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Benefits of Organic Cannabis

May 28, 2020
Common Cannabis Questions

The Benefits of Organic Cannabis

Marijuana is often referred to as a form of natural medicine. And, while it does come from a plant, most of the bud we buy has been exposed to numerous chemicals. Today, more farmers are looking for safe, natural ways to protect and nourish their crops, and cannabis growers are no exception. If you are thinking of growing some cannabis yourself using high quality i49 seeds, consider these facts about, and benefits of, organic cannabis.

What Goes Into Organic Weed?

The OCA (Organic Cannabis Association) offers certification and training in organic standards for cannabis cultivation and packaging. Their goal is to inform customers about product origin, production, and quality while promoting sustainable agriculture. Meanwhile, they see marketing potential in the next generation of consumers who prefer local, artisanal, and organic products.

Expanding legalization initiatives and the legal possession and sale of cannabis will likely bring about a proliferation of large farms looking for the economy of scale that comes with artificial fertilizers, chemical pest control agents, and prepared soils.

In a less extreme approach, other providers are striving to provide a healthy and high-quality product with all the most important organic benefits. By using purified water, natural pesticides, sterilized soils, and enriched nutrients, it’s possible to grow a sustainable, safe crop.

Though some enthusiasts say they can’t tell the difference between organic cannabis and that which is conventionally grown. With its safe and natural cultivation methods, though, organic cannabis consistently provides a better tasting and higher-quality product.

A Product With an Improved Taste and Smell

It’s quite simple: when your Northern Lights or Purple Haze plants are grown organically, they produce better crops. For instance, organic fruits and vegetables are known to taste better and to be more nutritious. Those who buy organic cannabis will gain similar advantages.

Anyone consuming an organic product will notice a significant difference in aroma and flavor. Organic cannabis gardens use high-quality soil to produce lush, healthy plants and sizable crops. The rich soil gives the plants all the nutrients they need, which allows them to produce those big, green buds we all want.

Bigger Crop Yields

Another big benefit of organic cultivation is the increase in crop yield. Though cannabis growers assume they must rely on conventional nutrients and growth mediums to maximize results, that’s not always true. Organic farmers often attain equal or better yields from their cannabis plants.

Under the right conditions and with proper care, organic plants grown from outdoor weed seeds can yield big harvests. By going the organic route, you’re choosing to invest the time to create the right environment for your plants. When the environment is rich, your Trainwreck strain seeds or Stardawg seeds are pretty much guaranteed to grow and thrive. They do call the plant “weed” for a reason.

If the environment isn’t what it should be, though, yields may be much lower. For years, this was one of the biggest reasons cannabis growers were reluctant to go organic. However, with the increased availability of organic growth media, organic fertilizers, and other additives, it’s easy to produce a rich, healthy, and substantial crop.

Enjoying More Potent Cannabis

Organic veggies and fruits are known for being much more nutritious than conventionally grown produce. Similarly, organic cannabis can be just as, if not more, powerful than weed grown in a traditional garden.

Cannabis is like other plants; it has complex nutritional needs. Unfortunately, regular growth media and nutrient blends typically take a one-size-fits-all approach to meet those requirements. Most nutrient solutions contain only NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), which are the basic nutrients required for plant life.

While these nutrients do more than keeping your Strawberry Cough plants alive, they do not offer a comprehensive approach to cannabis plant nourishment. As organic gardens use high-quality soil, the nutrient list goes beyond the basic NPK mix. By using natural fertilizers such as compost, farmers can get many more micro-nutrients into the soil and create a richer environment for their plants. These nutrients may include:

  • Calcium
  • Sulfur
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Boron
  • Molybdenum
  • Zinc
  • Iron

Organic fertilizers usually contain small amounts of these nutrients and numerous others, offering cannabis plants a balanced growth medium. This allows farmers to get more out of their crops, including increased potency.

Higher Quality Soil

In a non-organic garden, the soil is merely the medium that holds the plants until they’re ready to harvest. When growing cannabis organically, however, the soil is one of the garden’s most important parts.

