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Panama Red Strain

Panama Red strain review

The Panama Red strain is a landrace weed cultivar that gained prominence in the 1960s. Its claim to fame was the euphoric, psychedelic high it induced and THC levels that were higher than average at the time.

They named the Panama Red after the beautiful country where it originates. However, over the years, this cannabis variant has faded from popularity and become extremely rare.

The herb is 100% sativa and delights with a lemon taste that most tokers enjoy. Six decades later, old school 420 enthusiasts consider the Panama Red marijuana strain a classic. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we discuss this legendary cannabis variant.

Panama Red strain

What strain is Panama Red? Tokers regard the cannabis variant as a vintage variant, and many newbie tokers haven’t heard of it, let alone had the privilege of enjoying it. The experience is quite different compared to that of modern hybrids. 

Let’s check out the Panama Red info:

Panama Red Strain Indo

Panama Red effects 

The Panama Red strain induces a mellow high with slightly psychedelic effects. The THC content is moderate when compared to more popular recreational hybrid varieties. 

When you smoke this strain, it takes a few minutes before you feel the hit. At first, your mind settles into a serene and blissful state, whereafter all negative thoughts disappear. 

Soon after the positive feelings occur, your body starts to experience a relaxing tingly sensation. This typically turns into a euphoric burst of energy and an injection of inspired creativity.

The Panama Red strain is also an excellent option for social gatherings. Some tokers report chattiness as a result of the strain’s energizing effects. 

Once the effects are in full force, you may experience a grumbling stomach and a severe case of the munchies. You may also feel like going out and having an event-filled evening. 

Health users report that the weed variant assists with conditions like: 

  • Depression 
  • Headaches 
  • Mild pain 
  • Fatigue 
  • Stress
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Anxiety 

The Panama Red cannabis strain doesn’t induce laziness or couch-lock. Therefore, the strain is ideal for newbie tokers that want an enjoyable experience without overwhelming heaviness and body-melt.

Panama Red flavors

You can detect citrus and grapefruit in both the smell and flavor of the Panama Red strain. However, there are slight differences between the way the two translate. 

The most intense aromas are grapefruit and citrus, but there are notes of earthiness and subtle sweetness too. When you light up the Panama Red, the flavors are slightly more layered

At first, citrus and grapefruit with spicy undertones are most dominant. However, the flavors blend differently on the exhale, and the taste is more sugary and tropical, with hints of woody herbs. 

There’s a sweet, earthy aftertaste that lingers on your tongue after each toke making you crave the next puff of the Panama Red weed strain. 

Panama Red grow information 

Pictures of Panama Red buds don’t do it justice. The bud is a stunning shade of deep green with vibrant red pistils, and the colas are cone-shaped. The sativa variant reaches heights of around 6 ft, but its cultivation is a labor of love. 

Even those growers with experience need to exercise diligence and patience with this cannabis crop. It takes approximately 11 weeks to flower. 

This extended growth time is why the Panama Red strain fell from favor in the 420 scene.

The strain is versatile enough to be cultivated indoors or outdoors, but it’s better suited to greenhouse growing. It’s quite challenging to cultivate successfully, and growing inside allows you complete control over environmental factors. 

If the growth space is limited, we recommend that you bend the branches. This cannabis variant is known to continue stretching even during the flowering phase, so ensure that you implement training early

When grown outside, the Panama Red requires tropical climates ranging between 77℉–86℉ similar to its place of origin. You also need to check that the humidity levels don’t exceed 55%. 

You can boost the plant’s chances of success by adding organic nutrients at the different phases of its maturity. These crops are usually ready for harvesting around mid-October. 

The duration between germination and harvest may seem long, but those who put in the effort reap the rewards of a moderate yield with beautiful, fragrant, and flavorful Panama Red strain buds. 

The average Panama Red strain yield for indoor crops ranges from 12 to 16 oz./m, and you can harvest about 16 oz/plant when you cultivate outdoor variants.

Panama Red genetics 

The Panama Red strain is a landrace strain and therefore doesn’t have parent strains. 

Panama Red strain 

Panama Red seeds to buy near you 

It’s not easy to get hold of Panama Red strain seeds. They’re only available in the regular variant and not in feminized or autoflower options like many of our other strains. 

Panama Red regular seeds produce both male and female plants, and you’ll need to separate them once you can identify the sexes. 

We currently don’t have stock of this vintage variant, but you may want to try cultivating a similar strain like Panama Feminized in the meantime. The effects are similar, and it requires a similar climate to thrive. 

Panama Red puff and pass

The Panama Red strain is a classic that’ll take old-school tokers on a pleasant trip down memory lane. The variant offers an enjoyable experience that’s euphoric and not too overbearing on the senses for beginners.

Cultivation is a rewarding challenge, and those who are up to the task will harvest delicious, rare nugs. The sativa strain contains moderate quantities of THC and has several health benefits as well. 

Check out our i49 seed store for organic nutrients that’ll assist you in growing Panama Red strain, an old but gold vintage weed.

AUTHORED BY: Patricia Freitas

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