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Tangie Strain

Tangie Strain Review

Initially created to pay respect to a ’90s classic, the Tangie strain has become famous worldwide in its own right. This multi-award-winning cultivar delivers a mouth-watering flavor and fragrance, making it an instant favorite for any fruit fan.

Join us as we draw back the curtains on this sought-after cultivar and discover why it’s the perfect way to start your day. In this Tangie strain review, we take an in-depth look at its uplifting capabilities, genetics, and how you can easily grow it in your yard.


The Tangie strain is nothing short of exceptional. Below, we look at the main talking points of this cultivar and what led it to multiple victories.

Tangie Strain

Tangie Strain Flavors

Unsurprisingly, the Tangie strain offers a powerful tangerine aroma. It overwhelms your senses with sweet, citrusy notes that you’d find on any healthy breakfast table. Naturally, you’ll want to store your cannabis in air-tight jars so that you lock in its intense fragrance.   

These fruity smells continue as the Tangie marijuana strain slips past your taste buds. You’ll notice an explosion of sweet citrus and orange in every corner of your mouth. Upon release, the flavors turn slightly sour, evenly balancing the tang left on your pallet.

Tangie Strain Effects

As the Tangie strain enters your system, your mind begins to soar with euphoria. It produces an uplifted feeling where you lose the excuses and gain unwavering motivation. You’ll have the energy and positive attitude to tackle the upcoming day, no matter your plans.

Your newfound focus and vigor pairs well with creative projects, allowing you to express yourself in the best way. Once these sensations pass, you’re left feeling relaxed but with enough energy to see the rest of your day through.  

Medicinal users have also found the Tangie strain assists with many debilitating issues. It’s a great way to combat fatigue, nausea, and a loss of appetite, for example. It’s also shown to help with anxiety in smaller doses effectively.

Tangie grow information

Once fully matured, the Tangie weed strain can reach up to 43 inches in height if planted in the right environment. These dense buds are light green with many burnt orange pistils that give them an almost amber hue. It’s then lightly wrapped by silver trichomes, giving it a candy appearance.

The Tangie strain requires constant attention throughout its life cycle. It’s susceptible to mistakes which makes it better suited to more experienced cultivators. You’ll need to erect a structure in the later flowering stages to support its heavy colas.

While it’ll bloom in an indoor environment, the Tangie strain grows far better outdoors. If you insist on using a greenhouse, make sure there’s enough vertical space to accommodate its almost four-foot stature.

You’ll also need to trim the lower nodes on the Tangie strain plant to ensure the flow of nutrients to developing buds. It also helps to give your crops additional organic supplements to guarantee a satisfying harvest.

The Tangie strain has a flowering time of eight to ten weeks, so sowing your weed seeds by April. This gives them enough summer sun to flourish, resulting in a yield of 18 ounces per plant. In comparison, an indoor setup will produce around 14–19 ounces per square meter.

Tangie genetics

The Tangie strain came straight out of the cannabis labs of Amsterdam, where talented breeders crossed California Orange with Skunk #1. The result is a hybrid cultivar containing 70% sativa and 30% indica genes.

California Orange Tangie
Skunk #1 Tangie

Tangie seeds to buy near you

If our Tangie strain review has left you salivating and wanting more, consider buying a pack of these cannabis seeds. You’ll find three versions of this cultivar for purchase, one of which is available in our store.

  • Tangie regular seeds: Unfortunately, we’re yet to receive a batch of regular seeds. While you wait for their release, consider getting yourself a pack of Grapefruit seeds. This fruity option contains a mixture of males and females that’s perfect for breeders.
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Tangie reviews

If you’re still not convinced that the Tangie strain is right for you? Perhaps hearing from our customers will put your mind at ease. Below, you find some feedback from cultivators who’ve tried this amazing cultivar.

Wendy Cross – Five Stars

“the product was exactly like it was described. I was totally satisfied.”

Lady Ganja – Five Stars

“I was super excited they carried the Tangie strain! One of my favorites! Started 1 seed, and she germinated quickly. Just poking through the soil now. Will update as she grows.”

Thomas – Five Stars

“Very good product! I will be ordering more.”

Adam Dutcher – Five Stars

“This plant grows real good with critical mass, they both same time for growth and temperature.”

Indulge in nature’s candy

With its explosion of tropical fruit flavors, the Tangie strain is sure to become part of your morning ritual. This sativa hybrid continues to amaze whoever tries it, and we’re sure it’ll do the same for you. You might even find it replaces your morning coffee too, so buy your seeds now!

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