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Marijuana Growing Supplies

Marijuana growing supplies: what you need to grow at home

Growing cannabis has become a popular hobby in the United States as legalization is rising. To enjoy a successful harvest, you need to invest in quality marijuana growing supplies. 

You don’t need thousands of dollars—just the main supplies, patience, and determination—to cultivate a high-yielding, potent, fragrant, homegrown marijuana plant. 

Continue reading here to find out everything you need to know about the essential marijuana growing supplies. 

Why do you need marijuana growing supplies?

Like most things in life, when you’re prepared, growing cannabis is more manageable and productive, and you’ll enjoy overall better results. 

When you use the proper weed growing supplies, your plants will produce higher quality buds, and you’ll get bigger yields. 

What’s the difference between growing weed indoors vs. outdoors?

Outdoor cannabis plants
Outdoor cannabis plants

Your decision to grow marijuana indoors vs. outdoors depends on your personal circumstances and investment potential in supplies for growing weed

The first thing to consider is if it’s legal to grow marijuana in your state. Once you understand the legality of cultivating cannabis where you live, you should look at the climate to determine what weed growing supplies you need and if you’ll plant your cannabis indoors or outdoors.  

Indoors Supplies Outdoors Supplies
Cannabis seeds Cannabis seeds
Grow tent Greenhouse
Grow lights Soil
Grow medium Temperature measurer
Containers Humidity reader
Ventilation System Cannabis nutrients
Temperature measurer Watering System
Humidity reader pH reader
Cannabis nutrients
Watering System
pH reader

Consider your own personal investment. Cultivating indoors tends to take more skill and maintenance and is a higher investment in cannabis growing equipment. 

Growing cannabis outdoors is cheaper and requires less skill, as the marijuana seeds and plants get a little extra help from Mother Nature. 

Indoor-grown cannabis tends to give you a stronger, more potent, more flavorful, and denser product. The extra work, energy, and weed growing tools you put in will result in a higher quality product. 

Must-have marijuana supplies for home growing 

  1. Cannabis seeds
  2. Grow tent
  3. Grow lights
  4. Grow medium
  5. Cannabis containers
  6. Ventilation System
  7. Temperature Measurer
  8. Humidity Reader
  9. Cannabis nutrients
  10. Watering System
  11. pH reader
  • Cannabis seeds 

The most critical of the weed growing supplies is the cannabis seeds because it’s impossible to cultivate your pot without them.  

To have a high-quality crop, you must purchase weed seeds from a reputable seed bank. i49 Genetics has some of the best cannabis seeds on the market. 

There are three types of seeds available:

  • Regular marijuana seeds produce a mix of male and female plants. The female crops are the ones that form the desired marijuana buds. 
  • Growing feminized seeds results in all-female plants, which means a bigger yield and no need to worry about males pollinating them. 
  • As you might know, marijuana plants are very reliant on light as one of the supplies for growing weed. With autoflower seeds, the cannabis plant will automatically flower once it reaches a certain point of maturity. These are desirable for beginner growers because it’s one less factor you need to worry about, and you’ll still get a quality yield. 

When users look at purchasing this pot-growing supply, they also check for key characteristics, including whether the strain is indica or sativa and THC/CBD levels. 

Indica dominant strains tend to be higher in CBD, and the effects are more relaxing, a body high, and relief from pain. Sativa dominant marijuana strains are typically higher in THC, and the effects are energizing, stimulating, and a more psychedelic cerebral high. 

Indica heavy weed strains tend to be easier and faster to grow and have a higher yield. This is because indica strains are more compact and more forgiving compared to sativa heavy cultivars. 

  • Grow tent

Grow tent
Grow tent

When you’re a novice cannabis grower, you’ll probably be setting up a small space for your garden at first. If you plan to grow indoors, a grow tent is a must-have weed growing supply

You should invest in this essential supply because it’s easier to control temperature, humidity, pests, pathogens, and odor.

 Another advantage is that this marijuana growing supply is light reflective and lightproof, which helps the weed plant receive light at all angles, and this reduces energy loss. 

  • Grow lights

When growing weed indoors, artificial lights are one of the must-have marijuana supplies because natural sunlight will be limited. 

