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Gold Leaf Strain

Gold Leaf strain review

Have you always wanted to strike gold? Well, now you can with the Gold Leaf strain. Continue reading on to discover the glittering effects of this indica-dominant hybrid.

Find out the range of flavors and effects you can enjoy with the Gold Leaf marijuana strain. You’ll also discover where to buy the weed seeds and what other cannabis users think of this golden cannabis variant.

If you want to treat yourself to something shiny and feel-good today, you should look no further than the Golden Leaf strain!

Gold Leaf strain (aka Bergman’s Gold Leaf)

The Gold Leaf cannabis strain is a rare indica-dominant hybrid that’s soaring in popularity among marijuana enthusiasts. Users can’t get enough of its smooth smoke, delicious flavors, body relaxing effects, and cerebral highs.

The Gold Leaf marijuana strain produces enormous yields outdoors and impressive yields indoors. With a bit of TLC, you may end up harvesting weed yields worth their weight in gold. 

Before we dive headfirst into the shining effects, here’s some Gold Leaf strain information:

  • Type: Indica dominant hybrid
  • THC: 17–21%
  • CBD: 1–3%
  • Top reported effects: euphoric, creative, relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: citrus, earthy, flowery
  • Dominant terpene: myrcene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: beginner to intermediate
  • Yield: Up to 28oz. per plant outdoors and up to 2.29oz. per sq ft indoors

Gold Leaf effects

Unlike some other cannabis variants that can creep up on you, Gold Leaf strain effects hit hard and fast. After a few tokes, your mood will elevate, and euphoria will sweep over you.

Almost like you’ve discovered a cove full of pirate treasure and are dancing on a big pile of looted gold.

You’ll feel a surge of creativity swirl inside you, just waiting to burst out. So embrace it and grab your paintbrush, notebook, or musical instrument and see what happens. 

Who knows what the Gold Leaf strain may inspire? You may create a masterpiece as precious as the metal itself.

As the indica kicks in, you’ll feel like gold silken sheets have gently wrapped around your body, melting any tension or stress you may feel. 

Your muscles will unwind, and it’s time to slink into your coziest chair and indulge in tingly, shimmering waves of relaxation and calmness.

Gold Leaf is a perfect cannabis strain to consume in the late afternoon or early evening. 

As your body relaxes, you’ll feel your eyes drooping and your bed beckoning you. You’ll feel like you’re lying on a mattress made of clouds as you drift peacefully off to sleep

Overconsumption may leave you feeling glued to your couch. Folks sensitive to high levels of THC and newbies may need to be cautious with Gold Leaf weed. However, a few small tokes are all you need to immerse yourself in the giggly gold effects. 

Gold Leaf flavors

The Gold Leaf strain has many flavors, and marijuana connoisseurs will take delight in sampling all this weed variant has to offer. The smoke is smooth and won’t leave your mouth or throat feeling harsh.

As you inhale, spicy, earthy, and diesel flavors will swirl inside your mouth, delighting your taste buds. You’ll also savor delightful citrusy tones. Many cannabis users also report tasting fruity grapes and refreshing limes.

Gold Leaf grow information

The Gold Leaf strain thrives in temperate, continental, and Mediterranean climates. It’s straightforward to grow outdoors, although beginners may find it a bit more challenging indoors.

Prepare your soil and choose a sunny spot in your garden. The marijuana plants can grow very large—up to 7ft outdoors—due to their sativa heritage. 

In addition, high-quality plant protectant nutrients will help keep unwanted pests and mold at bay.

As your cannabis plants grow at a steady pace, you’ll be mesmerized by the golden hairs on your weed plants’ small dark-green nugs. 

They’ll flower within 8–10 weeks and will be ready for harvest in mid-October. You can expect the best yields outdoors with up to 28oz. per marijuana plant outdoors. 

Indoors, it can be a bit tricky to try and contain the size of your Gold Leaf weed crops. You’ll also need to prune and top your plants regularly. 

Using high-grade cannabis nutrients will give your cannabis seeds a healthy boost indoors.

Using a ScROG or Sea of Green growing technique will help reduce the marijuana plants and promote increased yields. If you’re successful, you’ll enjoy Gold Leaf weed strain yields of up to 2.29.oz per sq ft in your indoor growing space.

Gold Leaf genetics

Gold Leaf strain owes its popularity to the talent of Robert Bergman, who’s the creator of this much-loved marijuana variant. Gold Leaf is an indica-dominant hybrid and usually contains 60% indica and 40% sativa.

The Gold Leaf genetics are a well-kept secret, and the parents of this weed strain are unknown. But, there’s speculation among the cannabis community that one of the parents is Early Skunk, a High Times Cannabis Cup winner.

Take a look at the genetics table below to discover all the Gold Leaf weed strain information we could find. We’re hoping to unravel the mystery surrounding the unknown hybrid parent someday.

Early Skunk Gold Leaf
Secret hybrid

Gold Leaf seeds to buy near you

If marijuana cultivation is legal in your state, you may be wondering where you can buy Gold Leaf cannabis strain seeds.

You could commute to your nearest medicinal or recreational dispensaries in the hopes of getting your hands on some of these precious gold seeds. Or you could save yourself the trouble and buy from online seed banks like i49 Genetics.

You’ll benefit from secure payments, discreet shipping, and fast deliveries. Our high-quality Gold Leaf strain seeds will dazzle you as they grow and produce significant yields for you. 

You can also buy the following variants, depending on your growing style and techniques:


  • Gold Leaf feminized seeds: Take charge and don’t worry about genders with these feminized weed seeds. Gold Leaf feminized seeds will inspire your creative side and elevate your mood. These ladies are worth their weight in gold as you harvest significant yields while inhaling their seducing, floral aromas. 
  • Gold Leaf auto feminized seeds: If Gold Leaf weed isn’t easy enough to grow, you can simplify it even more by choosing auto marijuana seeds. If you’re not too keen on photoperiod-dependent cannabis strains, you’ll enjoy watching Gold Leaf auto weed plants bloom as they age gracefully. Cultivate them all year round to enjoy plentiful harvests.

Go for gold!

Bergam dug deep and struck gold when he created the Gold Leaf strain. Cannabis enthusiasts can’t get enough of its unique flavors, uplifting effects, and body stones. The CBD and THC content also helps medical patients with pain, muscle spasms, and stress.

It’s easy to grow outdoors, indoors, and in a greenhouse. Both beginner and veteran cultivators will be impressed with the high yields when harvest time comes around. 

If you love the Gold Leaf strain, you’d love other gold weed variants like 24K Gold Feminized seeds. This indica cannabis strain will ease those tense muscles and tickle your senses with peppery flavors.

We also recommend checking out the multi-award-winning Early Skunk feminized seeds. Cannabis users speculate this weed strain is one of the parents of the Gold Leaf strain. Indica lovers will adore the high yields and 20% THC content.

Why sprint to the finish line or scoop river gravel into a pan when you can obtain the best type of gold with these magnificent weed seeds? 

Order Gold Leaf strain seeds today and grow your gold for your treasure chest stash!

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