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Do Si Dos Strain Review

Do-Si-Dos Strain Review

You’ll encounter various spellings of the Do-Si-Dos strain, but the correct one always contains hyphens. This Indica-dominant breed also has a few nicknames, including Cookie Face, Dosey Do, Raspberry Cookie, and Peanut Butter.

Adored for its serene and relaxing effects, the Do-Si-Dos strain boasts similar characteristics to its famous parents: Face-Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies. Do-Si-Dos emits a powerful earthy fragrance. Unlike its mother, it doesn’t taste sugary – so expect more floral and skunky notes.

Do-Si-Dos strain profile

Here’s a brief overview of the Do-Si-Dos weed strain profile:

Do Si Dos Strain Information

Do-Si-Dos strain description

In 2016, Archive Seed Bank produced the first Do-Si-Dos seeds. This breed is a crossover between a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, OG Kush Breath, and Face Off OG.

Thanks to its parent’s incredible traits, the Do-Si-Dos strain genetics are impeccable. It boasts high THC levels that result in a full-body stone and a calm head high. On top of this, you can expect some wonderful smells and tastes to tickle your tastebuds.

The Do-Si-Dos smell is pungent and earthy, which is nothing like its sugary-sweet parent. Instead, it radiates more of a wet and skunky aroma. Its flavors contain notes of citrus, soil, pine, and diesel, leaving a unique aftertaste.

If you’re not a regular user, it’s best to start with a couple of puffs instead of a whole joint. Do-Si-Dos’ THC levels can reach up to 30%, which means you’ll experience its effects almost immediately.

With every toke of the Do-Si-Dos weed strain, you begin to feel a slow yet sweet head buzz that lifts you up and showers you with positive energy. Then, any lingering thoughts slowly wash away while your body aches and pains disappear.

More experienced marijuana users report that the cannabis strain Do-Si-Dos improves their motivation to do menial work, like washing the dishes. It’s also an excellent way to stimulate your brain and enhance creativity.

The Do-Si-Dos terpene profile is composed of high doses of Limonene and Caryophyllene, with smaller amounts of Myrcene, Linalool, and Humulene. As a result, Do-Si-Dos strain seeds could help with pain relief and other medical issues.

Some of our users claim that the Do-Si-Dos strain has helped with mood disorders, stress and anxiety, irregular sleep patterns, and pain relief.

Do-Si-Dos grow information

Let’s take a look at the Do-Si-Dos strain grow info. The good news is that beginners can easily start cultivating marijuana with this variety, suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

If you decide to grow your cannabis plants inside, you’ll need to make sure you set things up properly. Indoor growing requires you to monitor the elements, including the temperature, ventilation, and lighting. For the best results, we recommend using a grow tent.

Do-Si-Dos seeds flourish in warm and semi-humid climates with temperatures around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can expect flowering to begin eight to ten weeks after germination.

Outdoor grows typically yield up to 17 ounces per plant, so if you live in a place with the right conditions, take advantage of it. On the other hand, an indoor Do-Si-Dos plant yield will produce 1.47 ounces of bud per square foot.

Towards the end of the growing cycle, Do-Si-Dos buds produce orange hairs and white crystals. If you expose it to colder temperatures right before flowering, it’ll create deep purple hues. However, remember to keep your crop above a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are some general growing tips to keep in mind when cultivating the weed strain Do-Si-Dos:

  • Give it plenty of light, whether it’s from the sun or LED bulbs.
  • Feed it high-quality organic nutrients.
  • Make sure it gets enough water.
  • Check all the environmental levels regularly.
  • If you’re growing your weed plants outdoors, remember to protect them from pests.

Do-Si-Dos genetics

Below, you can see a breakdown of Do-Si-Dos genetics. It all began with a crossover between OG Kush and Durban Poison, resulting in the famous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain. 

Archive Seed Bank took this to the next level by breeding a phenotype of GSC, named OG Kush Breath, with Face Off OG, conceiving the beloved Do-Si-Dos strain.

OG Kush Girl Scout Cookies Do-Si-Dos
Durban Poison
Face Off OG

Do-Si-Dos seeds to buy near you

If reading our Do-Si-Dos strain review has piqued your interest, we have some excellent news. You can purchase marijuana seeds at the i49 online store and begin growing cannabis plants at home immediately.

Right now, we only sell Do-Si-Dos feminized seeds but stay glued for new additions in the future. If you can’t wait, why not browse our catalog to see if any other cannabis strains tickle your fancy?

If you’re confused about what a feminized weed seed is, here’s a brief look at the differences between the three most popular types of seeds:

  • Regular seeds: Normal cannabis seeds with no guarantee of gender.
  • Feminized seeds: 99% guaranteed to produce female weed plants.
  • Autoflower seeds: Begin blooming without any assistance.

You may also find a selection of other seeds and strains with Do-Si-Dos’ lineage, such as the strains below: 

  • Cherry Do-Si-Dos Strain
  • Do-Si-Dos Cookies Strains
  • Do-Si-Dos #6 Strain

What do our users say about Do-Si-Dos?

We’re still waiting for one of our customers to give us a review of their experience with Do-Si-Dos weed. If you have some insight you’d like to share, please drop us a comment.

Dance yourself into a haze with Do-Si-Dos

When cannabis consumers first discovered the Do-Si-Dos strain, it became an instant hit. Now, you can find this powerful strain in many marijuana-friendly states in the US. What’s more, it’s possible to purchase feminized weed seeds and grow your own cannabis plants at home, provided you live in a place that deems it legal.

If you want to enjoy a mind-altering and body-melting high, Do-Si-Dos is the right strain for you. Smoke some before doing chores to help them whizz by or engage in creative activities to get those juices flowing. You can also use this variety to help you sleep better and longer.

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