LED light

LED grow lights are one of the most affordable to run, but the initial investment for this weed growing tool tends to be higher. They don’t give off a lot of heat and boast a long lifespan. 

HPS light

HPS lights are a cheaper piece of cannabis growing equipment to buy but more expensive on your electricity bill. You’ll have to replace the bulbs every 2 to 6 months, depending on the quality and time used. 

HPS lights need other marijuana growing supplies like a hood and ballast to function correctly.

  • Grow medium

Cannabis soil
Cannabis soil

Cannabis seeds, roots, and plants need something to grow in to absorb nutrients and water, which is why a growing medium is on the list of weed growing supplies


Using soil as a growing medium is the most natural approach, and most times, Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. 

You can purchase a pre-nourished blend of soil that has nutrients already in it. 

Another option is purchasing organic soil and adding your nutrients from a cannabis growing equipment store. 


Hydroponic marijuana systems are a modern approach to cultivating. You’ll need an inert medium and a nutrient-water solution as marijuana supplies. These systems tend to ask for higher investment. 

Hydroponics speeds up the rate of growth and results in higher yields that can be more potent. 

  • Cannabis containers  

In general, all pots used as weed growing supplies need to have drainage and enough space to grow. Just like with any plant, you’ll need to change the containers of your weed plant periodically.


Plastic containers are great for beginners on a budget looking for marijuana supplies. You don’t have to go out and buy specific plastic growing pots. Things like cups or buckets you already have at the house can work. 

You can easily add more holes to any plastic container without damaging it. However, they’re vulnerable to cracking and absorb temperature.


Ceramic pots work great as cannabis growing equipment if you have a hotter environment. They absorb a lot of the temperature and keep your plants cool. 

A few cons are that it’s harder to add drainage holes, they tend to be more expensive, and they’re heavyweight. 


A newer gardening container is to use fabric pot growing supplies. This helps promote dense roots, has optimal airflow and drainage, and can mold into any space easily. 

  • Ventilation system

Ventilation helps regulate the temperature and humidity in a grow room. Marijuana plants need a consistent flow of fresh air with CO2, making this an essential supply for growing weed. 


If you’re a novice cannabis farmer with a budget, a fan that you already have at your house can do the job. 

Carbon filter

If you’re worried about the odor of growing weed inside your home, we suggest adding a carbon filter as a part of your cannabis growing equipment list. It helps pass clean air into the grow tent and filters out harmful molecules. 

  • Temperature measurer

Measuring soil temperature
Measuring soil temperature

Temperature control is one of the essential marijuana supplies for growing weed. If the grow tent is too hot or cold, it can stunt the growth or even kill your cannabis plant. 

The grow room for cannabis temperature should be around 68°F. A thermometer is the most basic way to record the temperature. 

  • Humidity reader

Humidity and temperature go hand in hand. You need the correct balance of heat to humidity for weed plants to thrive in an ideal environment. 

A vital piece of cannabis growing equipment, a hygrometer measures the amount of water vapor in the air.

  • Cannabis nutrients

Regardless if you’re using soil or hydroponics, nutrients are a critical marijuana supply for a healthy harvest. Marijuana needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to grow and survive. 

Purchasing a nutrient mix specifically created for marijuana, like the i49 Genetics cannabis nutrients, is the best way to go. 

  • Watering system

Weed plants need water to grow, like all living things. You need to have a sound water system as one of your marijuana supplies to have a successful harvest. 

It can be as simple as a watering can with a schedule, or you can invest in automatic watering systems. 

  • pH reader

A pH reader is a critical weed growing tool for the health of your cannabis plants. pH is the measurement of acidity. 

The ideal pH level for your marijuana plant to thrive is 5.8 to 6.2. 

Wrap up on marijuana growing supplies

Cannabis seedling
Cannabis seedling

Growing marijuana is a hobby that’s gaining popularity with the rise in legalization. 

Being well prepared will result in a higher yield, more potent buds, and easier achievable results. 

What are you waiting for? Buy cannabis seeds and the rest of your marijuana growing supplies today, and get growing now! 

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