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is weed legal in Kentucky?

Is Weed Legal in Kentucky?

The picturesque East-South-Central state offers something for everyone, from horse racing to famous Bourbon whisky. Kentucky landscape provides the true American road trip experience.

Is weed legal in Kentucky? 

“The Hemp State” is famous for its abundance of hemp farms. As a result, many may assume the state takes a liberal approach to weed also and that they can get their hands on legal marijuana in Kentucky.

With its neighboring states taking different stances ranging from illegal to recreational, let’s find out if weed is legal in Kentucky. As a self-proclaimed medical state, where does Kentucky stand on cannabis use?

Is weed legal in Kentucky?

Kentucky marijuana laws

The state may identify itself as pro-medical but that doesn’t mean that weed is legal in Kentucky. Only CBD products with a THC content of less than 0.3% are allowed to treat forms of epilepsy. 

Although all forms of pot are illegal under Kentucky marijuana laws, KY is famous for being part of the ‘cannabis belt.’ Officials and the public have spent years pushing for Kentucky marijuana laws to turn green. They call for the state to regulate the use and tax the sales of cannabis. 

In 2020, Bill 136 got the thumbs up. It aims to introduce a medical marijuana program into the state. Delays due to COVID-19 have dampened its momentum for now. Most recently, Senate Bill 92 calls for a medical weed retail framework within any new Kentucky medical marijuana laws.

Is buying cannabis legal in Kentucky?

When you take a closer look at the penalties for buying, distributing, and trafficking weed, it’s easy to understand if weed is legal in Kentucky. 

Under Kentucky marijuana laws in 2021, trafficking can land you in jail for up to 10 years with a fine of $10,000. Further offenses will increase the incarceration from ten years to 20. 

If found selling pot to minors, you’ll receive the harshest ruling within Kentucky marijuana laws—five to ten years in prison. Multiple offenses increase your jail time up to 20 years. 

What’s more, selling weed within 1,000 yards of a school could put you in prison for up to five years. 

Can I grow my own cannabis in Kentucky?

Is weed legal in Kentucky to grow? For now, growing cannabis is an offense punishable by jail time and a fine. First-time offenders with less than five plants on their property will face a year in prison and a fine of up to $500.

The misdemeanor becomes a felony charge in the eyes of Kentucky marijuana laws when you’re caught with over five plants. For this, you could spend up to five years behind bars and have to pay $10,000. As a repeat offender, the sentence increases to ten years in jail.

When growing legal marijuana in Kentucky takes off, choose autoflower seeds for faster harvest times. Alternatively, feminized seeds will produce a bounty of female plants. 

Is Cannabis consumption legal in Kentucky? 

Is weed legal in Kentucky to consume? No, weed isn’t legal to consume in KY. Possessing anything under eight ounces will lead to a misdemeanor. You could face 45 days in jail and a mandatory fine of $250. 

Any amount over is ‘intent to supply’ and carries the same consequences as trafficking. 

First-time offenders will also enter the state’s conditional release program, where you could serve probation over jail time. 

Kentucky marijuana laws also state that paraphernalia used in the consumption of cannabis is also illegal. If found with such items, you can end up in jail for a year and have to pay $100. 

The same rule applies to cannabis seeds. You can buy them online from dispensaries like i49 Seed Bank for souvenir purposes—but don’t germinate them before Kentucky weed is legal, or you’d face paraphernalia charges. 

When will marijuana be legal in Kentucky?

So when will marijuana be legal in Kentucky? Unfortunately, we cannot give you a definitive answer to that question.

Kentucky looks to be turning a corner quicker than the rest of the southern states. It has made rapid progress over recent years. 

The KY medical weed program passed in 2020 would’ve already been making traction in 2021. The only thing slowing down making medical marijuana legal in Kentucky is the state’s concentration on battling the pandemic.

Kentucky medical marijuana laws

Is medical marijuana legal in Kentucky right now? No medical marijuana isn’t legal in Kentucky at this moment. 

The incentive to make medical marijuana legal in Kentucky began in 2015. The first bill proposed to introduce a framework failed at the committee stage. At that time, it had many large groups opposing it. 

Fast forward to 2020, and Bill 136 passed at the House of Representatives. These Kentucky medical marijuana laws will introduce medicinal weed to the state if passed by the senate.

Under Bill 136, Kentucky medical marijuana laws will allow patients to register for a cannabis card. In comparison, Senate Bill 92 demands business licenses and cultivation permits. It’ll allow medical cannabis cultivators to farm, process, and distribute weed. 

Both bills aim to make weed legal in Kentucky. Their focus is on providing cannabis as a treatment option for KY residents.

The question remains, when will recreational weed be legal in Kentucky? When recreational weed will be legal in KY is uncertain. Once these bills are approved into law, KY will be even closer to legalizing recreational use. 

Keep in the know 

Understanding the states where weed is legal is difficult nowadays. Asking the questions surrounding if weed is legal in Kentucky is a good way to stay within the fast-changing laws.

To recap, is marijuana legal in Kentucky? No, marijuana isn’t, but a medical weed program will be coming to the state soon. In line with other states, it’s fair to assume you’ll be able to grow pot seeds at home.

As you wait for legal marijuana in Kentucky, why not purchase seeds of your favorite strain for reliving your ailments. High CBD seeds have medicinal properties without making you feel intoxicated. Harlequin Fem seeds are the ideal choice for beginners. 

Don’t miss a growing season when medical weed becomes legal in Kentucky. Buy your cannabis seeds from i49 today.