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Chernobyl Strain

Chernobyl strain review

The Chernobyl weed strain also won the High Times weed strain of the year award back in 2010. If that’s not a sign to purchase this strain, we don’t know what is!

Join us in this Chernobyl strain review as we delve into the ins and outs of the Chernobyl strain, its benefits, and grow information.

Chernobyl (aka Trinoble Weed and the Holy Trinity)

The weed strain Chernobyl is widely sought after not only for its sweet citrus taste but for the potent high it provides, as one might assume by its name.

Is this strain what you’re looking for? Let’s find out! We’ve summarised essential Chernobyl strain info for you:

Chernobyl Strain Information

Chernobyl strain effects

Chernobyl strain leaves you feeling euphoric and energetic all at once. Then, as its name suggests, Chernobyl explodes in your mind like reactor number four and evacuates any stress you may be feeling.

Take your Chernobyl weed strain out on the town with you. Its fun high will skyrocket your desire to socialize. Another plus side of Chernobyl is that its effects last for well over three hours.

Chernobyl is perfect for medical marijuana users, as it provides an uplifting and refreshing feeling to the body.

The Chernobyl strain’s full-body effect leaves you with tingles all over and is ideal for patients who suffer from depression, attention disorders, bipolar, or stress. It also provides moderate relaxation, which can calm muscle tension, cramps, and mild pain.

In addition, smokers say that consuming this strain boosts your appetite, ideal for individuals suffering from eating disorders.

Be wary, however, as it does pack a punch. If you consume too much, it might cause paranoia (typically only in smokers with a THC sensitivity). Other adverse side effects include the usual dry mouth and eyes. Drink plenty of water, and use over-the-counter eye drops to help combat these symptoms.

Chernobyl strain flavors

The Chernobyl strain is a mixture of three mouth-watering strains; no wonder it’s praised for its robust and delicious taste. As you smoke Chernobyl, these top flavors explode on your palate:

  • As you inhale Chernobyl, a smooth smoke glides across your palette, delivering a rich refreshing lime and citrus flavor.
  • On the exhale, a sweet earthy flavor blankets the strong citrus taste, leaving an enjoyable natural taste in the mouth.

Chernobyl strain grow information

The Chernobyl strain has a medium-level growing difficulty, so we strongly recommend that you have at least a few grows under your belt before you try it. After planting, look forward to your baby growing between three and six feet tall within seven to nine weeks.

If you provide your Chernobyl plant with TLC and regular pruning, you can expect a high yield in return.

If you grow the weed strain Chernobyl in an indoor setup, you can expect a yield of 14 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, Chernobyl will deliver yields of 14 ounces per plant.

Chernobyl plants grow comfortably in a climate with temperatures ranging between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a cannabis cultivator, you need to ensure your plants receive high-quality nutrients. We recommend using our marijuana nutrients on your Chernobyl strain plants to give them a helping hand from germination right through to harvest.

When ready for harvest, Chernobyl buds are rich in color as well as texture. The buds will be bright green and covered in explosive orange hairs, powdered with white trichomes.

Chernobyl strains genetics

Chernobyl is nicknamed the holy trinity or Trinoble in honor of its three legendary parent strains: Trainwreck, Trinity, and the Ripper.

TGA Genetics originally produced the Chernobyl strain by crossing Trainwreck with Trinity and pollinating with the Ripper phenotype, creating the perfect Dankenstein strain.

Cultivators create a dankenstein strain by crossing two or more landrace strains to maximize potency or flavor. Chernobyl possesses both of these to the max!

The result saw a cultivar with 20% Indica and 80% Sativa genetics. The Chernobyl cannabis strain has about 16% to 22% THC depending on the growing conditions.

Chernobyl strains seeds to buy near you

If our Chernobyl marijuana strain has caught your eye, consider purchasing a batch for yourself to try out today.

Unfortunately, we only stock one version of this strain, but if you’d like to broaden your horizons, check out the three seed variants we offer in stores, along with some mouth-watering recommendations:

  • Regular weed seeds: These seeds are for the everyday growers to cultivate an equal mix of male and female crops. If you’re an experienced breeder, add Harlequin x Bubba Kush Reg seeds to your collection.
  • Feminized weed seeds: Grow buds, not duds, and produce 99% female crops. So give the Trainwreck Fem seeds, Chernobyl’s parent strain, a try; we promise it won’t disappoint!
  • Autoflower weed seeds: Do you want more flowers for fewer hours, autoflower weed seeds are the perfect match for you. Save your time and money with Auto Blue Fruit Fem seeds.

Going out with a bang

Whether it’s for a night out or to start your day with an energetic high, Chernobyl will blow you away every time! With its full body high and uplifting spirit, the Chernobyl strain will soon be the number one moniker in your books.

Already tried the Chernobyl strain and are in search of something similar? We’ve got you covered!

Give Chernobyl’s parent strain, Trainwreck Fem, a try. As a Sativa dominant strain with up to 18% THC, Trainwreck Fem creates an energetic and inspired state, leaving you feeling uplifted and inspired.

AUTHORED BY: Patricia Freitas

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