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What is a Seed Bank – Marijuana Seed Bank?

Jul 30, 2020
The Cannabis Plant

Marijuana seed banks

Marijuana seed banks are where the various strains of marijuana seeds are preserved and stored. It is where growers go to whenever they need the seeds and have the seeds delivered to them. However, it is vital for every grower to approach a marijuana seed bank with great caution.

Since it is the desire of every grower to get the best from their marijuana, you should exercise a lot of vigilance when ordering the seeds from the seed banks because not all the pot seeds banks will have similar reputation. Make it a habit of ordering only from the most reputable marijuana seed banks.

The Benefits of Working with an American Seed Bank

Growers discover many benefits associated with purchasing from an American seed bank. The following are a few of these benefits. However, expect to learn several more once you make your first purchase.

Faster Shipping

When growers purchase from American seed banks, the seeds arrive rapidly. Delays become a thing of the past, and growers find they can get additional seeds in little time if they love a new strain they have tried. Even those who don’t love a strain find they can purchase a different one and receive it in very little time.

Different Offerings

One reason many people now opt to buy from American seed banks involves the variety of the offerings. American breeders create strains with different characteristics than those sold in the Netherlands and other countries. Anyone looking for an indica or sativa  strain with a strong unique smell should go with an American seed bank. The same is true of those who want those hybrid strains with the best overall bud appearance or sparkle.

The purposes of a Cannabis Seeds & Seed Bank

At its basic application, a seed bank was to store and preserve cannabis seeds, especially from animals and extreme weathers. However, there is more to having seed banks currently than just protecting them from getting destroyed. The most important reason for seed banks now is biodiversity. Plants too have specific genetic traits and these ought to be preserved and there is no better place to do that than in a seed bank. Apart from preserving the crop diversity, the other purposes of a seed bank include:

  • To protect the extinction of certain crop species due to climate change.
  • Natural disasters has the potential of wiping out an entire ecosystem and without seed banks, species could be easily lost when such disasters strike.
  • Protection against man-made disasters such as wars and nuclear accidents.
  • Research purposes – the people who lived in the past used plants to cure diseases. When the seeds are preserved, there is the possibility of investigating their medicinal properties in the future.

Visit our store today to check out the diverse collection that we have been curating for our customers over the past several years.

Choosing a Seed Bank to Work With

Many factors need consideration when you choose a seed bank, just like there are many things to consider when deciding to grow marijuana in the first place. How should a grower go about making a choice as to which to work with? Consider the following factors and determine which are of most importance to you when you make a purchase.


American companies start up with great hopes of making their endeavor a success. However, American businesses do fail, often within the first year. Choose a seed bank with a proven track record, so you know they will remain available when you wish to purchase again. Furthermore, American seed banks come with a disadvantage not seen when purchasing from seed banks in other countries.

Cannabis remains classified as a schedule 1 drug in America, which means the federal government does not allow the sale or use. The government also retains jurisdiction over mail in the country. Sellers find sending their products through the mail leads to harsh legal penalties. This leads to the business choosing to shut down or disappear to avoid these penalties. The business owner doesn’t want to lose everything they have invested in this venture and works to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Certain countries allow for the sale of cannabis and cannabis seeds, including the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Netherlands. Seed banks in these countries remain free of restrictive laws, and this lack of local regulation encourages cannabis retailers to set up shop there. Canada recently legalized the growing of cannabis for adults, and seed banks are now setting up shop in that country.

When choosing an American seed bank, look for one with an established track record. This shows the seed bank has offered consumers cannabis products without running afoul of the law. Although supporting new businesses helps the economy, doing so when purchasing cannabis seeds often ends up being the wrong choice. Stick with those that have been in business for some time to get a reliable provider you can count on now and in the future.

Payment Options

In addition, American seed banks remain limited in terms of their payment options. Many find they cannot take debit or credit cards, as merchant card processing centers refuse to work with them thanks to current laws in place regarding cannabis sales. Buyers must pay by cash, money order, certified check, or Bitcoin when making a purchase. Sadly, consumers find they have no legal recourse if the seeds don’t arrive or are unusable. Cannabis seed buyers need to choose a provider carefully to prevent issues of this type.

Due to the lack of banking services available to seed banks, many cannabis operations run on cash. The bigger a seed bank becomes, the harder it becomes for the operation to avoid problems with the federal government. Speak with any seed bank you are considering using to determine which payment methods it accepts and what protections they have put into place to safeguard the consumer. Reputable seed banks share this information without hesitation. They know how to legally sell in the country.

