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Is Weed Legal in Illinois?

Is Weed Legal in Illinois?

We’re happy to report that, yes, it’s one of the states that has legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use.

Illinois is located in the midwest of the United States and is home to the windy city of Chicago. You can enjoy many of the exciting things the state has to offer, including legal weed in Illinois.

Is Weed Legal in Illinois?

That means you can happily purchase Illinois legal marijuana! Next, we’re going to take a closer look at the Illinois marijuana laws.

Illinois marijuana laws

Is weed legal in Illinois? Yes! The Governor of the Prairie State, J.B. Pritzker, passed the law of legalizing marijuana for adults 21 and older in June 2019. It states that as of January 1, 2020, the possession, selling, growing, and trafficking of weed is legal under the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

Is recreational weed legal in Illinois? Residents can buy up to an ounce of smokable cannabis products and up to 5 grams of the concentrated substance for personal use. If you’re a visitor, you may possess only half an ounce of dried herb and 2.5 grams of concentrate. You can purchase pot at a licensed dispensary but not from an individual.

Medical marijuana is legal in Illinois as well. To apply for a card, you need a diagnosis from your doctor and a prescription. The Prairie State has a long list of conditions that will grant you the rights of medical cannabis like cancer, lupus, chronic pain, migraines, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, and more.

You might be thinking, but if there’s recreational Illinois legal weed, why should I get a medical marijuana card? The answer is quantity! Patients can purchase two and a half ounces of pot product every 14 days and buy cannabis seeds to grow from home. Currently, this is not permitted for recreational users, effective January 2020.

Is buying cannabis legal in Illinois?

If you’re a tourist or city-dweller, your first question may be; is weed legal in Chicago, Illinois?

Furthermore, is weed legal in Illinois for recreational use?

Yes, recreationally, you can buy up to an ounce of cannabis product at one time at a dispensary or online at a reputable marijuana seed bank. This is also the limit for possession, so keep this in mind.

Where to buy legal weed in Illinois? You can only purchase at licensed dispensaries or online. For medical patients, you can buy two and a half ounces every 14 days.

Can I grow my own cannabis in Illinois? 

In the Prairie State, the rules for growing depend on if it’s recreational or medicinal. The Illinois marijuana law doesn’t permit home growing for personal use. If you have five plants or less, it’s a violation with a $200 fine but no jail time.

However,  the Illinois medical marijuana laws state it’s legal for medical patients to buy cannabis seeds and grow up to 5 plants as of January 1, 2020.  Simply, growing medicinal weed is legal in Illinois in 2020.

For those who have insomnia, depression, or anxiety, we suggest growing Auto Bubba Kush Fem seeds. They contain 20% THC and 0.5% CBD, which creates a euphoric, sedative, and happy high. They’re part of the autoflower seed collection, so if it’s cloudy, they’ll still flower.

If you suffer from inflammation, arthritis, or anxiety, we recommend harvesting Big Bud Fem seeds. This marijuana strain has an 18% THC level and a 0.3% CBD level. When consumed, you get a relaxed, calming, sleepy high. It has an earthy pine taste.

It’s perfect for patients in the Prairie State because of the massive flowers and yield. When you’re only allowed a certain number of plants under the Illinois marijuana law, you need to find the ones that produce the most. This strain is part of the feminized seed collection.

Is cannabis consumption legal in Illinois? 

Yes, you’re allowed to consume weed legally, recreationally, and medically under the Illinois marijuana laws. You can consume at your home or approved establishments. Landlords and business owners have the right to refuse the consumption of cannabis on their property, so always double-check before you light up.

When will marijuana be legal in Illinois?

As of January 1, 2020, marijuana is legal in Illinois. There are some specific rules you must follow, but they’re straightforward. There hasn’t been any talk about changing the marijuana laws in Illinois anytime soon.

These are very much the Illinois marijuana laws in 2021 still.

A final thought on legal marijuana in Illinois

Is weed legal in Illinois? If you’re a resident or a visitor of this state, you can feel confident about purchasing and consuming marijuana products without problems. Make sure you follow the stated rules, and you’ll be completely covered.

In closing, is recreational marijuana legal in Illinois? Yes. Is cannabis oil legal in Illinois? Also, yes.

If you want to enjoy Illinois weed, legal shops are numerous so you should not find it difficult whether you’re a resident or visitor.

Illinois was the 11th state to legalize cannabis, along with Colorado, California, Vermont, Alaska, Washington, and more. Federally, it’s unlikely to see weed become legal in the near future. Until then, only buy marijuana seeds, purchase pot products and consume in states where weed is legal.

Now that you know the laws, go to your local dispensary to buy weed products that are legal in Illinois and enjoy. Remember, if you’re a medical marijuana patient, you should buy cannabis seeds and grow your supply. Why wait? Get harvesting now!