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Ways to consume marijuana

All the Different Ways to Consume Marijuana

Some might only remember puffing marijuana in a poorly constructed joint with the kids from high school, while others have tried modern forms of cannabis consumption. Regardless of your experience, knowing the correct way to use weed for your needs is essential. 

There are many ways to consume marijuana today, including inhaling, oral consumption, and topical use. Previously, most consumers used cannabis recreationally. These days, people are waking up to the various medical benefits cannabis boasts, both physically and mentally. 

If you’re new to using cannabis or have years of experience, continue reading to find out all the different ways to consume marijuana

The History of Cannabis Consumption

Although there have been many conversations about the usage, benefits, and legality of marijuana in recent times, humans have been consuming it for thousands of years. 

The cannabis plant started as a herbal medicine in Asia around 500 BC. Those in the central region smoked marijuana to get high. It was popular in Islamic areas, too. The Quran forbids alcohol consumption, and the loophole here is that nothing is stated about cannabis.

Ways to smoke pot

armers cultivated hemp in the Americas, Africa, and Europe for uses such as paper, clothing, and sails. We can see evidence that some ancient civilizations knew of the psychoactive effects of marijuana, as they’d use it in spiritual or healing ceremonies. 

In the 1800s, scientists were researching more about the medical effects of cannabis. Later in the century, pharmacies in the US and Europe were selling marijuana extracts to treat stomach pains and other problems. 

Scientists discovered that cannabis could help with nausea and promote hunger. This led the US Food and Drug Administration to approve the extract for cancer chemotherapy patients. 

Recreational use of marijuana in the United States didn’t start until the 1900s. With the Great Depression, the plant soon became outlawed, and by 1931, 29 states had banned consumption.

In 1937, The Marijuana Tax Act was the first federal law that made marijuana illegal nationwide. In the 1970s, Richard Nixon listed cannabis as a Schedule I drug, the same category as ecstasy, heroin, and LSD. This created the negative perception of weed as a harmful narcotic; regardless, people continued to use it illegally. 

People have been able to find different ways to consume weed, even without legal status. In recent years, the United States has reduced some of the harsh laws regarding the ingestion of cannabis. Many states have made medical or recreational use, or both, legal; however, it’s not true for all of them yet. 

With legalization, we’ve seen an increase in the types of marijuana products produced and the many ways you can consume them. 

An Overview of The Three Main Ways to Consume Weed

The three main ways to consume weed: 

  • inhalation 
  • oral consumption
  • topical use 

Users can take marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. It’s important to know that these products can contain one or both THC and CBD. 

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound found in marijuana that gives you the high effect. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the substance that’s responsible for the calming effects of cannabis. 

The combined use is still prevalent, and loads of consumers choose to single out the active components in weed that give them the experience they want. We’re going to go in-depth on the ways to ingest weed


When you inhale marijuana, the smoke or vapor enters your lungs and gets absorbed into your bloodstream. This is the most common way people think of consuming weed. 

Smoking Joints or Blunts

Rolling up a joint or blunt is one of the simplest ways to smoke marijuana. First, you’ll have to learn how to prepare weed before smoking it. You make joints by grinding marijuana and filling rolling paper made from hemp, rice, or bamboo. 

Smoking a joint

People construct blunts similarly; you roll the marijuana in tobacco leaves instead of paper. The end product is similar to a cigar.; this adds nicotine to the cannabis for a distinct flavor and experience. 

Hand Pipes

If rolling isn’t your thing, you can always purchase a hand pipe. This is a commonly used smoking device that is small, easy to function, and portable — these work by trapping smoke in the vessel for you to inhale. 

All the different ways to consume marijuana

Nowadays, you can purchase hand pipes in a variety of designs and colors. They’re equally functional as they’re a piece of art. 

Bongs and Water Pipes

Water pipes or bongs are usually bigger than traditional hand-held devices. These work with water for a different type of inhalation experience. 

All the different ways to consume marijuana

The water filters the smoke and cools it down, which creates a smoother feel. Most consumers can inhale a more significant amount of smoke at one time using a bong or water pipe. 

Bongs can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some can look like animals, fairies, characters, and flowers; the creativity appears endless. Your water pipe can be a topic of discussion and an ornamental piece. 


Hookahs are commonly known for smoking shisha, wet tobacco, and now, cannabis. If you smoke weed alone with hookahs, the plant burns too fast, the smoke you inhale has an acrid taste, and you waste a lot of product. T. 

To prevent this, you can mix marijuana with tobacco. Hookahs are a popular way to smoke as several people can smoke at the same time. 


Some believe that vaping is a different way of smoking weed because of how the apparatus produces the vapor. The vaporizer heats the cannabis to a lower temperature than with a flame. This process allows the THC, CBD, and other compounds to release as vapor, without the more harmful elements, like tar or carcinogens. 

Vaping cannabis

Along with this, the “telltale” odor that comes with smoking marijuana is reduced significantly, which makes vaping a more attractive choice. 

Tabletop Vapes

Tabletop vapes were the first developed. They work similarly to ovens, baking the plant at a specific temperature, producing a vapor. You can inhale this with a tube connected to the stove. 

Tabletop vapes work by plugging them into the wall, which means they aren’t as portable as smaller and less complex smoking methods. 

