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Indoor Grow Room

Discover how to set up an indoor grow room for cannabis

Are you interested in building an indoor grow room? You’re in the right place. 

Setting up a grow room takes some effort and investment, but you’ll have an ample weed supply after that. How to build an indoor grow room? 

Continue reading to find out all of our tips, including how to choose a location for your indoor grow room; the supplies needed, the importance of cleaning, the steps of building an indoor grow room, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The importance of an indoor grow room for cannabis

Indoor grow rooms are essential because they help create a consistent, suitable climate for your cannabis plants. Growing marijuana indoors usually results in a larger yield and a more potent product. 

Indoor Grow Room

Remember, your marijuana harvest is only as good as your DIY grow room. Let’s understand what makes an excellent indoor grow room. 

The United States sits in a part of the world that has very inconsistent weather patterns. Most of the country gets four distinct seasons, and from north to south, east to west, the climates vary. These climates aren’t the best for growing marijuana outdoors, which is why we suggest growing in an indoor grow room. 

The main benefits of having a DIY grow room are to create a controlled, consistent environment, protect your cannabis plants from storms or freezing temperatures, and the ability to grow year-round. 

Choosing your indoor grow room location

When choosing a location for your indoor grow room, you have to consider a few factors.

  • Is the room insulated, and will it preserve heat?
  • Can this indoor grow room withstand humidity, or will mold be a problem?
  • Can natural sunlight get in through windows, or are there enough outlets to plugin grow lights?
  • Can the windows be used as ventilation for the indoor grow room, or will you have to install an air duct or fan?
  • Will the smell of growing weed indoors upset neighbors or children if it escapes? 
  • Can you lock up the room? Can the public see the indoor grow room?

After some thought and planning about the location, you can start building a grow room. 

Indoor grow room supplies

Now you know the location of your indoor grow room, you’re ready to start buying indoor grow room supplies. 

We’ve put together a list of the basics. Let’s take a look!


When you’re a beginner marijuana cultivator, you can start an indoor grow room with one plant in a cupboard.

You can see if lights can fit the reflective walls, and you can heat the space. 

A wall cabinet

A wall cabinet is an ideal space to start the germination and seedling stages. Once the marijuana plant reaches the vegetative stage, it’s just too big for this sized indoor grow room. 

You can also use a wall cabinet as storage for indoor grow room supplies. 

A grow tent

If your DIY grow room is in a closet, it’s a good idea to invest in a grow tent. In a bigger space, you lose a lot of heat, light, and humidity, which is costly and won’t help the cannabis plants. 

A grow tent helps conserve the indoor grow room’s environment because it’s more compact. It’s designed specifically for growing weed indoors, so you’ll have a better harvest. 

Grow lights

Marijuana grow lights are one of the most essential materials in building a grow room. Without light, your marijuana plants would be weak and less potent than desired. 

Indoor Grow Room

If you have a small budget for your DIY grow room, you’ll want to reserve the bulk of your investment for lights. 

In the early stages, cannabis plants need 24 hours of light. Using a grow tent will help reflect light to the lower parts and from the sides. 


Ventilation is another factor that’s critical when setting up a grow room. Ventilation brings in fresh air, reduces the chances of mold or mildew build-up, and reduces the heat or humidity if needed. 

Climate control

The climate of your indoor grow room affects the success of the harvest—most marijuana plants like a consistent, warm, and humid environment. 

You need a thermometer and a hygrometer as indoor grow room supplies. 

When it’s too hot or humid, use the ventilation system to adjust the cannabis temperature, and moisture in the indoor grow room. When it’s too cold or dry, use a space heater and humidifier.  

Full room setup

A complete indoor grow room should be left for advanced growers or those who want to cultivate many plants. You’ll have to consider all of the factors on a larger scale, which can be challenging to achieve, and costly. 

Cleaning the grow room or grow area

Marijuana plants are very receptive to pathogens and pests. If anything gets into an indoor grow space, you can lose all of your cannabis crops in just a few days. 

Sanitizing tools, counters, and other supplies are a must when using a DIY grow room. Also, you need to check on your plants every day and look for signs of mold, mildew, fungus, or pests. 

Building an indoor grow room

Now you’ve got the supplies and everything is sanitized, you’re ready to start building a grow room. Where do you start? 

Indoor Grow Room

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to make a grow room

  1. Clear out anything you don’t need for your indoor grow room. 
  2. Sanitize the walls, floor, door handles, and any other surface in the space. 
  3. Use an extension cord with multiple outlets to install lighting. The extra length and outsets give you the freedom to move the lights and add more when plants get bigger. 
  4. Set up a ventilation system or fans. 
  5. Set up the grow tent and place lighting inside with access to the ventilation system. 
  6. Place the thermometer and hygrometer inside the grow tent to take the levels of the indoor grow room. Adjust accordingly.
  7. Use wet paper towels and the best indoor strain cannabis seeds to start germination. 
  8. Have containers with soil, water, and nutrients in your indoor grow room during the growing process. 

FAQ related to indoor grow room

Do you still have questions on how to set up a grow room? We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked ones about indoor grow room setups. 

How to set up an indoor grow room?

A DIY grow room takes some time and effort to set up, but it’s not too hard when it’s small. First, you need a location for your indoor grow room.

Next, you can buy your indoor grow room supplies, and sanitize them. Then, build a grow room with the correct climate, and you’re good to go. 

Should I use a grow tent in my grow room?

We recommend using a grow tent when you build a grow room. 

A grow tent helps condense the side of your indoor grow room. The reduced space enables you to control the climate, and it has in-built features to help marijuana plants grow, like reflection, insulation, and ventilation. 

Which grow lights should I use?

If you’re a novice grower and looking to test out cultivating one plant, you can get away with using cheap LED lights with 200W or more from your house. 

We recommend investing in full-spectrum LED grow lights or high-intensity discharge (HID) lights when you want to take your DIY grow room to the next level. 

Is a reflector needed in a grow room?

Reflectors are an excellent investment for indoor grow rooms. First, they help to reduce lost energy because the unused light gets reflected and sent back to the plant instead of absorbing into the floor or walls. 

Secondly, they help the lower parts and side of the cannabis plant get light without buying lights for all sides. That way, all angles get a sufficient amount, which increases the health and potency of the weed plant. 

Final Points on setting up a grow room

Preparing, designing, and setting up a quality indoor grow room will result in a potent, healthy, and beautiful marijuana harvest.

Depending on your level and the number of plants you want to grow, you can make a cheap indoor grow setup for under $100 or an advanced one for over $1,000. 

When building a grow room, remember to find a good location, buy the correct supplies, keep the area clean, construct a functional indoor grow room using our procedure, and get growing. 

What are you waiting for? Buy your indoor grow room supplies and cannabis seeds now! You’ll begin cultivating within just a few days, and in a few weeks, you’ll have a huge yield of high-quality cannabis.