exponentially, sometimes up to 5 inches in a day! Lastly, we have flowering, and their flowers turn into sticky, resin rich buds we can harvest and cure for personal use.

Generally speaking, the time from germination to harvest with regular seeds is 20+ weeks. Autoflower seeds start the flowering cycle right away, so while these gals won’t develop into towering trees as their energy is focused on those dense trichome rich buds, you can cut your cultivation time in half. Choosing autoflower seeds offers quicker turnover rates, and yes, they may be smaller harvests than regular seeds but they still very plentiful! They are a superb choice for limited grow spaces, rarely ever hitting 3 feet in height. Check out all of the autoflower, regular and feminized seeds I49 Pot Seeds has to offer and decide for yourself which suits your lifestyle and grow space best.

What are Feminized Seeds?

When you’re growing cannabis, whether at home or commercially, most growers are growing for the sole purpose of harvesting as much bud as possible. That’s why feminized seeds are a grower’s dream come true; seeing though female cannabis plants are the producers of flowers and buds we’re on a mission to use, it makes the most sense to only grow females, no?

Using a completely safe, totally effective and trusted process that encourages a female plant to develop male pollination abilities, the pollen from that plant is then used to pollinate another female plant. The result is seeds that carry female only genes. Don’t fret, this isn’t some genetically modified process, this happens in nature for survival purposes!

Since the laws of California only allow for 6 plants per household, if you’re growing weed at home, cut to the chase and grow ladies only. Check out I49’s huge selection of feminized weed seeds for sale, and find the perfect strains for your lifestyle.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Pasadena?

After an evening out and about in Old Town Pasadena, wedding cake strain is the perfect evening choice to wind down with. As the name alludes, this is a beloved choice known for its dessert like tastes and aromas. This strain is mildly sedating and offers users a sense of calm and relaxation, and this is also a great choice for anyone suffering from chronic pain.

Pasadena has some epic astronomical spaces to explore from Mount Wilson Observatory and Hale Solar Laboratory to the Planetary Society. Take a few tokes of  white widow weed and dive down that rabbit hole wondering what secrets the Universe holds, and what the meaning of life is with this thought provoking, creativity inspiring strain.

Looking for a hard hitting, high THC content choice? Read through the bruce banner strain info and find out for yourself why this energetic buzzing producing strain is so popular. A great choice for those needing a bit of a boost to complete some assignments for classes as Pasadena City College or ArtCenter College of Design.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Medicinal marijuana is ever growing in popularity with Millennials to Boomers alike, and for good reason. While CBD, or cannabidiol, derived on its own does not contain any psychoactive components, it plays a huge part in medicinal use. It is touted for its therapeutic benefits in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia and helping to reduce inflammation in the body. Medicinal marijuana is often composed of strains with high CBD content and moderate THC content to utilize the benefits of both cannabidiols. THC offers immediate relaxation, pain relief and sedating effects with the longer term benefits of high concentration of CBD. If you’re in the market for medicinal us marijuana seeds, I49 has an awesome assortment of medicinal marijuana seeds for you to choose from.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Ready to get growing from home? Once you’ve plotted out your grow space, be it indoor or outdoor, it’s time to find the right variety to grow for your environment! Take advantage of that amazing sunshine our state is famous for and grow your weed outdoors. Tons of varieties for you to buy cannabis seeds california and grow in your veggie garden or on your porch.

Ready for a heavenly strain that is renowned for its ability to transform one’s mood into that of a relaxed, euphoric and blissed out being? See why these Northern Lights are some of the most popular cannabis seeds, not only in the US but also in our friendly neighbor to the north.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

At I49 we like to make the entire shopping experience an easy one. From information on how to start weed seeds, to expert information and tips for each strain and super easy online ordering, we have you covered! When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Pasadena, choose I49, the most respected and reputable online cannabis seed bank.