Handheld Vapes

If you’re the type of person who likes to puff on the go, then you might find a handheld vape more attractive as it’s more compact and works with a portable battery. They work with the dry herb or wax of concentrated substance. 

Handheld vapes became popular as it’s a more discreet way to smoke weed. The absence of smell makes it easier to get high in almost any location. Some public places have become wise to this, so always check for signs before puffing this way. 

Vape Pens

Vape pens are relatively new to the list of ways to ingest marijuana. They hit the market in 2010 as an e-cigarette, then engineers altered them for cannabis use. The difference here is that these devices use oils. 

Concentrated cannabis substance makes up the oil. You can purchase cartridges with specific levels of one or both THC and CBD. The battery-run cylinder heats the oil to produce a vapor, which you then inhale. 

You can vape at a higher concentration of THC or CBD than with the natural flower. This is a way to increase your high if you’re an avid smoker. You should be careful with percentages at first to avoid an unexpected sensation.

Oral Consumption

Besides the traditional method of inhaling, you can consume weed orally. Now, we don’t mean making a salad and sprinkling some fresh herbs on top – not that there’s anything wrong with that; there are various ways that you can process marijuana for consumption. 

When you take cannabis orally, the substance goes through the digestive tract and is absorbed into the bloodstream that way. Suppliers can make these products with different THC and CBD levels or a mix of both, depending on their preference. So how can you ingest marijuana? 

All the Different Ways to Consume Marijuana


Oils are made up of a concentration of cannabis which is then put into a capsule, and you can take it as a pill. This method is ideal for medical reasons like improving sleep, reducing anxiety, or increasing appetite. 


Tinctures are liquid weed extracts that are absorbed quickly into the body. Users enjoy this method because they can still get the benefits of marijuana without smoking’s adverse side effects. 

You place 3 to 4 drops under your tongue, and you absorb the cannabis directly in the mouth. It’s possible to swallow the tinctures, but it will take longer for the body to digest. 


You make edibles with cannabis butter and oils. You can prepare foods with this marijuana substance, and when consumed, you’ll feel the effects. 

Edibles take longer to absorb because the process of digestion is more complicated than inhaling. Cooking with cannabis and eating creates a unique body high that’s gradual and more powerful. 

These treats are indulgent favorites like brownies, cakes, cookies, and candies. You can make them at home or purchase them at dispensaries if your location allows. 


Another way to use weed is by drinking it. There are many products on the market, such as cannabis beers, sodas, lemonades, and even fruit drinks. Choose your flavor and your desired potency, and you’ll be feeling the effects once digested. 

You can make marijuana-infused beverages by adding a few drops of tinctures to a virgin drink. 


The skin can absorb marijuana products. Using topicals can pinpoint where you want relief. The cannabis has been decarboxylated, so the THC and CBD are active. 

Topicals are used mainly for medical purposes as they don’t give you a high feeling. What are the best choices here?

All the Different Ways to Consume Marijuana


You can apply lotions directly to the skin by rubbing them on to areas with pain. Some are even safe enough to use on your face or head. Within minutes, you should feel some relief. 


Balms are thicker than lotions and get mixed with beeswax, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. They’re ideal for skin conditions because of the extra amount of moisture the more substantial substance holds. 


Cannabis oils work just like lotions and balms. You put them on problem areas for the skin to absorb. To break down the potency, these get typically mixed with essential oils. 

Oils will leave your skin with a greasy feel but will add moisture to your skin. They help to reduce inflammation on both the exterior and interior of the body. 

What’s the Most Popular Way to Consume Weed?

The most popular way to consume marijuana is by inhaling. Rolling up a joint, packing a bowl, or hitting the bong with the dry herb are the favorite methods of smoking weed.

Many users like the natural aspect of smoking cannabis in its simplest form. Traditionalists don’t want to mess around with the new fancy ways; they want to stick to what they know works. 

What’s the Healthiest Way to Consume Marijuana?

Although cannabis smoke isn’t directly linked with cancer, the act of inhaling and the byproducts of combustion aren’t good for your lungs or throat. With long-term use, you can see damage to those areas from smoking. 

The healthiest ways to consume cannabis are orally and topically. Eating cannabis doesn’t have harmful effects, although combining it with sugary snacks and drinks can be damaging. The best way is with pills or tinctures. 

Topical use is safe as long as the other ingredients added aren’t irritating to you. Make sure you sample a small patch of skin before applying it all over your body. For the most part, you can consume all oral and topical products without adverse side effects. 

Developments in Cannabis Consumption

In the United States, there has been a fight for legal marijuana since the late 1960s. In the 1990s, California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis. Since then, the ways to smoke pot have become more advanced. 

Before the 90s, most people inhaled through joints, blunts, or pipes and made edibles. With more legalization, the creations of vapes, oils, candies, drinks, topical creams, and more have become a vast market.

Scientists and developers can work legally on how to make the best possible ways to do weed. This is beneficial to the public because they can buy items that have been tested and are clearly labeled. 

We’ll likely see more from this industry in the future as more states legalize recreational use. This is just the beginning of ways to consume marijuana. Why not consider oils or edibles for those of you who have only ever played with different ways of smoking weed? You can never get too much of a good thing after all, right?