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Choosing the Best Home Grow Kit

Choosing the Best Home Grow Kit

Growing weed at home sometimes seems like an intimidating process, especially if someone has never grown before. Having the right supplies is critical for obtaining the greatest harvest. By choosing the best home grow kit, new growers will have all the supplies they need, allowing them to gain confidence in their growing efforts.


Should You Assemble a Kit?

In the past, there were a lot of home grow kits on the market, and these are now not as readily available. Many companies have realized it can be quite arduous to compile everything a grower will need in one kit. Thankfully, new growers can assemble their own grow kits if they are aware of the needed supplies. Knowing what should be included helps new indoor or outdoor marijuana growers feel confident in making a purchase.


What Should Be Included in a Beginner Grower’s Kit?

Before shopping for a home grow kit, it is wise to investigate what should be included. When choosing a kit, make sure you know all the items that are included. With careful consideration, it is possible to purchase a kit that will offer everything a beginner grower needs.

Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

You are going to need seeds when growing cannabis at home. Feminized seeds are preferred because they offer better and bigger buds. You should purchase enough seed to grow a few plants to get started. Depending on the state, you may be limited on the number of plants that can be grown at any given time. One of the great factors of growing auto-flowering variety is their flexibility with light schedules. Unlike regular or feminized seeds, vegging plants can coexist with flowering plants in the same room. This means you can offset your planting times and even with only four to six plants you can be reaping a continual harvest all year long.

Seed Starters

Unless a person plants clones, they will need to purchase a seed starter to start the germination process. Seed starters are small containers that are ideal for growing cannabis seeds. Once the plants are a couple of weeks old, they can be transferred to larger pots for growing.

Grow Lights

When growing indoors, artificial lights aim to offer the full spectrum of the sun, allowing plants to absorb what they need for making energy. LED lights are the most popular among growers because they last a long time and are economical. When comparing LED lights vs HPS lights (High Pressure Sodium), there are lots of things to consider beyond just energy usage. Some easy to grow strains may do well in either situation while other strains may thrive better under specific lighting conditions. Many growers substitute different lights in for vegetative growth than they use for flowering. As with anything, there are a lot of opinions out there, so do your research and ultimately do what feels in alignment for your own budget and priorities.

Grow Tent

Unless you have a closet or dedicated cabinet, a grow tent is going to be essential. Grow tents allow growers to create a specific growing environment, no matter where they grow in their homes. These tents are an economical way to get started growing cannabis.

Extractor Fan

Proper air circulation is key for growing cannabis indoors. You will need an exhaust fan to suck out air and keep it clean. Some exhaust fans come with filters that help to reduce the overpowering smell of growing cannabis.

Ventilation Ducts

A grower does not need to completely remodel their home to grow weed, but they do need proper ventilation. A short ventilation duct is perfect for small setups.

Carbon Filters

As noted above, filters are important if you want to be discreet when growing cannabis. Carbon filters are ideal for getting rid of the odors produced by weed, especially during the flowering stages just before harvest.

Growing Pots

Some cannabis plants can grow to great size. It wise to choose growing pots that will be able to handle the weight and height of the plant. Many growers use fabric growing pots because they can be collapsed for easy storage. These pots are more breathable than plastic, allowing for reduced mold and mildew growth.

Support Tape

Supporting weed plants is essential for preventing breakage. As the plants grow larger and heavier, they will need support to keep them strong and growing properly. With special support tape, plants will be supported without becoming damaged.

Cycle Timer

Although this is not necessarily a beginner supply item, it is often included in grow kits because it helps you to automate the growing process. With timers, you can control the lights according to a specific schedule.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Depending on the environment you live in, it is important to purchase a humidifier and dehumidifier. Keeping the right humidity level in the grow room is essential to produce healthy buds. To measure the humidity levels in the grow room, purchase a hygrometer.

pH Meter

Because cannabis plants need a specific pH during each phase of growth, purchasing a meter will be helpful. Being able to monitor the acidity levels of the soil will help to ensure they are at the correct level for healthy plants.


The right level of nutrients will help to ensure cannabis plants grow big and strong. Some of the most important nutrients include nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium, among others. A well-rounded nutrient formula will be all you need to get started.


Choose Your Growing Kit Carefully

You can purchase a grow kit with all the above included, or create a bundle by purchasing each item separately. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to purchase a kit, even though it may not include everything.

Should you have a little more to spend on growing supplies, purchasing them individually will allow for a higher level of customization. Many new growers wait until they have gained experience before investing too much in their growing supplies.


You Can Start Growing Cannabis at Any Time

Growing weed indoors allows you to plant and harvest throughout the year. When growing outdoors, you are confined by the seasons, since cannabis does not grow well in cold climates. If planted correctly, you could be harvesting every few weeks, throughout the year. With just a few plants, you will have a steady supply of smokable buds.

The following are 5 of our top-recommended easy to grow seeds which you can put to the test with your brand new grow kit set up:



Growing cannabis at home does not need to be an intimidating undertaking. All you need are the right supplies, time, and patience. Some varieties of cannabis can be harvested within a few weeks. Beginner growers should choose hearty plants that hold up well in all types of conditions.

If you purchase a kit that contains all the necessary supplies, getting started growing marijuana will be a breeze. However, you must still be prepared for a little hard work. Growing in the right conditions and with the best supplies will produce a bountiful harvest that is truly enjoyable and worth the effort it takes to master.