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Choosing The Best Cannabis Seeds

Choosing The Best Cannabis Seeds

Seeds come in many shapes and sizes, often making it hard for the grower to tell how healthy they are. For cannabis seeds, while they may all remain relatively the same shape and size, it can often be difficult to tell if you have a bad seed. Their physical appearance will be your major clue as to their viability for planting. Growers will often give a passing glance over their seeds, often mistaking bad ones for good ones without checking them first.

Seed Inspection

Inspecting a naked marijuana seed can often be tedious with how small they are. It is an important stage for the process of growing but takes a keen eye and a soft touch. It is extremely important to test the health and viability of the seed. Determining whether a single Bruce banner seed seed is bad or not can determine whether you have a bountiful crop of glistening buds or nothing to smoke at all.

While most growers will start with clippings, called clones, from an existing plant growing from the seed stage can feel more rewarding for the grower. Watching their seedling sprout and then get planted into the ground can be reward enough for all the effort they have put into growing their crop. Starting a clone or clipping can still be rewarding to grow, but watching something start from quite literally the ground up can be extremely rewarding.

Most gardens that start from seeds result in stronger, healthier plants that produce more reliable buds. On the other hand, gardens that are grown from clippings often produce good clones of their original strain. They are often used by growers who want to repeat their favorite strain or keep a strain going for customers who enjoy it. Clones are a good way to produce the same line of a strain used for medical cannabis users who have specific needs.

When looking for the quality and health of your seed, you want to look for dark coloring in the seed with a waxy coating. Immature seeds will normally have a light coloring to them and will lack the waxy appearance of more mature seeds. Immature seeds will also tend to be more pliable than mature ones. Always make sure that there are no cracks around the shell, or any softening. The shell of the seed should also always be tough and hard to squeeze.

Can You Test Your Seeds?

That is a good question! Yes, you can test your seeds after inspecting them. This is often the best way to ensure your garden has the best seeds planted in it. There are a few methods that many growers find popular when testing seeds that we’ll discuss here.

The Float Test is one of the more quick and reliable methods. While many growers will simply give their seeds a quick squeeze and a glance, many others will go this extra step to ensure they have the best seeds being used. This test simply requires a little water and the seed itself. If you place the seed in a glass of water and it slowly sinks to the bottom, you have yourself a good seed. If the seed floats at the top, however, it’s most likely a bad seed or a poor-quality seed. These bad seeds won’t produce any form of crop and should just be discarded if found. Keep in mind, this test is lengthy, and can take up to two hours to get your final results.

Another method that is commonly used is to just go ahead and germinate the seed and see how it does. While this is just a “go for broke” testing method, many growers who use this method have lots of seeds that they work with at a time, making it easier for them. Using the floating method is often a better choice for growers who only handle a few seeds at a time.

What To Do With Those Good Seeds

Once you know your seeds are good, whether by testing them in water, a physical inspection, or by going ahead to the germination process which we will discuss here, it’s time to start growing. Even if you skipped ahead of the class to the germination process, there are still a few things that need to be explained.

Germination is the process of the seed sprouting open so that it can start to grow. In the ground, this process would allow it to break open and begin its way through the soil to the sunlight. In an artificial means, it means coaxing the seed to open up and begin the sprouting phase so that it can be transplanted into its new environment for growing. You should always have a new location reserved for the germinated seedlings. Once they start to germinate, they need to be transplanted to their new home to survive.

There are a few ways that growers can germinate their seeds, but the most obvious of course is to just plant it and seed if it grows. The more reliable method, however, is to place the seeds on a damp paper towel. Make sure that it is not soaking wet, but damp enough to wet the seeds. You can always use a few drops of water to dampen it more if it starts to dry up later on. It needs to be left in a dark place for up to a couple of days, but this time can vary depending on the strain of seed. Some seeds can take several days to germinate properly.

Don’t allow the seedling to germinate too long, however, as it can die quickly after it sprouts from the shell. You should always keep an eye on the seedlings, checking on them every day to ensure they are growing okay. This also allows the opportunity to keep their paper towel dampened if it happens to dry out.

Does The Seeds Gender Matter?

Unfortunately, yes, the gender of the seed does matter. Male and female marijuana plants are different and are both used in different ways. Finding out whether your seeds are male or female is difficult. The best way to ensure you have female plants is to purchase only guaranteed feminized seeds from a reliable seed bank.

If you have no way to ensure the gender of your seed, planting it is going to be the only way to find out what type of plant it grows. If you obtained it out of your flower, it is often a good chance you have a female seed.

Male marijuana plants are used in the hemp industry, due to their low amounts of THC and higher amounts of CBD. Many CBD products are produced purely from hemp plants, to exclude THC from them for consumers. Female plants, on the other hand, are used in the cannabis industry because they contain more of the desirable cannabinoids, namely THC and CBD. Making sure you have a female seed when purchasing from a seed bank is important, since the two genders produce completely different results when grown.

How Long Can Seeds Last?

Cannabis seeds are similar to any other plant’s seeds. They can dry out and crack over time if kept in unfavorable environments. Storing your seeds properly can help extend their lifespan for years. The temperature of the environment, the number of UV rays reaching the seeds, and the amount of moisture in the air can all be factors for storing your cannabis seeds.

When storing seeds of any kind, sativa, indica, or high CBD seeds, they should always be kept in an airtight container somewhere dark. Most growers will utilize their home or garage as climate-controlled storage for the seeds.

If you plan to keep growing for long periods, or plan to grow more than a few plants at a time, it may be a good option to have a seed storage area in a greenhouse. Many growers have custom greenhouse setups for cannabis growing, including small storage areas that are climate-controlled and dark. Some may even choose to sub-divide their growing space if they choose to grow multiple strains together. This is hard to resist when cheap seeds like gorilla glue 4 seeds and blue dream feminized seeds are available to buy online.


Growing a cannabis plant from a seedling can often be a gamble. Growing from a clipping or clone can usually produce reliable results, always providing a plant if the grower takes care of it. Growing from a seed to a plant, however, requires a bit more finesse from the grower.

Always remember to check your sour diesel seeds or girl scout cookies weed seeds, making sure that they look healthy, and have no damage to their shells. If they do, toss them to make room for the good ones. Give them a quick float, it never hurts and water is free. Once you know you have some good ones, store them away until it is time to grow. They will produce some healthy plants if taken care of properly. Remember to keep them in a dark place and inside an airtight container.

If you have invested money in your seeds, have confidence in your purchase. Cannabis is an easy plant to grow and take care of. As long as you ensure your seeds are sturdy, have a healthy color to them, and come from a good genetic strain, your crop will produce healthy plants with strong buds. Make sure to keep the best of the best when it comes to seeds and take care of your cannabis investment.