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Benefits of Growing Your Own Marijuana

Top Benefits of Growing Your Own Marijuana

Now that marijuana is becoming legal to grow in more places, you may be wondering if it’s beneficial to grow your own plants. After all, it’s now easy to purchase marijuana at the store in legalized states, and they do have high-quality marijuana available for purchase. However, there are still plenty of benefits associated to growing your own cannabis. Not only is it fun to do, but you can save money, breed new strains, make products from the leftover plant material and a lot more. Read below to learn about some of the top benefits of being able to grow your own marijuana plants at home.

It’s Easy to Do and Fun

Growing cannabis, just like any other plant, can be easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot to get started – just make sure the basic needs of the plant are covered. Cannabis needs soil, water, light, and ventilation to grow properly. There are tons of different ways to grow plants indoors or outdoors, so it can be a lot of fun experimenting with different techniques to see what works best for you as a new or experienced grower. There are different techniques: some that boost flowering; some to produce high-THC yields, some that produce purple coloration; and more! It can be very rewarding to see the results from different cultivation techniques.

Even if you haven’t grown any kind of plant before, if you make sure the plant has what it needs, you’ll be able to grow marijuana at home. It’s certainly possible to cultivate cannabis on a budget. You’ll need a container for the plant, soil to put it in, light to keep it warm, and seeds. Then, you’ll need a regular supply of water as well as fertilizer and nutrient solution as needed. That’s all you need to get started, and many items can be found at reduced rates. When you’re ready to spend more time and money, you’ll be able to experiment with different growing methods and different strains.

Save a Lot of Money

While it’s easy and convenient to purchase marijuana in stores now, it isn’t cheap. Growing marijuana at home requires little upfront cost and you’ll end up saving a ton of money. As mentioned previously, you’ll need a few basics to get started. From there, however, you don’t have to spend a lot more. You can allow some plants to pollinate and make more seeds, then use those seeds to grow new plants, keeping costs incredibly low. However, be sure to separate the breeding area from the cultivation area to prevent undesired cross-pollination. When you are ready to try a new strain with stable and desired genetics, you can purchase those seeds from an online seed bank like

For the same amount of money, you can grow a lot more cannabis compared to what you can buy at the store, even when you factor in the initial investment to get going and added products to upgrade your setup from time to time. If you’re growing outdoors, you can save even more money, as the great outdoors provides much of what the plants need from their environment, which substantially reduces startup costs.

Never Worry About Running Out

Imagine this scenario: you’re down to the last bit of marijuana, and the dispensaries and cannabis stores have closed for the night. This is never a fun experience, especially if you’re a medical marijuana patient who requires access to cannabis as needed. When you grow plants at home, however, running out of weed is not something you’ll really need to worry about. You’ll be able to grow marijuana all year round, especially if you’re staggering your plants to grow year-round indoors.

It does take some practice to determine how many plants you need to have growing at a time to avoid running out. A part of this is figuring out just how much marijuana you can get from each plant. Another part is staggering the growth so you’ll have plants maturing at different times and the right number of plants to always have one that can be harvested. This can be limited by the number of plants you’re allowed to grow based on local laws. However, once you get the hang of it, you won’t have to worry about running out of cannabis ever again, especially if you depend on it for help with your medical needs.

You’ll Know What was Used on the Plant

When you pick up marijuana from a seller, how do you know what has been used to grow the plants? You can’t tell if heavy pesticides have been used, if there were any pests, or if there were any issues with the plant that may have required chemical treatment to solve. It’s simply not possible to know since it’s not likely you’ll be able to contact the grower and ask. While it’s likely that the marijuana is fine to consume, it’s always better to know what has gone into the plant’s growth, especially if you’re a medical marijuana patient. There’s simply no need to risk anything when it’s easy to grow plants on your own.

When you grow marijuana at home, you have complete control over the pesticides used, if any, the type of fertilizers used, and even the soil you prefer to use. This means you can choose to use organic growing methods to ensure the marijuana is safer to consume. If you are growing indoors, there are fewer pest-related risks, so you won’t have to rely on heavy pesticides to keep the plant free from harm. You’ll also be able to control other parts of the plant’s growth to minimize fungus, diseases, and other issues that could cause problems with the harvest available when the plant is done growing. You’ll always know exactly what was used to help the plant grow because you make all of the decisions for your marijuana plants.

