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Blackwater Strain

Blackwater strain review

While it may sound like a shady government conspiracy, the Blackwater strain is far less dubious, offering superior relaxing capabilities. This indica-dominant hybrid comes from two of the best cultivars from the West Coast, boasting THC levels up to 20%.

Join us in this Blackwater review as we dive into this cultivar’s tantalizing flavors and calming effects. Discover everything you need to know about this indica’s genetics and history, where to buy weed seeds and how to grow them at home.  

Blackwater (aka Blackwater OG)

While some refer to it as the Blackwater OG strain, most know it simply as Blackwater. It’s become a hit amongst recreational and medicinal users alike thanks to its ability to soothe the body and mind.

The Blackwater weed strain flies its indica flag with pride, winning third place in its category at the LA cannabis cup in 2014. This cultivar produces incredibly sticky buds that display dark green and purples hues and a thick trichome blanket

To fully appreciate this relaxing cultivar and decide whether it’s the right option for you, we’ve listed the most pertinent Blackwater strain info in an easy-to-digest list.

Blackwater Strain Info

Blackwater effects

Although the THC percentage of Blackwater marijuana is high, its effects tend to creep up on you. After consuming this cultivar, you’ll feel a gentle, calming sensation spreading throughout your body.

You’ll start to notice a slight visual distortion, creating an almost dream-like perception. Then, after a few minutes, the body stone intensifies, encouraging you to find a peaceful spot to sit and enjoy the moment. 

Soon, the mental cloudiness created by the Blackwater strain begins to weigh heavily on your eyelids, allowing you to slip into dreamland easily. For this reason, we suggest keeping this soothing cultivar for evenings or relaxed days

The Blackwater strain also provides healing benefits to medicinal users. For example, it’s shown to help those with pain, a loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Blackwater flavors

There’s no doubt that the Blackwater marijuana strain has visually appealing buds. However, when you crack its sticky flowers open, your senses are taken on a journey of sweet aromas and flavors

The air quickly becomes saturated with an earthy aroma with hints of grape. You may want to think twice before lighting the Blackwater strain up if you plan on a discreet session, as its fragrance isn’t easy to hide.

Inhaling the smooth smoke of Blackwater weed releases a deliciously sweet berry tang that’ll excite your taste buds. You should also pick up a slightly sour lemon and pine flavor in the background, balancing out the taste.

Blackwater grow information

The Blackwater strain grows in both indoor and outdoor environments. It also holds a natural resistance to mold and mildew, making it a pleasure to cultivate, even for those new to growing marijuana.

We recommend planting your Blackwater strain seeds in a grow tent to enhance the bud’s flavor profile and avoid pests. You’ll want to maintain a temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and use organic fertilizer to keep your crops healthy and strong.

If you plan on raising the Blackwater cannabis strain outdoors, you’ll need to find a location with a warm, semi-humid climate. These weed seeds have a flowering time between eight and ten weeks, so you’ll want to plant them in April

By early October, you can begin harvesting your Blackwater weed and expect around 19 ounces per plant. In comparison, an indoor growing environment produces 16 ounces per square meter.

Blackwater genetics

The Blackwater strain owes its creation to two popular Californian cultivars. Breeders crossed Mendocino Purple with the iconic San Fernando Valley OG Kush. The result saw an incredibly relaxing cannabis type containing 70% indica and 30% sativa genes.

Blackwater seeds to buy near you

A few years ago, you would need to get your hands on some clones if you hoped to cultivate the Blackwater strain. These days, you can find a batch of these cannabis seeds at licensed dispensaries throughout the West Coast, as well as online seed banks.

Like most marijuana cultivars, Blackwater strain seeds come in three different versions, each with unique traits. These are:  

  • Blackwater regular seeds: Until we have a batch of these marijuana seeds, consider purchasing a pack of Grandaddy Purple regular seeds. This version contains a mixture of males and females, making it the perfect option for breeders hunting for quality indica genes.
  • Blackwater feminized seeds: If it’s favorable yields you’re after, purchase a pack of San Fernando Valley feminized seeds. Not only will you get a 99% germination rate, but also a glimpse into the genetics of the Blackwater strain. 
  • Blackwater autoflower seeds: Time is the most valuable resource we have, so why waste it? Buy your batch of auto Purple Kush seeds and watch your weed plants produce a succulent harvest in record time.

Float away on relaxing waters

The Blackwater strain manages to induce a laid-back sensation that washes away any tension and stress in your body. This West Coast cultivar takes your taste buds on a soothing ride, filling your mouth with the taste of sweet berries and lemon, perfect for ending off a long day.

If you’d like to try out similar relaxing cultivars, purchase a pack of Maple Leaf feminized seeds. This cannabis variety offers slightly more mental clarity than Blackwater weed, as well as a strong citrus flavor with hints of lemon and vanilla.

AUTHORED BY: Patricia Freitas

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