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Banana Pie Strain

Banana Pie strain review

The Banana Pie strain is a sweet fruity hybrid that’s as enticing as its name. The cannabis variant is pretty rare, and its effects are delightful. When those on the 420 scene discuss this cannabis variant, they usually refer to one of two options.  

There isn’t an official consensus regarding which of the two varieties is the authentic one. In this Banana Pie strain review, we’ll concentrate on the option resulting from crossing Cherry Pie weed strain and Banana Kush.

Below we’ll highlight the main effects, cultivation information, and several health benefits of this strain. Let’s get started!

Banana Pie strain

The Banana Pie strain is quite hard to come by and even experienced tokers hold conflicting information regarding this indica dominant hybrid. Let’s check out the strain profile of this hybrid banana weed.

Banana Pie Strain Info

Banana Pie effects

The Banana Pie strain induces a light, relaxing cerebral buzz, but it takes a few minutes before the effects hit. Once you feel the brain buzz, the next part of the experience is usually euphoric positivity and a pleasant mood. 

In some instances, the Banana Pie brings about creative motivation for low-energy projects like painting.

The cannabis variant is also known as an uplifting, social strain. After a couple of puffs, you’ll become somewhat bubbly and even feel giggly. If you’re looking for inspiration for an artistic task, enjoying a toke or two of the Banana Pie strain may set you on the right track.

The strain also calms and eases both the mind and body without making you feel heavy or glued to the sofa.

Medical users also report multiple health benefits from this variant. It could assist with the following conditions:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Lost appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression

Banana Pie flavors

The Banana pie strain is a rare delectable treat for the senses. If the aroma doesn’t draw you in, the taste definitely will. The fragrance is fruity, with distinct cherry and banana. These overpower the subtle notes of nuttiness and earth. 

When you crush these nugs, the smells intensify, making you slightly impatient to taste them. These fruits are the sugary flavors you first detect on the inhale, but once the smoke escapes your lips, you can taste spice and nuts as well

The flavors are light on the taste buds, and every toke leaves you wanting just a little more. After your final puff, there’s a sweet banana aftertaste to remind you of the fruity dessert-inspired weed. 

Banana Pie grow information

The Banana Pie strain is so rare that many on the 420 scene believe it’s a clone-only strain. The buds are bright, almost neon green, with dark orange hairs. Each nug is also fluffy and covered in a generous layer of crystal trichomes. 

If you manage to get your hands on Banana Pie seeds, cultivation is pretty straightforward but still suited to those with a bit of experience. 

Banana Pie strain crops develop well in both indoor and outdoor environments, but the expected yield amount fluctuates.

A warm temperate climate is best for outdoor growing, and the region shouldn’t be too humid. Keep an eye out for spider mites and other pests that may enjoy feasting on your Banana Pie foliage. 

You can take preventive measures like regularly pruning your plants or giving them supplements. Using a plant protectant is another excellent option for shielding your weed against unwelcome creepy crawlies. 

If you choose to cultivate the Banana Pie strain indoors, be sure to keep the humidity range between 40–60%. The ideal temperature for growing this hybrid banana crop is between 65–80℉.

To minimize your risk of pathogens, we recommend using organic soil and watering your plants moderately. Excessive moisture may attract mold hyphae and even cause root rot. 

Be sure to expose the weed to adequate sunlight, and check that there’s a healthy airflow in your grow area. 

The Banana Pie plants take 8–10 weeks to flower.

Banana Pie genetics

The lineage of the Banana Pie strain is complicated. Some users claim that the strain results from crossing the Cherry Pie weed strain with Banana Kush, while others insist that Key Lime and Banana OG are responsible for the hybrid. 

Our observations refer to the former option, a cross between Banana Kush and Cherry Pie. Other strains that stake a claim in this cannabis variant’s history include:

  • Durban Poison (Landrace strain)
  • Ghost OG 
  • Skunk Haze
  • Granddaddy Purple

Banana Pie seeds to buy near you

If, after reading this Banana Pie strain review, you’re itching to grow weed, check out our i49 seed store. We’ve got a wide selection of strains to choose from, and most come in three options—feminized, regular, and autoflower. 

Currently, we don’t have stock of this rare hybrid, but you might consider cultivating one of the Banana Pie parents in the meantime. A great option is Auto Banana Kush Fem seeds, which doesn’t require specific light cycles. 

Alternatively, you can try your hand at Cherry Pie Fem seeds, which takes 8–10 weeks to flower. 

Last bite

The Banana Pie strain is a sweet indica dominant weed with fruity flavors and a tempting aroma. It’s a great introductory weed strain, but veteran smokers also enjoy the light euphoric effects it induces.

Cultivation isn’t too difficult in the proper environmental conditions, and the main challenge for growers is finding Banana Pie cannabis seeds.
If you’re still searching for these rare beans, we suggest improving your cultivation skills by visiting our seed store and growing a similar variant. That way, you’ll have the necessary experience when you finally get to cultivate the Banana Pie strain.

AUTHORED BY: Patricia Freitas

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