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Top Advantages of Growing Marijuana Indoors

Mar 17, 2020
Pros & Cons

Top Advantages of Growing Marijuana Indoors

Now that marijuana is becoming legal to grow in more places, enthusiasts and medical patients can start growing their own plants at home. One of the biggest questions beginners will often have is whether it’s better to grow the plants indoors or outdoors. Though the answer to this can be subjective, there are plenty of reasons to consider indoor cultivation over outdoor. Some of the top advantages of indoor marijuana cultivation include the following.

Ability to Grow Plants Year-Round

Cannabis requires specific temperatures to grow. While there are a range of acceptable temperatures the plant will successfully grow in, if it is too hot or too cold, the plant won’t grow well and will produce fewer, smaller flowers if it begins to flower at all. When the plants are grown indoors, however, there is the chance for them to grow throughout the year. The grower has the ability to control the climate completely, so they can ensure the temperature is right for the plants to be as successful as possible.

Marijuana tends to grow best in temperatures between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, which is generally considered a comfortable temperature indoors for most people. This makes it easy to keep the temperature at the right spot for both the people inside the home and the plant and ensures the plants can grow as large as possible while producing as many flowers as possible. Along with this, it ensures that the plants aren’t susceptible to temperature-related diseases that could occur if the plants are grown outdoors when it’s too cold or too hot.

Along with the temperature being easier to control, it’s also much easier to control the humidity in the room where the plants will grow. This means there’s less of a chance of the plants ending up infested with mold. If seeds or plants do get mold, they need to be disposed of carefully, and that means starting over growing new plants. With the humidity controlled indoors, this is less of a risk, so there’s a lowered chance that the plants will need to be disposed of and replaced.

More Control Over Growing Conditions

Along with the temperature and humidity, those who grow indoors can have complete control over everything for the plant. Outdoors, it’s difficult or impossible to control the environment to make sure the number of daylight hours, amount of water, the soil, and the nutrients are all what the plant needs. Daylight hours are impacted by the time of year, and therefore there isn’t a good way to stimulate 24 hours of light to encourage faster growth during the vegetative stage. While the plants can be watered if it hasn’t rained recently, if there’s too much rain, the plants could end up drowning, and there isn’t much that can be done to prevent that.

Indoors, growers control the type of soil used for the plant, adjusting as needed to find the perfect soil to grow the largest buds. They can control the water given to the plant, ensuring it’s not too little or too much. They also control the nutrients provided to the plant to make sure they have everything necessary to grow and can adjust the lights for the plants. Growers can have the lights on for 24 hours a day, in the beginning, to get the plant to grow as large as possible, then switch to 12 on and 12 off to encourage the plant to start flowering at the beginning of the flowering stage. This helps produce more flowers and can encourage larger buds.

Keep an Eye on the Plants at All Times

Outdoor plants are usually close to the home, but that doesn’t mean it’s possible to check on them as frequently as it would be indoors. If they’re in a greenhouse, they might be warm enough to grow, but if it’s snowing, it’s not going to be easy to get to them to see how they’re doing. If they’re just outdoors, it may not be possible to check on them when there’s a lot of rain or if it’s incredibly windy. Unless there’s lighting outside, it can also be difficult to check on them at night.

Indoors, the plants are closer, so there’s no need to worry about what the weather is like outside when they need to be checked on. The grower can check on the plants any time of the day to make sure they’re growing properly, check for any issues, and keep an eye on the plants. This means it’s easier for them to spot male plants and remove them if the grower isn’t planning on letting the female plants produce seeds, and it’s easier to spot pests and diseases before they get out of hand.

Create a Hygienic Grow Room

Medical marijuana patients need to ensure they only consume the highest quality of marijuana. While it’s possible to grow high-CBD marijuana outdoors, it’s far better to grow indoors if it’s intended for medical use. Indoor cultivation enables the grower to have control over everything. As mentioned previously, this can help them grow larger plants with more flowers. It can also ensure everything is as hygienic as possible.

The grow room can be sterilized before the seeds are planted, then care can be taken to minimize the potential for diseases, mold, or any other contaminations that might be dangerous for someone consuming marijuana for medical purposes. Any tools used for growing marijuana can be sterilized before use, as well. It’s simply not possible to keep everything clean outdoors like it is inside, so indoor growing is often much safer for medical marijuana patients.

Easier to Control Pollination of Plants

Plant pollination is a big concern for growers, and for a good reason. Those who are growing marijuana for consumption will want the biggest buds possible and won’t want to worry about seeds, so they’ll want to avoid pollination if at all possible. Those who are creating their own strains or standardizing a strain will want to make sure the pollination occurs by the intended male plant, not just one that happens to be close by.

