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CBD for your Dog

May 26, 2020

Canines and CBD

Much confusion reigns among dog owners as to the advisability and efficacy of the use of canine cannabinoid (CBD) products with their dogs. The wide-spread availability of CBD products for canines is a relatively new phenomenon. Unfortunately, there is a lack of accurate information in the public sphere about how to use them. States with legal dispensaries have employees who receive ongoing education regarding new products, recommendations, and recent studies. States without legal dispensaries have the Internet, where not all information is accurate.

Some people tend to view CBD with suspicion. They do this because there is a strong association in the general public between cannabinoids in general and one cannabinoid in particular, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the cannabinoid that has psychoactive properties, and which makes people feel euphoric. Dog owners are hesitant to use CBD substances with their dogs because they think they might have mind-altering properties, but they need not worry. The type of agricultural hemp from which CBDs derive is not the same cannabis strain as the marijuana plant that is cultivated expressly for THC.

CBD supports the canine endocannabinoid system, which itself helps to promote canine brain, bone, brain, and nervous system health. When the endocannabinoid system is maintained correctly, the dog enjoys improved emotional and mental well-being. The more that CBDs are studied, the more apparent it becomes that these are essential compounds to the maintenance of optimal health in all creatures equipped with an endocannabinoid receiver system, including dogs.

First Things First

First, one must understand that the study of CBD use in canines is currently still in its infancy. CBD usage in dogs is a topic that every dog owner will wish to watch over time as legalization gradually becomes nationwide, as additional studies occur, and as more and more accurate information becomes readily available. Although the research into the therapeutic and prophylactic use of CBD in dogs comprises a new field of study, its results are promising.

The primary question is not whether CBD is helpful to canines, but rather, how many are the ways that it assists them in living the fullest possible life? The humble hemp plant has more than a hundred cannabinoids, many of which have yet to be studied. Amazing discoveries are undoubtedly waiting, already on the horizon. The beneficial relationship between dogs and CBD is a field of study that will continue to draw researchers for many years to come.

Second, there seems to be little doubt as to the advisability of the use of CBD products when conditions they are known to alleviate are present. Like other mammals, dogs come with an endocannabinoid system embedded in their nervous and immune systems. This system of receptors bonds at the molecular level with the various hemp cannabinoids. It is an interaction that produces a variety of therapeutic results, depending upon what complaints happen to be present. CBD has few adverse effects.

Third, product quality matters. Because the industry is still forming, there is not as much regulation as some consumers would like. Therefore, it is imperative to seek providers that stand behind their products and whose products are independently laboratory tested for purity and CBD percentage. These services cost money, which is one reason people should not make price the primary consideration. Read reviews and connect on the Internet with like-minded dog owners for anecdotal advice, recommendations, and to hear success stories. Once you locate a useful product, you want to know that the product’s consistency will stay the same from package to package.

Our quality-driven online seedbank prioritizes access to CBD-rich medical strains and carry the following options in stock if you ever to wish to grow your own cannabis.

If you want to try a strain that require less experience and is smaller and easy to manage, consider one of our high-CDB autoflowering options:

This is completely safe and legal in all states, and your crop of high-cbd strain cannabis can be extracted into a tincture or oil product that can then be given to your pet.

Finally, do not rush to judgment when determining a CBD product’s efficacy. Give it the time it needs to work. Allow the dog the time to assimilate and adjust. Most CBD products take a minimum of 30 minutes to take effect. It may take several days for the maximum effect to take place. If you feel that one product fails to give you the results you desire, do not assume CBD does not work for your dog. Instead, try another brand or perhaps another CBD product, for your dog’s sake. Double-check that the dosage is correct for the dog’s weight and health complaint.

What Can CBD Do for My Dog?

CBD improves the lives of dogs in many of the same ways it does for people. CBD is soothing to much of what ails a dog. For starters, it retards inflammation. This action saves a dog’s body from unnecessary wear and tear and prevents it from developing a variety of inflammatory health problems, such as heart disease. CBD works seamlessly with the canine autoimmune system. CBD provides effective relief of many chronic canine skin allergies, often when all pharmaceutical options are exhausted.

CBD promotes canine neurological health. It likewise eases canine anxieties, causing it to have a beneficial effect on behavior. Dogs apt to become upset when thunderstorms approach or when the barometric pressure drops show far less distress when their owner gives them CBD. The same is true of social anxieties, such as trips to the vet, separation anxiety, seasonal fireworks, and various other fears and phobias. CBD makes a useful training aid when the goal is a calm dog within a particular circumstance.

One of the primary reasons dog owners become interested in CBD for their dogs is for pain relief. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many safe pain relievers available for dogs as there are for humans. CBD fills a necessary niche for the millions of owners who have rescued dogs or purchased them from puppy mills only to discover they had inherent structural health problems later on, issues that create considerable discomfort for the animal. Conditions such as hip and shoulder dysplasia are genetically inherited and cause the animal to be in a state of chronic pain. CBD safely alleviates much of the pain that both these and elderly dogs experience.

CBD alleviates and makes manageable the symptoms of a host of health disorders. These include anxiety, depression, seizures, diabetes, cancer metastasis, tumors, nausea, lack of appetite, joint pain, and muscular tension. Also, CBD aids in the recovery of a multitude of degenerative nervous system disorders.

Canine CBD Formulations

Having decided to give CBD a try, a dog owner must determine how they will deliver the CBD to their dog. The primary options include tinctures, infusions with oil, and edibles. Some ambitious owners purchase specific CBD rich strains of hemp and decarboxylate it themselves at home, and then making CBD infused butter for their homemade medicinal dog treat recipes. There is no tried and true method of ascertaining CBD content for homemade treats, however.

While dog owners should always double-check with a veterinarian for specific dosing instructions, CBD at 0.2mg/lb. is considered a safe middle-of-the-road starting dose for most dogs. This amount may be adjusted up or down as the concern and your animal care practitioner dictate. Start on the low side and work up as needed, giving the dog the chance to acclimate. There should be a visible improvement in the dog’s behavior and temperment.

When initially establishing the correct dosage, it is helpful to be working with a tincture or CBD oil, as these methods of delivery are the most precise and allow one to be very precise. Some dog owners drop the oil directly into their dog’s mouth while others add it to their food or enclose it within a special treat. After establishing the appropriate dosage, the dog owner may wish to switch to a commercial CBD treat-based option for ease of maintenance.


There are few potential side-effects to worry about when using CBD for canine illness and symptoms so long as one starts slowly with a quality product. Some dog owners find that CBD makes their dogs tired and lethargic, but this is not the norm. The AKC website lists drowsiness, dry mouth, and a slight drop in blood pressure as side-effects of CBD. Always make sure that your dog receives CBD and not THC. Dogs cannot appreciate an altered state of consciousness.

Compared to the many and sometimes severe side-effects that accompany pharmaceutical drugs, it is no wonder that so many dog owners have turned to all-natural CBD products for their beloved companions. Perhaps the most significant concern of which to be aware is the danger of overdosing should the dog accidentally gain access to a whole package of CBD edibles. Should this occur, call your veterinarian or a poison control center for advice.

Many people consider their dogs to be as important to them as any other member of their family. Their lives are short when compared to those of humans, and therefore it is vital to their owners to meet as many of their dog’s needs as possible. CBD products are a powerful tool when it comes to providing these lifetime companions with a sense of comfort and ease and physical and mental well-being. Help your dog to get the most out of life. Join the many dog owners around the world who have discovered CBD to be an essential key to their companion’s well-being.

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