Buy Weed Seeds in Ventura

Sunshine, beaches and ocean views are the way of life in Ventura, California. You wouldn’t think that life could get any better, but it can! By growing your own cannabis at home you can bring a little more glow to all you do in a day. You just need a few seeds to get started and when you are ready to buy cannabis seeds in Ventura, then our California Seed Bank has all the strains you love and more.

When speaking about Ventura, California and cannabis in the same paragraph it is very important to acknowledge the contributions of an original Ventura resident. “The flower wizard of California”, Theodosia Burr Shepherd. A native Californian botanist and horticulturist, she was the first American to hybridize flowers. Also called “The pioneer seed grower,” her horticultural work laid the scientific framework that would later lead cannabis growers to develop hybrid strains. Although her work may not have been cannabis related it certainly made a significant contribution, we can all benefit from.

Famous for its oceanside Mediterranean like climate, people have been drawn to the Ventura area for a very long time. The Chumash Indians called the area home for over ten thousand years. In more modern times, Ventura has become cherished for its quiet, small town life, fantastic weather and legendary surf spots. Made famous by The Beach Boys with two references to Ventura in their 1963 hit “Surfin USA”. C-Street/Surfers Point and Emma Wood State Beach are highly regarded for their breakwaters and consistent wave heights.

I49 Seedbank: A Great Choice for Seeds!

Many online cannabis seed banks make big promises and just don’t deliver on them. It can be overwhelming to sort through all the special offers and time limited deals. At i-49. Net, our pot seeds stand for themselves. Instead of big promises, we back them all with the industry’s best seed germination guarantee. We are as passionate about home grown cannabis as you are and our marijuana seeds usa are the finest quality available. Our strict quality controls ensure only the best of the best make it to your garden.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Ventura?

Technically speaking, weed seeds are legal everywhere until they sprout. That is where local laws come into effect. We have good news though. California legalized personal marijuana cultivation a few years ago. This means you are legally allowed to grow up to six plants indoors at one time and keep what you harvest. Growing outdoor cannabis is not legal unless in a lockable greenhouse and not visible from a public space. I49 USA wants you to be successful growing your own cannabis and reminds you to always follow local laws in regards to its cultivation.

Buying Autoflower Seeds Online

For the novice grower, autoflower cannabis seeds can be a fantastic teaching tool. For experienced grows they are a reliable and consistent producer that requires minimal effort. Cannabis is a photoperiod dependent plant. Meaning it requires an equal twelve hour split between day and night to trigger flower growth. Autoflower seeds have been developed to lack that light requirement and automatically move into the flowering stage. Often ready for harvest within a couple months instead of the standard two and half to three. Allowing you to grow a consistent source of your favorite strains. Nearly all I49 Pot Seeds are available in autoflower including famous strains like Gorilla Glue #4, Bruce Banner and Northern Lights.

How do Feminized Seeds Work?

The goal of every cannabis grower is to reap the biggest possible yield. Female plants are the sure-fire way to do that. Cannabis grows in both male and female sexes but the female plants produce the most flowers with the greatest potency. Males do produce flowers but it isn’t nearly the same quality or potency of the females. Males are also the pollinators and can ruin the potency of the female’s flowers if left in their presence. This is why male plants are often removed from grows.

Starting a grow with feminized seeds will guarantee all female plants and no disappointment. Our gorilla feminized seeds were created by stressing a flowering female into producing her own pollen. Our seed breeders then harvest that pollen and apply it to another flowering female of the same strain. The resulting seeds will contain the original plants genetic coding and no male chromosomes, guaranteeing a female plant.

What Weed Strains Grow Best in Ventura?

With so many outdoor activities in Ventura and the surrounding area, it’s a smart move to grow certain strains to enhance the experience of your favorite activity. If your weekend plans include heading out on the surf then energizing sativa strains make for good accompaniments. Take for example our sour diesel sativa. Marijuana enthusiasts have dubbed this strain, Sour D, for its lemony fuel taste. It is hard to believe that flavor combination would work but the strain has proven to be one of the most sought after. Delivering a high energy yet cerebral buzz, Sour D will have you paddling out fast and meditating on the wave back in. It’ll grow well in the Ventura climate but consideration should be given to humidity to avoid powdery mildew. Possessing strong dress and pain relieving effects this strain would be optimal for a long hike up the El Montanon Trail and the subsequent recovery. The trail is well worth the effort for the incredible views of wildflower meadows and the Pacific Ocean.

Taking into consideration California’s reputation for having a strong cannabis cultivation history, we are almost compelled to mention OG Kush, a Cali original. An indica dominant parented by Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, it grows well in outdoor environments like greenhouses but does prefer dryer conditions. Smokers report a calming, euphoric effect along with stress relief, a decrease in any pain and muscle tension. Our OG Kush cannabis seed has been carefully bred to possess the best genetics so you get the real thing; the Cali legend that OG Kush is. This strain is probably better suited to mellow days walking down the Ventura Pier and Promenade or visiting the botanical gardens.

Ventura’s culinary scene is lively to say the least and we have the best girl scout cookies seeds to help prepare your appetite. GSC, as it is more commonly referred to, is an indica dominant hybrid well known for its ability to bring about a relaxed, happy sense of wellbeing and also will awaken your creative side. Highly smokable, its aroma carries on the air with scents of nutmeg and brown sugar. It offers flavors of cotton candy with a hint of mint last long after you’ve finished smoking. It is appetite triggering though, so plan on a culinary adventure. Take a culinary tour of downtown Ventura with Ventura Food Tours. Guided walking tours trips including historical points of interest, fun culinary education and most importantly, food. Sample bites and beverages from downtown eateries like Barrel 33 and Finney’s Crafthouse, and you’ll be in for a tasty day for sure.

CBD Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Recent medical testing and clinical studies results have shown CBD to be an overall benefit to health. Touted to aid in relief of symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and stress, the beneficial effects of the compound seem limitless. Definitely worth mentioning is the effect CBD has had on children living with epileptic disorders. Certain strains have drastically reduced if not entirely stopped seizures in patients as young as six years old. CBD is non psychoactive unlike its compatriot THC, so it will not produce the high associated with cannabis. Several breeders of marijuana seeds in us have begun focusing their efforts on producing high CBD strains compared to THC to help develop the medical benefits even further.

Buy Pot Seeds Online For Your Grow Operation

Ventura offers a pretty incredible climate for growing just about anything. If you have a greenhouse then you’re nearly set to start growing your own marijuana seeds. If you happen to be pondering where can i buy marijuana seeds, you’ll find your most loved strains of weed seeds for sale at I49 online cannabis seed bank. Try planting your cannabis beside some vine growing vegetables like snap peas or green beans as they complement each other well. Tomato plants blend in well too. Come fall, you can make dinner out of all your fresh veggies and finish the meal with some of your own home-grown stash.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Ventura

Buying 420 seeds online is as easy as it gets with I49. We procure the finest quality of pot seeds, many of which are available in 30% thc strains. We believe that great customer care is as important as our seed germination guarantee. We are very passionate about growing marijuana seeds california and want to share that passion with you. When you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Ventura, California then we want to earn your trust. Have a look at our extensive collection and check out our five-star reviews. We want to help you grow your success and we’ll be with you every step of the way!