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Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner Strain

Do you want to experience the power of the Hulk in the cannabis universe? The Bruce Banner strain will slam you into a realm worthy of only the finest comic book superheroes.

You’ll learn about the potent effects and flavors of this powerful weed strain. We’ll show you how to grow these high THC seeds and provide you with a few nifty tips to help you cultivate the green monster.

You’ll also learn what other users think of the marijuana plants and where you can buy the cannabis seeds online. Read on to discover the joys of Bruce Banner. Strap yourself in, and become the hero you were born to be today. 

Bruce Banner strain (aka Banner, OG Banner)

Before we Hulk smash straight into the powerful and exciting effects, here’s a little Bruce Banner strain info:

Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner strain description

The Bruce Banner cannabis strain is aptly named, and it can grow into a stunning green beast, although you have no fear of it smashing down on you in its glory. This sativa-dominant marijuana strain can grow up to 7ft, depending on the variant you buy.

The indica genetics from OG Kush will produce vibrant and dense dark-green leaves. The cannabis plant will have sturdy stalks that’ll support large buds and colas when you cultivate it outside. The aroma is quite intense, so be vigilant if you wish to conceal your weed crops. The buds flaunt the rich THC potency as they dazzle you with white-coated layers of resin.

If you’re ready for a bit of superhero action, the Bruce Banner strain seeds will aid you in your heroic duties. When you inhale the first toke, the citrusy and lemon flavors will stir your senses, and you’ll taste a bit of diesel to fire you up. Bruce Banner is the perfect sidekick to help you whack those negative thoughts away as waves of euphoria sweep over you. 

You’ll feel instantly uplifted, happy and experience a burst of energy that’ll make you want to dress up as your favorite Marvel character. Venture outside to make the world a safer place for everyday citizens. Even if it’s raking up leaves or taking out the trash, you’ll find meaning even in the most insignificant chores.

As the Bruce Banner strain starts to work its magic, your body will start to unwind, and your muscles will start to relax. You can use the superpower of philosophy to engage in meaningful conversations with your trusted allies. A spurt of creativity will inspire you to get innovative, and you may end up fabricating a superhero alter ego to bring to life in drawings, poems, or comic books.    

Newbies would want to be cautious when smoking this potent beast. It’s all great projecting your inner hero, but be careful you don’t consume too much. You don’t want to end up in your underwear, running around your garden, smiting invisible villains while shouting ‘Excelsior.’ Your neighbors may view you as the antagonist in your champion world.

Bruce Banner grow information

Begin your cultivating journey by germinating your cannabis seeds in a greenhouse and give them the best start in life. Beginners may find the Bruce Banner strain tricky to grow. 

Experienced cultivators will have a lot more luck producing high yields from this weed variant. You can also give your marijuana plants a boost by using high-grade nutes to aid them in all stages of their life cycle.

We recommend moving your marijuana plants outdoors for significant Bruce Banner strain yields if your climate permits it. Even though your weed crops will grow like indicas, the sativa in them will adore a hot climate. Ensure you water them regularly, and they can soak up as much sun as possible. The cannabis plants are resistant to most diseases but will still require a lot of care.

The plants will flower for you in 8 – 10 weeks, and it’ll be worth the wait when you see the large, magnificent buds. You’ll reap the harvest rewards of up to 35 oz per plant outside during the middle of October, just before the cold slinks into the air.

The Bruce Banner strain will also grow indoors, and it’s ideal if you wish to smell the aroma of fuel around your house. You can dedicate more time to maintaining your weed crops inside. Watch the humidity levels, carefully prune the leaves, and you can gain up to 2.6 oz/sq ft. 

Bruce Banner genetics

You may wonder if the Bruce Banner strain is sativa or indica, and we can tell you the weed seeds slightly lean to the former. This sativa-dominant hybrid owes its potency to its strong lineage, and it took the cannabis world by storm in 2009. 

We’re now going to take a quick look at the Bruce Banner strain genetics to see who are the proud parents of this weed behemoth.

OG Kush hybrid Bruce Banner
Strawberry Diesel hybrid Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner seeds to buy near you

If you want to experience the green giant in all its glory, look no further than our seed bank. Not only can you buy the regular Bruce Banner strain seeds for sale, but you can also enjoy other variants such as:

  • Feminized Bruce Banner Seeds: You don’t have to worry about gender with these feminized cannabis seeds. These ladies will grow up to 7ft high and contain 27% THC, so you can guarantee they’ll punch you even harder than their male counterparts.
  • Bruce Banner Fast Fem: If you want to get an even quicker high, we suggest the fast feminized variant. This Bruce Banner strain flowering time of 6 – 8 weeks will produce up to 23 oz per weed plant outdoors. With THC levels of 29% and 1% CBD, what’s not to love about this fast-growing strain?
  • Auto Bruce Banner Fem: There’s no need to worry about light and darkness ratios with the autoflower Bruce Banner weed strain. The marijuana plants will grow to over 4ft high and will flower in 8 – 10 weeks. You can enjoy savoring the citrusy tastes and euphoric highs all year round. 

Bruce Banner strain reviews

Interested to know what folk think of the Bruce Banner marijuana strain? Here are a few Bruce Banner strain reviews from happy cultivators who grew the feminized variant:

Lady Ganja – 5 stars

What a plant! Nice and big, and has huge colas! The plant is super stinky, and u can’t touch her without getting sticky fingers. Started flushing this week. Harvest in about 10 days. 

Pete Koszalkowski – 5 stars

Doing excellent. 4ft mother budding like crazy and ten clones at 6 inches tall.

Joe Shmore – 5 stars

All seeds germinated and are growing strong and healthy.

Unleash your inner Hulk with Bruce Banner

If you’re looking for a mighty cannabis strain to knock you into another Universe, then the Bruce Banner strain is the one for you. The weed seeds are popular among marijuana users, so we recommend giving them a shot to see if they live up to their hype.

There are so many variants and crosses to choose from, and if you’re curious, you can check them out. Weed strains such as Grandaddy x Bruce Banner and Bruce Banner x Mochalope also have high THC levels. Above all, we have to say the classic strain is one you should experience first. 

The Bruce Banner strain will be happy in your hands as long as you give it a lot of TLC. Don’t make it angry. You wouldn’t like it when it’s angry!