With outdoor growth, it’s not possible to completely prevent pollination. If someone nearby is also growing marijuana outdoors, the pollination can carry over, up to two miles in some cases, and cause the plants to go to seed. Indoors, however, this won’t be a concern. As long as the seeds used are feminized or the male plants are removed quickly once they’re detected, pollination isn’t going to occur. When pollination is desired, indoor growing allows the grower to choose the plant that provides the pollination, ensuring they get the desired result from the new seeds.

Ability to Standardize the Marijuana Grown

Those who are growing marijuana to try to create a new strain or who are growing for medical purposes may need to be concerned with standardization. This is where everything is completely controlled to create consistent and predictable results when growing plants. With this, the first plant and the fiftieth plant grown the same way, starting from the same seeds, should be the same. This is especially important for medical marijuana, as it allows for more consistent results, so those consuming it for medical purposes know what to expect.

All of this is incredibly difficult to do outdoors. It’s simply not possible to completely control the environment, so the results may differ if plants are grown at a different time. They might get a different amount of light, different amounts of water, and even the soil can be different. Since plants use nutrients from the soil as they’re growing, if this isn’t replicated exactly, the results will be different for the next set of plants grown in the same soil. Indoors, it’s much easier to change the soil as needed and ensure that it is more nutrient-rich than it would be outdoors.

Ability to Create New Strains

Some growers don’t just want to grow the same strains they’ve come to love. Instead, they want to create something new. They may want to try mixing different types of plants, or they might want to try to create a new strain with specific characteristics. This is something better done indoors than outdoors. Like with standardization, the ability to control everything is going to be key when trying to create a new strain.

Indoors, it’s possible to experiment with different combinations carefully and find out what works best to narrow down certain traits. Those who are looking for a way to experiment easily will find that it’s possible indoors to control pollination, ensuring the plants are pollinated and that they are only pollinated by the intended male plant. Care does need to be taken if different experiments are being done at one time, but it’s far easier to control and prevent cross-pollination indoors than it is outdoors.

Easier to Keep Pests Away from Plants

Outdoors, pests can be a huge problem. Depending on the type of pest, the plant may not survive and produce flowers. With other pests, the buds may end up being ruined because they’ve been eaten or otherwise infested with the pests, making them unsafe to consume. This is difficult to control without the use of pesticides, which many growers will want to avoid using if possible. While there are organic pest control methods available, they may not be appropriate for use on a plant that is going to be consumed. It’s crucial to read all instructions before using any pesticide, organic or not.

Indoors, pests aren’t as much of an issue. Though pests can get inside the house, they’re usually easier to spot, and they can be removed from the home. Depending on the pest, it may be possible to remove them without worrying about dangerous chemicals around the plants. In most cases, there are options for pest control inside the home that don’t involve using pesticides around the plants. This helps keep the plants safe from pests and ensures the plants aren’t contaminated with anything that could be dangerous when it’s consumed.

No One Else Can Harvest the Flowers

Marijuana is easy to detect when it’s growing outside, as it does smell, and it does have a unique look. This means that it is susceptible to theft. Someone walking by the plant will be able to tell what it is, and they might decide to harvest a few buds to keep for themselves. In worst-case scenarios, they may harvest all of the flowers, leaving the plants completely bare. Depending on when this is done, the plant will likely not recover and produce more flowers, which could be devastating for the grower.

When the plant is grown indoors, the grower can control who knows it’s there and who has access to it. There’s no need to worry about anyone stealing the buds when they happen to be walking past the yard since no one will see the plants unless the grower decides to let them take a look inside. While theft isn’t likely a huge concern for most growers, keeping the plants inside does minimize the chance it will occur and does help the grower ensure they can harvest all of the flowers on their own.

With more places allowing residents to grow marijuana for medical or recreational use, the decision needs to be made for where the plants will be grown. There are some benefits of growing outdoors, especially in the right locations. However, indoor growing provides a number of advantages and could be the best option. Use the advantages listed here to determine if it’s a better idea for you to grow plants indoors or if you may want to start growing both indoors and outdoors to see what works best for your needs. The right place to grow can vary from person to person, but it’s generally a better idea to grow indoors where everything can be carefully controlled. This allows you to minimize potential issues and grow a high-quality marijuana plant that has all of the properties you might be seeking.

Whether you start indoors or outdoors, growing marijuana typically begins with seeds. Have a look at for a full cannabis seed catalogue!

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