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Legend OG Strain

Legend OG strain review

The Legend OG strain plants are both incredible and shrouded in mystery. There’s no definite phenotype attached to this strain. Most experts agree only on a single trait. 

Everyone also agrees that this hard-hitting strain will take you for a serious ride.

The weed strain Legend OG usually catches your attention when you get to appreciate its buds. 

This plant grows cone-shaped colas with different shades of green and sparse orange pistils. Legend OG flowers have a potent smell resembling fuel with a hint of floral. 

Here’s the Legend OG strain info profile: 

  • Type: Indica dominant
  • THC %: 20 to 25%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top reported effects: Happiness, giggling, numbness 
  • Top reported flavors: Citrus, pine, wood
  • Flowering time: 7 to 9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Yield: 10 oz./m2 indoors, 17 oz./m2 outdoors

Legend OG effects

For those familiar with the legendary OG Kush, the Legend OG strain will feel like a heavy-hitting version of that strain. 

The weed from Legend OG gives you a mental buzz that is short-lived, followed by a powerful body stone that can make you couch-locked for hours. 

It’s not surprising, considering how Legend OG buds can achieve up to 25% on THC content

This marijuana strain is not for people with low tolerance due to the plant’s strong psychoactive components. The first toke of Legend OG weed strain will hit you like a train as the sativa genes of the plant send a rush of blood to your brain. 

You’ll feel excited, maybe even euphoric, and your awareness will increase for a moment as you feel a chill down your spine.

The indica effects of the legends weed will take hold after a while. You’ll find yourself more conversational than usual, with a rush of overwhelming ideas and thoughts flooding your mind. Everything will seem funny, even common occurrences.

The Legend OG strain genetics give this weed its enhanced strength. Overdoing it with this weed as a first-timer can induce paranoia, so moderation is advised. 

When the indica effect finally kicks in, you’ll fall into a deep state of relaxation.

You’d better eat before consuming Legend OG. Most experience a massive case of the munchies, so make sure to keep some snacks close. 

There are minimal downsides to the Legend OG weed strain. Some redness in the eyes is common alongside a little cottonmouth. 

Other than that, this weed is excellent to help you get some sleep since your brain will be calm after the initial buzz starts to wear off. 

Legend OG flavors

The Legend OG weed strain has a citrus flavor with earthy undertones. First-timers will have some difficulty getting used to the heavy hit on your throat. 

You’ll eventually taste some pinewood thrown in the mix as you get used to the flavor.

As you inhale, you’ll get a mixture of diesel and flowers, which compliments the overall flavor of this weed. 

The strong, dank scent of OG Kush will also join the party, giving you a sense of familiarity if you already know the strain. 

Exhaling Legend OG will feel smoother with time. The smoke will have a marked scent of lavender mixed with soil and piney that’ll overwhelm your senses. 

By the time you’re used to the flavor, you’ll be craving this sour legend strain

Legend OG grow information 

Legend OG strain grows at the same speed as classic OG Kush. You can plant your garden indoors or outdoors. Legend OG is a small plant that can fit any environment. The germination process is pretty easy to handle.

Ultimately Legend OG strain yields depend on your grow area. If you choose to grow these plants indoors, hydroponics is the best way to go. 

Since these plants can’t grow too high, you won’t be needing a ton of space, but you need to make sure your plants get as much light as possible.

Legend OG is a feminized seed with no regular or autoflowering variants. If you grow them outside, they’ll need a dry, sunny climate with a good deal of space to allow the plant to spread. 

Indoor harvests tend to have more potency, while outdoor yields are bigger.

Legend OG benefits from a controlled environment. The strain grows better in rich-nutrient soil, and you can provide everything your seeds need with cannabis nutrients packs

You get a set of boosters for every stage of growth in standard nutrient pack and organic nutrient pack options. Make sure to pick the ones that go better with your setup.

Legend OG genetics 

The Legend OG strain was supposedly created in California, but there’s no way to trace back the original genetics of these seeds. 

We know that the leading phenotype of this weed is OG Kush which is created with Hindi Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdwag.

Hindi Kush strain OG Kush Legend OG strain
Lemon Thai strain
Chemdawg strain (Unknown strain)

Legend OG seeds to buy near you 

When you’re hunting for marijuana seeds, it doesn’t get any better than getting your order from the i49 seed bank. 

We have a vast catalog with well-known strains and some rare choices, like the Legend OG strain.

Legend OG Autoflower: Autoflowering seeds are for growers who need to share time with daily routines and their passion for growing weed. There are no autoflower variants for the Legend OG strain, but we can recommend Auto OG Kush Fem seeds since it has similar properties.

Legend OG Feminized: the original Legend OG Fem seeds is our top choice here. These seeds will grow without those pesky male buds that can diminish your harvest. 

You’ll get the whole Legend OG experience with this choice.

Legend OG Regular: If you’re still on the fence about trying Legend OG, why not try its daddy? The OG Kush Reg seeds is our top choice here. This option will need proper care for a good yield, and it’ll help you get familiar with sour flavors.

Legend OG reviews 

If you want to learn about the first-hand experiences of other people growing this strain, take a moment to read our Legend OG strain reviews. 

Some of our frequent users have already tried their hand with these seeds. They’ve shared their results with us for people like you.

Lady Ganja – 5 Stars 

“The buds on this plant are super dense. Watch your humidity levels. She’s super smelly, and growing beautifully, just started to flower”

Enjoy the hard-hitting psychoactive effects of the Legendary OG

The Legend OG strain is a complex marijuana plant. It has a past that not many people know about, but it’s sure to have a bright future. 

With many people learning about this strain and growing their gardens, its popularity is sure to increase with time. If you’ve already tasted the fantastic effects of Legend OG Fem and felt unprepared, you need to try something mild. 

Go with OG Kush Reg seeds, which offers a more balanced effect, and it’s great to help you gain experience with Kush variants.

If your senses have gotten used to the legendary OG and you wish for an enhanced experience, you can try Gorilla Glue #4 Fem seeds. This potent strain bears an amazing 28% THC content that will have you tripping to the moon and back.

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