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New Cannabis Strains for 2020

New Cannabis Strains for 2020

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in numerous states over the past few years, more individuals find they can grow their own supply of easy to grow cannabis strains. Illinois and Michigan recently authorized the growth of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and Ohio hopes to get a recreational marijuana measure on the ballot before fall of 2020. At this time, 11 states permit the recreational use of cannabis, and 30 states allow for the use of medical marijuana. As a result of this popularity, seed banks continue to add new strains. Try these new strains today to expand your horizons.

Where to Buy Seeds

First, growers need to find a reputable provider when buying seeds. In certain states, retailers maintain brick-and-mortar locations that sell cannabis seeds. Simply enter one of these locations, provide a valid ID, and walk out with a packet of seeds or a starter plant. Online sales typically come with fewer requirements, but growers need to ensure they obey all laws for their area.

New Strains

New cultivars and clones continue to appear every year. Before working with one of these strains or providers, do appropriate research. Look to influential breeders for advice and review data regarding popular strains before buying. Again, be sure to know the laws for your area so you don’t run into issues.

Furthermore, consider the type of strain and whether it is appropriate for your preferred growing conditions. Read about the anticipated effects of using that strain and determine if it will meet your needs. With new types coming out each year, a grower shouldn’t be hesitant to try something new to see if it produces the same results or better than what is currently being obtained.

OG Strains

OG Kush remains a mainstay in the industry. Try a new i 49 strain this year for variety in your cannabis crop. Quite a few breeders provide variations of this strain, so consider growing one or two.

OG Kush Fast Fem allows growers to get the same results as are obtained with a classic OG Kush but in less time. Typical effects seen with this strain include euphoria, relaxation, and happiness. For those in need of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the strain helps those looking for stress relief, pain reduction, or a boost in mood. The yield seen with this strain tends to be very large.

Blueberry x OG Kush Fem offers individuals a way to add variety to their crop, and the same holds true for Strawberry OG Kush Fem. When using Blueberry x OG Kush, a person finds they relax more than they ever could have imagined. The blueberry blend serves as an appetite suppressant while helping the user get a good night’s sleep. In fact, this strain stands as one of the most powerful medicinal strains on the market today.

Strawberry OG Kush, an Indica dominant strain, releases a person’s inhibitions and allows for easy conversation, making it perfect for use in social gatherings. Men and women suffering from depression, chronic pain, or migraines find they benefit from use of this strain. The strain comes from a blend of Bruce Banner #3 and SFV OG Kush and provides a delicious experience all around.


Medical growers frequently make use of autoflower seed. These strains tend to be user friendly, they finish fast, and there are strains available for both indoor and outdoor growing. Look for the following when purchasing autoflowering seeds for 2020.

Auto Wedding Cake Fem offers one option for growers looking to branch out this year. As its name suggests, this product provides users with a rapid dose of 20 percent THC, making it ideal for social situations. In addition, it relieves anxiety and stress, which anyone who has planned a wedding knows are two challenges every bride and groom face on their big day.

Other autoflowering options to consider include Auto Blue Fruit Fem and Auto Banana Kush Fem. Auto Blue Fruit Fem is an Indica hybrid strain which is sharp and sour. In contrast, Auto Banana Kush Fem supplies 23 percent THC and is intensely fresh.

Hash Strains

When cannabis first became available to home growers, crude, dried, cured buds were the norm. Today, growers have numerous options. Rosin, flan, and dry ice hash remain popular, but it’s time to branch out. Grow something frosty this year and elevate your repertoire.

Grape Ape Fem, a heavy Indica strain, allows users to enjoy the product in only seven to eight weeks. Growers find by combining different products they have access to fresh cannabis any time of year, and this strain is one that ought to be considered to achieve this goal. However, other strains shouldn’t be overlooked.

Gorilla Lemon Fire provides a fresh lemon taste and is both antibacterial and antifungal. Purple Kush Fem helps those in need of pain relief, and High Times Magazine back in 2016 placed this strain among the top ten most powerful across the globe. Other hash options include Taskenti Fem, which offers big yields, and Black Domina Fem, a dwarf plant.


If you want a strain that is primarily high in CBD and has very little of THC, which is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in the weed plant, then try our unique cbd 20:1 strain. It is mostly going to relax your without giving your mind that baked or stoned feeling generally associated with smoking pot.

CBD Super Lemon Fem offers both relaxing and therapeutic benefits. This Sativa-dominant hybrid comes from Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze and helps those suffering from nervous system disorders, inflammation, chronic stress, and more. In addition, it’s ready to pick in only ten or 11 weeks and will contain a small percentage of THC for a noticeable buzz.

Strains Ideal for Beginners

Mango Kush Fem, an Indica-dominant strain, leaves users feeling happy and relaxed. Anyone looking to reduce anxiety and stress should consider growing these seeds, and they are ideal for new cannabis growers. The tantalizing aroma will have you anxious to harvest your crop.

White Widow Fem, a super potent strain, comes from a Brazilian Landrace Sativa and a South Indian Inca. As a result, users obtain the comforting benefits seen with Indica strains while still getting the uplifting effects observed with Sativa strains. While the user obtains a buzz from White Widow Fem, communication skills aren’t impaired in any way.

Hard to Grow Strains

Experienced growers often find they want a challenge when it comes to their cannabis crop. Sour Diesel Fem falls into this category and differs from other strains in many ways. It’s extremely potent, contains 20 to 25 percent THC, and actually smells like diesel. This uplifting and invigorating strain comes from Super Skunk and Chemdawg 92 and is often referred to by fans as Sour D. Be sure to check it out.

Face Strains

If you are looking for a new face strain, consider Auto Devil XXL Fem. This auto flowering strain offers large yields. Take a few puffs of this amazing product and face your fears head on. This is a Sativa dominant hybrid that elevates the mood while supplying a mellowing effect. Users state they feel relaxed and clear-headed when using this strain.

Others prefer Grapefruit Fem for its sweet citrus flavor. This strain provides a cerebral high and provides relief from arthritis and fatigue. Be sure to look into Skunk Diesel Fem and Ultra Violet OG Fem.

Mold Resistant Strains

If mold remains a problem in the growing area, it’s time to try a new strain that is mold resistant through its own genetic strengths. Pure Haze Fem inspires creativity and relaxation and is a cross between Purple Thai and Haze. The sour, citrus aroma is pleasing to many, and users love the lemon and rose flavor. In addition to being highly resistant to mold, this strain also repels spider mites.

Another option is the hindu kush strain, which comes from the mountains that give it its name. Thanks to its popularity, the strain has been cultivated globally, and growers continue to crossbreed it with other strains to obtain great products.

Additional Strains to Consider

Breeders are introducing numerous other strains this year. Zkittlez crosses remain in demand, including Zkittlez Fem. Pick up at least one cake when shopping too. Auto Wedding Cake Fem is both delicious and high yielding and comes from GSC, Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison. This strain flowers without regard to light schedules and can be grown in the same pot from start to finish.

Growers wishing to branch out into hydroponics need to look into Zombie Death Fem, a Sativa-dominant strain that tastes like nasturtiums. This strain is a cross between GSC and OG Kush and provides the user with energetic creativity. On the other hand, Purple Urkle Fem, an Indica-dominant strain, leaves users calm and relaxed. Many state they feel sedated or euphoric with use of this substance.

The Bottom Line

As growers try new options, breeders receive the encouragement needed to continue expanding their offerings. Try at least one new strain this year. You may find you have a new favorite that you wish to grow regularly. With thousands of new products available, growers never need to be concerned about variety in their cannabis.