It’s common for conventional growers to toss and replace their soil after every season. This is because traditional cultivation practices aren’t focused on soil improvement; rather, they’re in the place to provide a temporary home for the plants.

Organic soil is very different. It’s a complex ecosystem that improves the garden’s health with each season. These improvements come because organic soil usually has a richer microbiome than conventional soil. Bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms work together to build a rich environment in which cannabis plants can develop.

Growing marijuana (or any other kind of plant) in a rich organic soil has many benefits. As we’ve already discussed, the biodiversity of that soil allows plants to flourish, producing bigger harvests and a better tasting, better smelling product. Even better, you’ll get to keep your soil well into the future. As the soil’s ecosystem develops, it improves the garden’s overall health and vitality.

Doing Your Part to Help the Environment

The advantages of organic cannabis go much farther than the size and potency of the yield or the garden’s health. With organic farming practices, cultivators can have positive effects on the local environment.

Soil erosion is a common problem in conventional gardens. While erosion is a natural, widespread process, modern farming methods often make it worse. Topsoil is one of the land’s most valuable parts, as it’s rich in soil life, fertility, and organic matter.

Whether it’s because of tilling, rain, or wind, topsoil is often stripped away from a regular garden, diminishing the growth medium’s quality. By using organic cultivation methods and taking some time to build a biodiverse growth medium, a cannabis farmer will prevent erosion, albeit on a smaller scale.

Growing cannabis organically helps farmers preserve their area’s water quality. Chemical runoff from nutrient solutions, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides used in conventional gardens adversely affects water quality.

When used on plants, small amounts of such chemicals find their way into the water supply, affecting humans, animals, and other plants. By choosing biodegradable, organic products, you’ll prevent this dangerous runoff and protect one of our most important natural resources.

The environmental effects of organic farming practices are relative to the grow op’s size. Those growing plants for personal use will have less of an effect than those cultivating bulk cannabis seeds for commercial sale. That shouldn’t discourage anyone, though, as every little bit of effort adds up when protecting our environment.

Saving Money on Farming Supplies and Saving Time on Preparation

This may seem a bit farfetched, but it is true: organic cannabis cultivation may help you cut expenses. Organic growth is about taking a holistic approach to garden building and maintenance. While a conventional grow op may focus on short-term goals (such as an increased yield), organic methods offer a long-term solution that will eventually pay off in the form of increased savings.

Growing cannabis organically may seem like a big effort to many cultivators and consumers. After all, creating rich, biodiverse garden soil without help from commercial nutrient solutions and fertilizers takes a while, and it typically involves labor-intensive processes such as composting and fertilizing.

With time, though, organic marijuana farming will pay off. Once the soil is in good shape, for instance, a grower won’t have to pay for expensive nutrient solutions and fertilizers. Furthermore, when addressing diseases or pest infestations, farmers often find that organic solutions are less costly and equally effective.

Getting Back to Nature

While growing a healthy cannabis crop is its own reward, it can get a little boring and monotonous when working with ready-made fertilizers and nutrient blends. Organic farming makes it easy to upgrade the cannabis cultivation experience, as it challenges you to meet the plants’ demands with natural products.

When growing weed organically, a farmer may find themselves paying more attention to the crop and its response to the environment being created. With patience and consistency, you’ll acquire a deep understanding of the natural world, rather than following a chart that tells you which nutrients to use and when to apply them.

Enjoying a Cleaner and More Pleasant Smoking Experience

For most who cultivate and enjoy the plant, the best reason to grow and consume organic cannabis is because of its purity. Though marijuana is considered a natural drug, the methods used to cultivate it aren’t always so natural. Conventional growers use a range of chemicals throughout the plant’s lifecycle. No matter how well these plants are flushed and treated, the chemical residue will inevitably end up in the final product. If selling or consuming a natural, pure product is on your list of priorities, it’s time to get started with organic cannabis gardening.

In Conclusion

The benefits of cultivating your feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds organically can’t be understated. With natural farming methods, it’s possible to enjoy a safe, natural, and sustainable marijuana consumption experience.

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