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Bubblegum Kush Strain

Bubblegum Kush strain review

If you’re a fan of irresistibly sweet candy flavors, then the Bubblegum Kush strain is for you. This indica-dominant hybrid offers you a soothing experience like no other, wrapping you in a comfortable blanket of relaxation before floating away to dreamland.

Come with us as we dive into a pool of pleasures and uncover the mysteries of the delicious Bubblegum Kush strain. You’ll find everything you need to establish whether this cultivar is suited to your lifestyle. Plus, you’ll learn how to grow these weed seeds at home.

Bubblegum Kush (aka Bubble Gum Kush)

The Bubblegum Kush strain has quickly gained popularity among recreational and medicinal users due to its relaxing capabilities. Whether you’re looking to release tension after a long day at work or take a break from your thoughts, this is the cultivar for you.

What’s more, the buds grown from Bubblegum Kush strain seeds are fantastic for those looking to make edibles. This cultivar offers high resin production, allowing you to infuse its tranquilizing capabilities with your favorite recipes.

To decide whether this cultivar is suitable for you or not, we’ve put together an easily digestible list of the most important Bubblegum Kush info available.

Bubblegum Kush Strain Info

Bubblegum Kush effects

The Bubblegum Kush strain is best described as a creeper, taking a few minutes before you begin feeling any of its effects. You’ll first notice a warm, buzzing sensation rise through your body and into your head. Soon a mild euphoria sets in, bringing a smile to your face.

As the cerebral buzz increases, you’ll notice your mood significantly improve. The Bubblegum Kush strain tends to encourage the urge to laugh and giggle, even at the most mundane topics.

After a while, the giddy sensation fades away, making room for this cultivar’s main act. The Bubblegum Kush strain induces a powerful feeling of relaxation, helping your body release any tension and stress held in your muscles.

Although Bubblegum Kush weed contains a high level of THC, it won’t make you feel lazy. Instead, the body stone allows you to sit in peace, enjoying a good book or film. Eventually, you might feel your eyelids become heavy, so keep this cultivar for evenings and lazy days.

Bubblegum Kush flavors

With an obvious title, it’s not hard to imagine what flavors emanate from the Bubblegum Kush strain. The first thing you’ll pick up after cracking open its dense buds is the powerful aroma of sweet fruity candy. You may also notice a hint of lemon in the background.

The delicious fragrance transforms as soon as you inhale the Bubblegum Kush strain. Interestingly, the taste of candy is milder than the initial aroma, making it easier to smoke. As you release it from your lungs, you’ll notice a citrus tang that lingers on your tongue.

Bubblegum Kush grow information

One of the best features of the Bubblegum Kush strain is how easy it is to grow. It’s a brilliant option for beginner cultivators as it exposes them to many of the techniques required to raise more challenging options.

You can grow a batch of Bubblegum Kush seeds indoors or outside and still expect amazing results. Whichever method you choose, make sure to apply a quality plant protectant to avoid any issues like mold and mildew.

If you decide to cultivate your Bubblegum Kush strain seeds indoors, you’ll need to keep the temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend growing your cannabis seeds in hydroponics as this increases the flower’s sweet flavor and fragrance.

You should also consider using the Sea of Green method to maximize the yield of your plants. The Bubblegum Kush strain doesn’t grow very tall but instead expands laterally. You’ll need to regularly trim the lower fan leaves to help with ventilation.

We also recommend erecting a support structure for each plant when it starts to flower. The Bubblegum Kush strain produces heavy buds that can sometimes break the branches and injure your crops.

For healthy outdoor plants, you’ll need to find a location that receives plenty of sunshine and experiences a Mediterranean climate. You should start sowing your Bubblegum Kush seeds in April if you live in the northern hemisphere.

The Bubblegum Kush strain has a flowering time of between eight and ten weeks. Therefore, you can expect a yield of around 30 ounces per plant by October. In comparison, an indoor crop will produce a harvest weighing around 26 ounces per square meter.

Bubblegum Kush genetics

The Bubblegum Kush strain contains some truly legendary genetics. This sweet cultivar comes straight out of Amsterdam, meaning you can expect nothing but quality. Breeders crossed a tantalizing cannabis type called Bubblegum with the iconic OG Kush strain.

The result was an indica-heavy hybrid with only 20% sativa genes, taking the best traits from each parent. Depending on the growing environment, you can expect your Bubblegum Kush strain to contain between 14% and 24% THC.

Bubblegum Kush seeds to buy near you

If our Bubblegum Kush strain review has piqued your interest, consider buying a batch of weed seeds for yourself. Although we don’t offer this cultivar at this time, you’re sure to see it become available soon.

You’ll typically find three versions of this cultivar available for purchase. These are:

  • Bubblegum Kush regular seeds: While you wait for this version, consider purchasing a pack of OG Kush regular seeds. You’ll get a mixture of male and female seeds that will put a smile on any enthusiastic breeder.
  • Bubblegum Kush feminized seeds: Learn more about this candy-like cultivar by growing a batch of its tasty parent. Bubblegum feminized seeds give you a similar taste and yield, as well as a calming sensation.
  • Bubblegum Kush autoflower seeds: If time is against you and you need your bud in a hurry, get yourself a batch of auto OG kush seeds. This version offers a faster flowering time at the expense of overall yield.

Float away in a relaxing bubble

The Bubblegum Kush strain is a fantastic option for those looking to enjoy their own company. It puts you in a good mood while helping your body relax and release any built-up stress. Plus, its candy flavors serve as a brilliant dessert option for those with a sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for an alternative option, why not treat yourself to a pack of G13 feminized seeds. This cultivar also offers a sweet flavor but with a fresh minty twist. It also promotes a relaxing body stone along with mental clarity.

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