Ability to Choose from a Wider Variety of Strains

Marijuana comes in a variety of different strains, many of which can be purchased at local stores. However, stores are limited in what they can carry. When you grow marijuana from home, however, you have access to many more strains than what might be available locally. Online seed banks make it easy to access hundreds of different strains, so you can pick the ones that meet your needs. Options available from include medical marijuana, marijuana that’s high in THC, plants that flower faster or that grow more flowers, and many different tastes so you can pick out something you prefer.

When you’re looking for new strains to try, always read the descriptions carefully. This information lets you know if it’s a blend that’s high in Sativa, which provides a more stimulated feeling, or high in Indica, which provides a more relaxed high. Strain profiles can also let you know if the strain tends to produce plants with higher THC levels, beginner friendly traits, or specific flavors and tastes determined by the terpene profile.


Ability to Grow Very High-Quality Marijuana

Growing at home offers the opportunity to produce high-quality marijuana according to the grower’s standards. When cannabis plants are grown indoors, growers can control the environmental variables in the grow room to ensure each plant receives what it needs. Growers choose the soil, the amount of water plants get daily, the hours of light exposure, and the nutrient solutions. What’s most exciting is that growers can try out different techniques according to each strain’s environmental requirements to optimize for certain traits and outcomes such as high-THC.

Home growing means you control the environment and the quality of the final product. To promote quality, you’ll need to start with high-quality seeds like the ones from, then you can grow marijuana that’s tailored to your quality standards! Whether you’re growing marijuana for recreational use or medical use, quality is key.

Create Your Own Strains

New strains of marijuana are created all the time. Seed banks like have hundreds of different strains available that can be combined into thousands of unique strains with different properties. Growing at home allows you to not only take advantage of the various strains available but to start creating your own if desired. It’s possible to create new strains, but it can take some time to selectively breed for specific traits, with even more time spent learning about genetics to ensure selected traits are consistently passed on to the next batch of seeds.

A new strain is made by crossing two strains you already like. To do this, you’ll need a male plant from one strain and a female plant from another. At the right stage in the plants’ lifecycle, the male plant pollinates the female plant, causing it to produce seeds. These seeds are a cross of both strains, creating an entirely new strain. That strain can then be combined with other ones, in the same way, to continue creating new ones until you find one you enjoy and can get consistent results from. It is a little more difficult to create a strain that has consistent qualities and that has all of the traits you’re interested in, but with a little bit of experimentation and research, it is something you can do when you grow marijuana at home.

Leftover Plant Material Can be Useful

Consumable marijuana is mainly from the flowers on female plants. Depending on the seeds chosen, you may have male plants that need to be disposed of. Even if you’ve used feminized seeds, you’ll still need to do something with the plant once you’ve harvested all of the flowers. While you can just toss the plant, you can also create products with the leftover plant material. This allows you to use the whole plant, male or female, and means you don’t have much plant waste.

Leftover plant materials includes the leaves, stems, and other trimmings. With the right directions, they can be used to create tinctures or edibles. They can also be used to create hash or to use when you’re rolling a leaf cigar. Hash is one option that’s often easy to make at home as long as you have the right equipment. Once the plant material has been separated, the resulting product can be used as hash or infused in oils, butter, or creams. This is perfect for medical marijuana, as it offers other ways to use the plant instead of smoking marijuana.

Growing marijuana at home isn’t hard, though skills can be developed, start to experiment with different techniques, and start to take advantage of the leftovers to create other marijuana-related products for personal use. Growing at home has many benefits, allowing you to cultivate high-quality marijuana from the comfort of home. You can even create whole new strains to try out or work to ensure your marijuana is the highest quality possible with a higher THC content or that it’s safe for medical marijuana purposes. If you’re interested in growing marijuana, start by learning more about what you need to get started. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to start growing marijuana from home, and the payoff is huge, especially if you start with high-quality seeds from an online cannabis seed distributor like