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marijuana for pain

Marijuana for pain: everything you need to know about it

Using marijuana for pain relief is slowly overcoming the social stigma it had for the past few decades. The federal government and the FDA haven’t approved any pain medication based on cannabis yet, but the evidence of its many benefits are piling up. 

The baby steps taken by an ever-growing industry became apparent when many companies started to sell THC oil for pain. Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of people using cannabis for pain, which isn’t surprising considering the rising costs of medication and strict insurance plans.

Using marijuana for nerve pain isn’t something most doctors would recommend, but there’s anecdotal evidence that it works. When you consider that chronic pain is the leading cause of disabilities across the country, it makes sense to find alternatives when regular medication fails.

Let’s take a closer look at using weed for pain. 

How medical marijuana affects pain

Let’s break down some science to understand how marijuana and pain relief relate to one another. 

Your body has a set of cannabinoid receptors named CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are all over your body, especially in your brain. CB2 receptors are in your immune and gastrointestinal systems. 

marijuana for pain

When you consume cannabis for pain, both sets of receptors activate, releasing the weed effect all over your body. CB1 receptors contradict the primary effect of the neuronal process that causes pain. CB2 receptors suppress nerve growth and inflammation, making the pain disappear. 

The science behind how weed works in your body is still not fully understood. From cannabis studies, we do know both receptors work closely with a set of endocannabinoids generated by your system to make the whole process run smoothly. 

Understanding chronic pain

Among the people searching for cannabis for pain management, you’ll find two specific affected types. The first group deals with nociceptive pain. This pain relates to damaged tissues such as the one found in your skin, cartilages, ligaments, muscles, or even bones. 

The second group deals with neuropathic pain, which is difficult to deal with. This type of pain is caused by damage to the nervous system. People with neuropathic conditions use marijuana as a painkiller to aid their constant discomfort.

How does cannabis treat pain?

While there are no magical cannabis pills for pain, you can consume medical marijuana by smoking it, taking edibles, or a variety of other methods. 

Cannabis treats pain with the THC content present in all strains. This chemical substance interacts with your body, activating the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your system. Once these receptors help your body metabolize THC, you’ll get the feeling of relief you’re looking for. 

You’ll also reap the benefits of the CBD content that combats pain. CBD deals with inflammation by blocking inflammatory mediators and activating macrophage repair cells in your body.

marijuana for pain

How to use marijuana for pain?

Before hunting for the best medical marijuana for pain, you need to learn how to use it. Smoking weed is common, but you can also vape it, apply topical ointments, and consume edibles. 

Best edibles for pain

When it comes to marijuana, the best edibles for pain are a matter of personal choice for the user. You’ll find brownies, cookies, gummies, lollipops, granola bars, and even cakes made of weed. It’s up to you which one you prefer the taste of.

Smokeables versus edibles: which are most effective?

Your body needs to metabolize THC to help you out with pain. Does weed help with pain instantly? It does when you smoke it. 

Edibles are trickier and can take one to three hours to feel the effects. The high lasts longer, though.

Which one’s best? It all comes down to your preferences or the intensity of the pain you’re experiencing. If you consider cannabis for back pain, it’s better to have a toke off a joint to get fast effects. If you can hold out a little more, we suggest an edible. 

Indica vs sativa for pain

In the short history of medical marijuana, there’s minimal research available on the difference between sativa or indica for pain treatment. The only official document we have is a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine back in 2014. 

The study indicated that out of a sample of 95 participants, the vast majority of them preferred indica strains to alleviate pain. Sativa strains were the first choice of people suffering from diverse mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 

These results also seem to agree with our testing of different strains and what the general weed-consuming community believes. 

Benefits of using marijuana for pain relief

There are many benefits when you compare medical marijuana versus prescription drugs. The THC and CBD in your marijuana for pain control have anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat arthritis or muscular pain ailments. THC also has glycine receptors that help with pain at a spinal level.

The use of marijuana for pain relief is also fantastic when you face neuropathic pain due to more severe diseases or injuries. Many types of cancer leave a trace of pain that doesn’t go away after remission. AIDS and fibromyalgia patients also benefit from weed.  

Other benefits you can get from marijuana are:

  • A natural medicine
  • The possibility of growing the strain that suits you
  • Minimize the side effects of invasive treatments for serious conditions
  • Replacing prescription painkillers

Best marijuana strains for treating pain

You’ll find plenty of strains when it comes to marijuana for pain relief. Here are our top picks. 

marijuana for pain

Granddaddy Purple

One of the best pain management marijuana strains out there. The cerebral high makes you feel super relaxed. You feel like you’re walking on fuzzy, warm clouds. Forget about any ailments with this one, and get ready to chill..

  • THC: 15–18%
  • CBD: 0.5–1%
  • Yields: 18oz/m² indoors, 21oz per plant outdoors

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Bubba Kush

The earthy undertones and dank smell of this weed hide one of the best strains for nerve pain. Bubba Kush is considered by many the ultimate analgesic. 

  • THC: 14–19%
  • CBD: 2.48%
  • Yields: 7oz/m² indoors, 7oz per plant outdoors

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Wedding Cake

A prized strain, known for being one of the most outstanding cannabis for pain relief. The profoundly relaxed high you get after a single toke is followed by total sedation and an overwhelming feeling of numbness. It’s the ideal weed to forget about any physical pain for a while.

  • THC: 17–23%
  • CBD: 0.5–1%
  • Yields: 18oz/m² indoors, 19oz per plant outdoors

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A single toke of AK-47 weed for pain, and you’ll be feeling the effects almost immediately. The rush of euphoria fires up from the back of your head and dives down to the bottom of your feet. The progressive feeling of relaxation washes away tension and leaves you free of pain.

  • THC: 14–18%
  • CBD: 05–1%
  • Yields: 19oz/m² indoors, 35oz per plant outdoors

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Do you need a unique boost that makes the pain go away and makes you happy? 

Harlequin—high in CBD—is the perfect weed for pain. Not only do you get to increase your productivity, but you also get to feel your hurt and stress melt away.

  • THC: 3–6%
  • CBD: 6–8.5%
  • Yields: 21oz/m² indoors, 21oz per plant outdoors

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FAQ related to marijuana for pain

Does THC help with pain?

Yes, it does. It’s not uncommon to find THC oil for pain treatment these days.

Does weed help with pain?

Many users claim that it does. Science hasn’t yet scratched even the surface when it comes to the overall benefits of consuming weed and the relation between cannabis and pain. 

What cannabinoids help with pain?

There are two main synthetic cannabinoids you can find to use cannabis for pain—Dronabinol and Nabilone. Dronabinol is used primarily to treat cancer patients. Nabilone is mostly used to treat secondary effects of cancer treatments such as nausea and vomits.

What strain of CBD is best for pain?

The Harlequin strain has the highest CBD count in the USA, with levels reaching 8.5%, making it the perfect marijuana for chronic pain. It’s known for being incredibly uplifting and makes pain disappear in a matter of moments. 

Is CBD a painkiller?

There’s still so much to learn about CBD and its properties as a painkiller. The first studies we found affirm that CBD does indeed have powerful pain-relieving effects in animals. It’s unknown how much it affects the human system; however, a huge number of consumers will contest that it does.

Smoke the pain away with weed 

Using marijuana for pain is going mainstream, whether the medical industry likes it or not. The slow pace of legislation is finally catching up as more states relax their norms surrounding cannabis regulation. The evidence showing the benefits of marijuana is understood worldwide.

You can take action right now if you’re in pain. Buy a pack of seeds from the i49 website, get your setup ready, and start growing weed. If you need some insight from our experts, make sure to check our blog.