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Is weed legal in Alaska

Is weed legal in Alaska?

Alaska is known for its cruises that take you around the beautiful state to see wildlife, icebergs, and maybe even the Northern Lights.

Is weed legal in Alaska, and can you enjoy your time on the water with a cerebral buzz? 

Let’s take a look at Alaska’s weed laws and discover if you can possess, buy, grow, and consume marijuana in the Last Frontier State. 

Is weed legal in Alaska

Alaska marijuana laws

Is weed legal in Alaska? Yes, weed is legal in Alaska for medical and recreational use. 

Voters passed the Alaska Medical Marijuana Initiative, known as Measure 8, in 1998, legalizing medical cannabis under Alaska’s weed laws. 

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in the Last Frontier State, you must be diagnosed with one of the following conditions:

  • Seizures
  • Chronic pain
  • Cachexia
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cancer

Under Alaska’s weed laws, registered medical cannabis patients can possess up to an ounce of marijuana. 

In 2014, Alaskan voters passed the Alaska Marijuana Legalization Initiative, or Measure 2, making recreational cannabis fully legal. 

Per Alaska weed laws, those 21 years or older can possess one ounce of weed in public. If an official catches you with more than the legal amount, the penalties are as follows:

Amount Charge Fine Time in Jail
1 to 4 ounces Misdemeanor $10,000 1 year
4 ounces or more Felony $50,000 5 years
Any amount within 500 feet of a school or children’s center Felony $50,000 5 years

Under Alaska weed laws, the Alaskan Supreme Court declared that the right to privacy provision guards any marijuana in your home. When you possess five ounces or less in your private residence, there’s no penalty.  

Is buying cannabis legal in Alaska?

It’s legal to purchase marijuana in Alaska. 

According to Alaska’s weed laws, patients and adults 21 years or older can purchase marijuana from a licensed dispensary or at reputable online stores. 

Residents and visitors are allowed to buy one ounce of cannabis flower or 0.25 ounces of concentrate. 

There isn’t a sales tax on weed purchases, but there’s a $50 per ounce cost worked into the retail price. 

Weed is legal in Alaska for both recreational and medicinal use, so there aren’t any specific dispensaries for patients.

Marijuana customers must show valid ID and pay in cash. If a medical cannabis user is a minor, their legal guardian has to buy their supply for them. 

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Can I grow my own cannabis in Alaska? 

Is it legal to grow your own weed in Alaska? Yes, it’s legal to grow your own weed in Alaska. 

Patients and adults 21 years or older can cultivate up to six cannabis plants—three of which can be flowering. The other three must be in the vegetative stage, seedlings, or germinating. 

Under Alaska weed laws, if there’s more than one adult in a household, you can grow up to 12 weed plants, with only six being mature. 

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Is cannabis consumption legal in Alaska? 

Consuming weed in Alaska is legal. 

Per Alaska weed laws, you can possess and consume cannabis on private property or a location with an authorized license. 

A final look at the Last Frontier State’s weed laws

Is weed legal in Alaska? Yes, recreational and medical weed is legal in Alaska. 

Alaska was the third state to make marijuana fully legal. Alaska’s weed laws haven’t changed since 2015, and we don’t predict the rules to alter anytime soon. 

Knowing the specific states where cannabis is legal can be difficult. Recreational weed is now legal in more than 18 regions, including Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. Marijuana laws are constantly changing in the US, so it’s vital to stay up to date.

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