Strain Quality

Overseas seed banks started decades ago, and those still in existence understand how to meet the needs of consumers. Selling low-quality products guarantees they won’t be in operation for long. In contrast, most American seed banks launched in the past few years. Certain individuals opted to start a seed bank and promise high-quality seeds, only to fail in providing these items. Consumers find seed quality continues to vary with these providers. A consumer must do research to find a trustworthy American breeder that provides seeds with strong genetics.

Sadly, growers find distinguishing between good and bad seeds isn’t an easy process. When the seeds are planted and properly tended, growers still find many crops don’t produce the expected yield, the potency is lacking, and growth rates decrease. American seed banks provide little curation of breeders and stabilized strains when compared to established seed sources located overseas. Consider this when choosing who to work with, as established companies have found ways to overcome this issue and provide quality seeds that produce as expected.

Read Reviews

The internet offers a wealth of information regarding cannabis seed banks, and growers benefit from this. Look for a website run by a company or organization. Although seeds might be cheaper if you purchase from an individual, sites run by a single person typically lack one or more features consumers look for when spending their money. Read reviews of these sites and learn if they can meet your specific needs. Community forums become of great help and the same holds true for message boards and chat sites.

Website URL

Many people ignore the website URL when choosing a seed bank. Only work with sites that have a registered URL, such as a .com site. Free websites often disappear overnight, so avoid them. The website URL often shares information about the company’s location. While this isn’t the case with all sites, it’s something to look for as you decide which provider to use.


Look at the prices of the desired strains on each site. Low prices often mean the seller cuts corners in one or more areas. High prices don’t signify better customer service or a superior product. Find the average price of the strain across the sites and stay within that price range when purchasing. Certain sites offer bulk pricing, so take that into account when choosing.

Customer Service

Before making a purchase with any company, contact it and check out the customer service. Does the company respond promptly? Is there a delay in receiving an answer, or does the seed bank dismiss any concerns? If so, consider purchasing elsewhere. Companies that fail in this area before a sale won’t be available after the sale either.

Consumers find contacting the company before a sale offers them the opportunity to learn more about the seeds available for sale, the services provided, delivery options and fees, and more. Ask about payment options and packaging during this contact, so there are no surprises as the sale moves forward.

Packaging needs consideration, as damaged seeds won’t grow. The packaging needs to protect the seeds from the moment they leave the provider until they arrive at the consumer’s location. A reputable company responds promptly and addresses a customer’s questions and concerns before making a sale, as it recognizes customer satisfaction must be a priority or the company won’t be in business for long.


Look at the seeds offered through the company. Growers often look for the strain they want to buy and nothing more. Don’t make this mistake. See if the seed bank offers a wide variety of strains, as this means another provider likely won’t be needed if you choose to expand your crop. We cover a wide range of different seed types, and here is just a taste of some of the best:

Some individuals, for example, purchase medical marijuana seeds as they want to grow their own crop for medicinal use. However, with use of cannabis, they branch out and try different strains. Autoflowering seeds sound interesting, or they want to try feminized seeds and cut down on their work. The provider needs to offer strains in several varieties to meet the needs of all customers.

Knowledge Base

Does the company help growers who run into difficulties? For instance, a germination guide might appear on the site for customers who want assistance with this task. The more information a grower has, the easier it becomes to grow a bumper crop that meets their needs in every way.

The history of Seeds & Seed Banks.

The concept of having seed banks first began towards the end of 1980s when biodiversity and extinction of various plants became apparent to the whole world. Through the help of international and national NGOs, communities around the globe began to prepare seed banks of various kinds to primarily preserve the seeds which they thought that were most threatened with extinction back then. During that time, most of the seed banks were owned by communities and some of the countries that pioneered the practice of having seed banks included Ethiopia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Philippines and Nicaragua.

Australia began the well-known NGO known as Seed-Savers Network, which undertook the preservation of all kinds of seeds. Such networks started in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom before they spread to other parts of the world. Through the years, the numbers as well as the diversity of the seed banks have increased tremendously, with the world’s largest seed bank being the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

Leave a Review

In the event any problems arise during the sale, leave a review for the company. This helps other growers determine which seed banks are reputable and which to avoid. Place this review on the seed bank’s website along with other sites devoted to cannabis growing. Many people take this step but don’t leave a review when they have a positive experience. Leave a positive review when a company meets and exceeds your expectations, so other growers know it is a company they can count on.

Additional states plan to legalize marijuana in the coming months and years, as many now have measures on the ballot designed to advance this goal. As a result, new seed banks will appear in the marketplace. Take care when choosing who to work with, so you get what you expected when you placed an order.

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