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Blue Diesel Strain

Blue Diesel strain review

Under inspection today is the illustrious Blue Diesel. Blue Diesel strain is a cross between Blueberry and NYC Diesel. The distinctive qualities of this strain’s parents combine to create a curiously unique hybrid strain

Blue Diesel strain is an approximately 60/40 indica dominant strain. Smokers agree that this Blue Diesel weed hits upfront with solid sativa like effects and ends up with indica follow-through. 

You will feel supremely uplifted and energized by smoking this strain. After soaring through the clouds, the indica effects will gently guide you back to earth, like a leaf on the wind.

If this sounds like your kind of experience, stick around. You’ll learn all about this cultivar as we break down the essential details. Keep reading to find out more about this Blue Diesel strain’s THC levels, effects, genetic profile, growing information, and more. This blue city diesel strain will definitely get your engine running.

Blue Diesel (aka New Blue Diesel / Blue City Diesel)

Not to be confused with Blueberry Diesel or BG Diesel strains, Blue Diesel emerged on the west coast and is also known as New Blue Diesel or Blue City Diesel. You can find a breakdown of this strain’s information below.

Blue Diesel Strain Info

Blue Diesel Strain effects

The effects of this Blue Diesel strain make it an excellent choice for daytime smoking. Even though this strain is indica dominant, the initial sensation is cerebral and uplifting. Enveloping you in a cloud of Blue Diesel smoke, this heady hybrid will make you feel elevated and energetic

The initial sativa like sensation tapers off after some hours, and the indica qualities of Blue Diesel then gently take over. You will experience a feeling of physical serenity without the common paralytic effects of other indica strains.

The energizing qualities of this Blue Diesel marijuana make for a strain that’s fantastic for entering a flow state. Smoking this weed allows you to focus your attention intently and become entirely immersed in your chosen activity. 

This Blue Diesel strain also boasts various medicinal effects. Its mood-enhancing qualities have been known to help treat depression, anxiety, and paranoia. Users with strict dietary regimes can smoke this strain without worry as Blue Diesel weed does not severely increase your appetite

Blue Diesel Strain flavors

Casting your eye across the buds from this blue city diesel strain is a joy. Blue Diesel weed produces dense, crystal-covered lime green and bluish-purple nuggets laced with fiery orange pistils. Breaking open a bud reveals countless undisturbed resinous trichomes. 

The buds emit a potent, diesel aroma shot through with hints of berries and candy-like sweetness. This blue city strain is a feast for the senses and tastes just as good as it looks and smells.

When it comes to taste and flavor, this strain is perfectly named. The same elements found in the smell are present in the flavor. The velvety blue smoke issuing from this strain betrays its parentage. You get that famous diesel fuel taste, but the sourness is balanced with a distinctly sweet berry flavor.

Blue Diesel Strain grow information 

Growers will take great pleasure in cultivating these beautiful plants. This cultivar doesn’t require a degree in horticulture and will produce bountiful yields under ideal conditions. Blue Diesel strain grows well both indoors and out. If you can provide a consistent environment, the plants will thrive.

When grown outdoors, this strain responds well to a warm and sunny climate. In the right conditions, these plants can easily reach up to six feet. Growers should aim to harvest in September or early October. Outside yields from this strain can be immensely generous. Some growers report up to twenty-one ounces per square meter.

When grown inside, yield and plant size may be a little on the lower side. However, a properly cared for indoor setup can still yield a respectable amount of Blue Diesel weed. With sufficient light, consistent temperature, and adequate nutrition, growers can harvest up to eighteen ounces per square meter.

The flowering time for this strain is between seven and nine weeks. Try going the whole nine weeks to maximize your THC levels and yield. We also recommend using an organic fertilizer. The flowertime fertilizer in our Organic cannabis nutrients pack will have those beautiful blue-green buds ready to burst by harvest time.

Blue Diesel Strains genetics

This Blue Diesel strain has an impressive genetic profile. A hybrid of two strains which themselves are hybrids, NYC Diesel and Blueberry, is world-famous

NYC Diesel is a sativa dominant breed and the proud winner of several Cannabis Cup competitions. Blueberry is a heavily indica dominant blue weed strain that has been around since the 1970s and 80s. Blueberry is a three-way cross that was first bred by the elusive “Willy Wonka of pot” DJ Short.

You can examine the impressive lineage of this blue city diesel strain below.

Blue Diesel Strains seeds to buy near you 

Although we’re patiently waiting for our seed to arrive here, here are some excellent alternatives you can try until then. 

If you’re a confident grower looking for a similar cerebral high to Blue Diesel, give Cheese Diesel seeds a spin. These come feminized and ready to germinate. This strain has a slightly longer flowering time than Blue Diesel, but it packs a powerful punch.

Our Auto Lemon Haze is a perfect choice for indoor growing and for beginner cultivators. This zesty strain comes on slower than the Blue Diesel marijuana strain, but you’ll know when it does! Equally uplifting and energizing, these autoflower seeds can be grown year-round without worrying about light cycles and photoperiods.

Finally, we have another diesel strain you’re sure to love. The notorious Sour Diesel seeds is well known for its intense mind effects. However, just like the Blue Diesel weed strain, this hybrid will let you down gently with its subtle indica effects.

Start your engines

Hopefully, after reading, you’re just as excited as we are for this dankenstein Blue Diesel strain to arrive. We stock several diesel variants in our store, so take a look and see what’s on offer. If you want to keep it fruity, check out our Lemon Diesel Fem seeds. The Diesel variants are perennial favorites with smokers, and Blue Diesel is no exception. 

Blue Diesel’s unique characteristics make for a delightful and insightful smoking experience. The sweet taste and fruity aroma of this Blue Diesel smoke will have you coming back for just one more puff.

Easy to grow and maintain, Blue Diesel marijuana is a forgiving and generous mistress. Growing this strain is extremely rewarding on many levels. Visually striking flowers will infuse your grow room with a deliciously sweet smell of what’s to come. So when you take that first hit, remember not to bump your head on the way up, and enjoy the ride!

AUTHORED BY: Patricia Freitas

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