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Runtz strain

Runtz Strain

It’s amusing to think so many cannabis users choose Runtz as the pick of the litter. But the Runtz strain is named after a popular crunchy candy called Runts by Nestlé. It’s aptly named, as it’s an explosion of color. 

So what’s the deal with Runtz, and why is it gaining momentum and star-studded fame among weed enthusiasts? What are the effects, flavors, and aromas of this highly sought-after weed variant?

We have the answers to all your questions here.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Runtz strain. You’ll also learn what growing conditions it likes and where you can buy the cannabis seeds.

Discover Runtz today, and be part of the marijuana community that adores its delicious taste and potent effects. 

Runtz strain (aka Runtz OG)

The Runtz OG strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid, although some variants may lean 60%–40% either way. The cannabis variant first became a household name in the music scene.

Talented rapper Yung LB debuted Runtz at the Santa Rosa festival in the Emerald Cup competition. Since then, it’s gathered an almost cult-like following of marijuana users who can’t get enough of its fruity goodness.

Before we splash further into the colorful world of this uprising star, here’s some quick info:  

Runtz strain

Runtz Strain Flavor

The Runtz strain produces a plethora of beautiful colored buds. Orange, green, yellow, brown, and even purple hues drenched in snowy resin. The marijuana crops smell like a sugary, tropical paradise when they flower, complimenting the vibrant colors.

As you inhale, you’ll taste sweet candy waltzing on your tongue. Hints of mouth-watering fruit and berries will make your eyes close as you savor the blissful flavors of summer.

Runtz Strain Effects

Like the colors of the marijuana plant, you’ll first experience the brightness of yellows and oranges as your mood lifts. Happiness will swell inside you, leaving you feeling high levels of euphoria. 

Soon afterward, many colors will hit you all at once. Your creativity levels increase, inspiring you to become innovative, and your energy levels jump up a notch.

Lastly, as the indica takes effect, tingling colors of calming blues and purples will engulf your body. You’ll feel so relaxed, and you’ll end up nestled into your coziest chair, devouring your favorite snacks.

The Runtz strain is ideal for nighttime consumption rather than daytime. When the sativa effects wear off, you’ll be left couch-locked, ready for a good night’s sleep. Tuck yourself in, and enjoy colorful dreams of sun-soaked beaches and dazzling fantasy realms.

Many medicinal patients have reported the variant helps them with ailments like chronic pain and inflammation. Runtz is ideal for folks who have a loss of appetite, and it also aids with anxiety and stress.

The Runtz weed strain THC levels can go up to 29%. It’ll rock the socks off even the most experienced cannabis user. Newbies should take care with this one as it’s highly potent and may overwhelm them.

Runtz strain grow information

It’s easy to determine the sativa genetics when your Runtz cannabis plants start to grow. Dark green leaves will develop, and the marijuana crops will quickly flourish. They shoot up exceptionally fast, reaching aggressively towards the sky. Thankfully, the indica genetics keep your weed plants to a more manageable height. 

The Runtz OG strain is suitable to grow in warm, Mediterranean-type climates. Although it shows excellent resilience to most diseases, it can be tricky for beginners. The cannabis plants grow upwards fast and may need a lot of attention.

When you cultivate Runtz outdoors, ensure you have plenty of water and nutrients as she is a speedy grower. Consider shielding your crop from pests with plant protectant nutes

The Runtz strain will grow vertically from 4ft to 6ft tall outside. It may require some topping and pruning to divert more energy into bud development. After it flowers within 8–10 weeks, you’ll enjoy decent yields of up to 18.oz. per plant in October.

Runtz OG grows very well indoors and may blossom in a shorter time frame. You can use a Sea of Green (SOG) cultivating method to enhance your yields. You can also tame Runtz wild side by performing low-stress training on the cannabis plants.

With the correct indoor growing and pruning techniques, your buds will enjoy more exposure to light. If successful, you’ll gain indoor yields of up to 1.6oz. per sq ft.

Runtz strain genetics

Cookies Fam Genetics created the Runtz strain, and it comes straight out of Los Angeles. It entered the cannabis world in 2017, and it was hard to find outside California until recently.

Since its explosion in the weed scene, breeders have used it to create other variants like the White Runtz strain and the Pink Runtz strain. 

Who are the proud parents of Runtz? It’s no surprise the weed strains crossed to make Runtz their lovechild are both award-winning marijuana variants. Check out the table below, and you’ll understand why cannabis users love its sweet, fruity palate:  

Zkittlez Runtz
Gelato Runtz

Runtz strain seeds to buy near you

The Runtz strain is rising in popularity as word spreads about its delicious flavors and euphoric effects. It’s not easy to source this magnificent variant in recreational and medicinal dispensaries outside of California. 

The good news is growers outside of the state recently started cultivating Runtz cannabis seeds. You can find the Runtz weed strain at online seed banks like i49 Genetics. We recommend the following if you love the candied goodness of this variant:

  • Runtz feminized seeds: You don’t have to worry about genders with these feminized seeds that contain 19% THC content. Your cannabis crop will flower within 8–10 weeks for you. Enjoy sweet, fruity flavors while your mind and body submerge into calm waters of relaxation.
  • Zkittlez feminized seeds: Taste the rainbow with this sweet and fruity popular weed variant. Zkittlez is a proud parent of the Runtz strain and can grow up to 4ft tall with a short flowering time of 6–8 weeks. Enjoy THC levels of up to 21% as all your worries and stress melt away, leaving you happy and relaxed.
  • Candy Kush feminized seeds: If candy tasting strains tickle your fancy, you need to look no further than Candy Kush. The citrusy, berry and sweet flavors will delight your taste buds. This indica dominant hybrid will send your body into a deep couch lock, easing all your anxieties and stress. 

Runtz strain reviews

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Runtz strain reviews yet. Have you purchased our cannabis seeds and are growing them? Why not be the first to leave a review on our site?

We would love to hear of your experience with our Runtz seeds. Seeing as this marijuana variant is a rising star, we predict many colorful and glowing reviews to come soon. 

Runtz up yo life!

Runtz has the makings of being a legendary Cali classic strain down the line. Cultivators have already used it to produce fruitful variants like the Banana Runtz strain and the Watermelon Runtz strain.

Cannabis users are mesmerized by its uplifting, colorful weed plants, and they love its potent effects. The flavor is the winner here, making you reminisce of sugar-coated memories of your candy-fuelled childhood

Are you a fan of candied, fruity weed variants? If you love Runtz, you may also like to check out other sweet strains like Strawberry Banana Fem and Sweet Tooth Fem

Jump on the bandwagon and experience the Runtz strain today.

As Yung LB’s famous catchphrase goes: ‘Runtz up yo life’!

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