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Gorilla OG Strain

Gorilla OG strain review

With Gorilla Glue #4 as a parent, it’s no wonder the Gorilla OG strain packs a punch and is best smoked in the evening with an extra-comfy couch nearby. 

This potent indica-dominant hybrid contains up to 23% THC, inducing euphoria and freeing you of any worries.

Join us in our Gorilla OG strain review as we delve into the ins and outs of the strain, its benefits, and grow information.

Gorilla OG (aka Gorilla Mango and Gorilla Mango OG)

This OG strain will always be there for you after a long day. The OG Gorilla weed strain is widely sought after not only for its minty, earthy, and tropical flavors but for the potent cerebral rush it provides.

Is this cultivar for you? Let’s find out! We’ve summarised the key Gorilla OG strain info to help you decide:

Gorilla OG Strain Info

Gorilla OG strain effects

OG Gorilla Kush is potent enough to send you off into a state of total bliss without being too overwhelming, especially for newbies. You could consider it as a slightly milder strain than Gorilla Glue #4. 

Gorilla OG is a true veteran’s strain. With a high that builds up slowly and a hard punch at its peak, causing your mind and body to buzz.

After your first drag, you’ll immediately feel an uplifting cerebral rush. Which will relieve you of any stress you might be feeling.

Soon after, the body high sets in, relaxing all your limbs from head to toe and inducing a heavy state of classic couch-lock.

Our advice is to smoke the OG Gorilla Kush strain in the evenings and set yourself up in some comfy clothes with a pillow as well as snacks nearby, just in case the munchies kick in.

Once you’ve taken a few tokes, this strain will send you off into dreamland, no matter how hard you fight it. Which makes it an ideal cultivar for insomniacs.

With this strain’s potency of 17-23% average THC levels, the true miracle of its medicinal properties shines through. Its buds numb all physical pain, such as musical aches, cramps, migraines, and joint pains, to name a few.

The marijuana strain Gorilla OG is also famous for treating depression, anxiety, mood swings, or chronic stress. 

Gorilla OG strain flavors

Despite Gorilla OG’s parent strain being Mango Kush, mango tones aren’t as prominent as one might think. 

As you smoke this mighty strain, flavors of spice and earthiness infused with a minty chemical undertone awakens your taste buds. This eclectic combination offers a luxurious tasting experience.

Gorilla OG grow information

So far, this strain ticks all the boxes, except when it comes to its growing information. Because we have little knowledge of its origins, we can’t tell you precisely what Gorilla OG requires to thrive. 

However, we do know that Gorilla OG shows explosive growth from day one and will bless you with promising yields while reaching heights of 1–2 meters.

As a cannabis cultivator, you always want the best for your plants. Therefore, we recommend using cannabis nutrients on your Gorilla OG plants to provide them with everything they need from germination right through to harvest.

After 7–9 weeks, you can look forward to harvesting thick forest green buds covered by dark orange hairs and a layer of minty white crystals.

Gorilla OG genetics

The Gorilla OG strain is an indica-dominant cultivar, with 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics. It results in about 17% to 23%, THC depending on the growing conditions.

We have very little information on its creators and origins, but its known parent strains Gorilla Glue #4 and Mango Kush guarantee potent effects.

The cross that created the OG Gorilla strain clearly explains its nicknames, Gorilla Mango and Gorilla Mango OG.

Gorilla OG strains seeds to buy near you

If our Gorilla OG weed strain has caught your eye, consider purchasing a batch for yourself to try out today. 

Unfortunately, we currently don’t stock this strain, but If you’d like a taste of Gorilla weed’s history, check out the three seed variants we offer in stores, which made OG Gorilla Kush the strain it is today:

  • Regular weed seeds: These seeds are ideal for everyday growers to cultivate a balanced mix of male and female crops. If you’re a seasoned grower, give Gorilla Glue Reg seeds a try.
  • Feminized weed seeds: Produce 99% female plants with our feminized seeds. Mango Kush Fem seeds won’t disappoint!
  • Autoflower weed seeds: Do you want more flowers for fewer hours? Autoflower weed seeds like Auto Gorilla Glue #4 Fem seeds are the ideal seeds for you!

The King Kong of all weed strains

After a long day of work, make yourself comfy and take a few tokes of OG Gorilla; you deserve it. With its buzzing body high and euphoric spirit, the Gorilla OG strain will soon be the number one moniker in your books.

Already tried the Gorilla OG and are in search of something similar? We’ve got you covered. Give Alien Gorilla Glue Reg seeds a try; trust us, it’s out of this world! As a primarily indica strain with up to 24% THC, Alien Gorilla Glue creates an uplifting relaxed state, leaving you feeling cheerful and euphoric.

AUTHORED BY: Patricia Freitas

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