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5 Alive Strain

5 Alive strain review

At 5 pm, some people reach for a coffee as an afternoon pick me up, others grab a beer to relax after a long day at work, and you could also take a hit of 5 Alive strain to do both—relax and energize. 

Curious to know more about this highly desirable cannabis strain? Discover all the facts about the 5 Alive weed strain seeds right here! 

5 Alive aka Five Alive Strain

What is Five Alive?

First, let’s look at the 5 Alive strain’s numbers to get an idea of what we’re working with. 

  • Type: Hybrid—sativa 75% / indica 25%
  • THC: 26% 
  • CBD: 0.8% 
  • Top reported effects: euphoric, blissful, energetic
  • Top reported flavors: citrus, sweet, tropical
  • Flowering time: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Difficulty: beginner-friendly
  • Yield: Indoor—12 to 18 ounces/m2. Outdoor—21 to 25 ounces/plant

5 Alive effects

When you consume the 5 Alive strain, It’ll take you instantly to cloud 9. It’s a perfect marijuana strain for a wake and bake or in the afternoon as a pick me up. This cannabis cultivar puts your mind in a state of euphoria that will suppress negative thoughts. 

The cerebral buzz helps promote creativity and artistic expression and boosts brainstorming. Use our 5 Alive strain when losing focus or needing a spark of innovation. 

The 5 Alive strain is ideal in social settings as you’ll turn into an energized, enthusiastic, yet carefree person. Additionally, with 75% sativa, this cannabis strain won’t hinder physical activity, so you can stay out all night long. 

That being said, the 5 Alive weed strain does help soothe aches and pains, creating a feeling of being refreshed and relaxed. 

Proceed with caution when consuming products from the 5 Alive strain, as the 26% THC levels can cause an intense head high that can result in being lightheaded for a while. After just a little, you’ll be floating away to a euphoric place. 

5 Alive flavors

The 5 Alive strain is highly sought after because of its attractive flavor. There’s a strong citrusy taste that feels like you’re drinking a freshly-squeezed glass of orange juice. Then, there are punches of grapefruit, lime, and lemon with a beautiful zesty flavor. 

The sweetness and acidic notes mixed makes for a wonderful mouthful of smoke. You’ll get a bit of an earthy flavor on the exhale, which doesn’t make the tangy fruit taste so overwhelming. 

5 Alive grow information

The 5 Alive weed strain is ideal for beginners who want a straightforward growing process with a large yield. This marijuana plant is highly resistant to stress and can cope with most environments. 

5 Alive strain grows like a traditional sativa plant. It’s tall and skinny with colossal cone-shaped nugs. The buds are sticky with resin and tightly packed with curling orange pistils. 

This cannabis plant will be about 4 to 5 feet indoors; outdoors, the 5 Alive can grow up to 9 feet tall. 

The 5 Alive strain plant has dense, dark green leaves that need pruning. If you expose this marijuana plant to cold temperatures at night, it produces a dark purple color on the leaves. 

The flowering time is 8 to 10 weeks, and the 5 Alive plant produces photoperiod flowering. The yield for indoor growing is 12 to 18 ounces/m2, while the outdoor harvest is 21 to 25 ounces per plant. 

You can achieve a higher, more potent yield if you give your 5 Alive strain plant cannabis nutrients that have been explicitly engineered for marijuana. 

Your growing area should mimic a warm continental environment for a successful harvest. An advantage of cultivating 5 Alive seeds is that it can tolerate a harsh climate and still produce quality buds. 

One component to keep in mind is your humidity level, as the 5 Alive plant is tightly packed and prone to moisture build-up, resulting in mold, fungus, or other unwanted pathogens. Pruning and proper ventilation can assist you here. 

5 Alive genetics 

The 5 Alive genetics are a mix of Grape Pie, Bubblegum, and Orange Juice strains

Grape Pie Bubblegum Orange Juice
  5 Alive  

5 Alive seeds to buy near you 

5 Alive seeds are rare to find at a dispensary because of the high demand from marijuana growers. If you have a deep desire to grow 5 Alive weed strain seeds, you’ll need to order them online at i49 Genetics. 

5 Alive feminized seeds are the most desirable because you get a generous yield with all female plants. The crop from the Five Alive strain blooms fast for a sativa-dominant hybrid. 

Another strain that’s similar to the 5 Alive strain is Moby Dick feminized seed strain. It’s also a sativa-dominant hybrid which creates an uplifting stimulating cerebral buzz. You’ll be productive with your work and have a boost of creativity. 

Also, look at the Auto Bruce Banner feminized seed strain for an amazing experience. It’s a hybrid with 23% THC and 0.7% CBD levels. This marijuana strain packs a punch, like the Hulk, that leaves you happy in a euphoric state. It’s perfect for evenings when you want to relax and destress after a long day. 

5 Alive reviews 

Our i49 users love the 5 Alive feminized strain with their growing experience and effects when consumed. Here’s what real customers said in their 5 Alive reviews. 

Elliott Stone — 5 Alive Fem

“Very nice plant. Excellent genetics and growing characteristics.”

Lady Ganja — 5 Alive Fem 

“Such a tasty strain! The citrus taste really comes through with this strain. Will be a staple in my growing room.”

5 Alive final look 

The 5 Alive strain is one that all marijuana growers and users need to experience at least once in their lifetime. With its citrusy flavor, energizing cerebral buzz, and beginner-friendly growing experience, 5 Alive is a treasure to the cannabis community. 

If you haven’t already, you should order your own 5 Alive seeds or look into similar strains from i49 Genetics. Other high THC seeds are Alien OG feminized seeds, Auto Bubblegum feminized seeds, and Gold Leaf feminized seeds

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