How to Identify Cannabis Growing Problems and Fix Them

Knowing how to identify cannabis growing problems and how to fix them should a prerequisite to successful growing of weed. Without this vital knowledge, all your attempts to grow weed the right way will be futile and you will never reap the benefits and the pleasure of growing your own weed. To help you get a grip on your marijuana growing, below are some of the problem categories you are likely to encounter and how you can fix them in good time:

Cannabis Growing: Nutrient problems

A deficiency in any of the essential nutrients is sufficient to sign the death sentence for the plant. The good news, however, is that most of the deficiency can be detected in good time and the lacking nutrient added before it hurts the growth of the plant. Here are some of the common nutrient deficiencies:

  • Boron deficiency – to detect boron deficiency, you will notice slow growth on the upper most parts of the leaves. Boron deficiency is mostly caused by low soil pH or over-fertilizing the plant. Simply ensure that these don’t happen and you won’t have to worry about boron deficiency.
  • Copper deficiency – a sign of copper deficiency is when then plant start cropping up on the younger leaves. The leaves then become discolored on the margins and the tips. Curling may also happen in some instances. To fix this deficiency, flush out everything using pH balanced water that contains all the necessary nutrients.
  • Iron Deficiency – to detect iron deficiency, the leaves of the plant will lack chlorophyll and this will make it lose the normal green coloration. To correct this, it is recommended to use an all-round nutrient provider such as the Marijuana Booster.

Cannabis Growing: Environmental stresses

Sometimes marijuana may be affected due to certain factors happening around in the environment under which it is grown. Here are some of the common environmental stresses to watch out for:

  • Heat stress – the temperature under which marijuana is grown is very important, and this is especially vital if you will be growing the plant indoors. The correct amount of heat is necessary to allow the plant carry on with its natural processes like photosynthesis and to ensure that there is enough uptakes of nutrients. Too much or too little heat will cause stress on the plants and a good indication for this will be withering leaves. Check on the strain planted to know the ideal heat conditions for optimal growth.
  • Airy and lose buds – when your marijuana is suffering from this problem, you will easily notice the buds as appearing airy and flaccid. The buds will not mature in the right manner and there is the likelihood of them falling off before maturity, leading to the loss of leaves. Once this problem happens, there is no fixing hence the only solution is to stop it from happening. There are quite a number of ways to prevent this and they include-: choosing a good strain, growing the marijuana under the right conditions of light and temperature, ensuring the growth medium has all the necessary nutrients, ensuring proper ventilation and humidity and timing the harvesting correctly.

You should also watch out for marijuana diseases, pests and bugs which can potentially destroy the plants and stop you from having a good harvest.

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