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Tips & Tricks to Control Marijuana Odors

Tips & Tricks to Control Marijuana Odors

Strong odors are one of the most prominent signs you are growing marijuana. Most growers do everything they can to combat odors, but the process can be complicated. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks that make controlling marijuana odors much more manageable.

The Fragrance of Marijuana Is Undeniable

Marijuana has a heady aroma most people never forget. If you have ever smelled it, you know how distinguishable it is from other plant aromas. The smell of marijuana has gotten many people in trouble because it has led others to their hidden stash. Even though laws are becoming more favorable in many states, most growers do not want to announce to the world they are growing marijuana.

An indoor grow room can create a lot of aromas, which is why marijuana farmers need to take the initiative to control the odors as much as possible. Because marijuana can be smelled hundreds of feet away, it is wise to use this guide to keep it contained.

Reasons Marijuana Odors Have Become Too Strong

If you do not want nosy neighbors knowing you are growing marijuana and do not want hassles from the police, keeping the odors contained will be helpful. There are a few reasons marijuana odors can begin to become too strong. Being aware of the reasons will help you prevent odors.

  1. If your ventilation system does not have a proper vacuum, scents are more likely to escape. The way the fan is positioned is critical for keeping odors from wafting from the grow room. When the fan is positioned correctly, it will also act as a vacuum.

Fan ventilation is essential for keeping cannabis plants growing healthy. Use the fans to your advantage, and the tantalizing odors of marijuana will not escape the grow room.

  1. The right filter is critical for the prevention of marijuana odors. Carbon filters trap marijuana odors and ensure they do not escape the grow room. The negatively charged ions that are being emitted from the growing marijuana are neutralized when entering the carbon filter.

One of the biggest mistakes new growers make is purchasing a carbon filter that is too small for their grow room. When the filter is too small, the fan is going to push air through the filtering system too quickly, causing many ions to pass through and lead to the escape of odors.

You should replace filters that are too small or are over a year old. Once a filter has been in place for about a year, it is no longer going to be able to provide the most substantial level of filtering action.

  1. Do you have exhaust leaks? Leaks are undoubtedly a contributing factor to marijuana odors. Unfortunately, exhaust leaks are one of the most frustrating aspects of maintaining a grow room. Even the smallest of leaks could lead to smells escaping.

If you suspect leaks, check the hose for any holes or cracks. Also, check the clamps to ensure they are adequately tightened and secured.

The above are the top three reasons for marijuana smells escaping from grow rooms. When there is a problem with odors, always check these issues first since they are typically the primary culprit.

How to Effectively Prevent or Remove Marijuana Odors

There are a few ways you can address marijuana odors as a grower. Knowing how to take care of marijuana odors adequately will keep your growing efforts secure while preventing intrusions and threats from neighbors or thieves.

Odor Neutralizers

Odor neutralizers are an effective way to keep marijuana smells from becoming overwhelming, but they should be used with caution. Never place the Neutralizer in the same room as your plants, especially during the flowering stage. Sometimes, certain odor neutralizers can affect the way your buds taste and smell.

One odor neutralizer that will never work is sprays and plug-in air fresheners. These merely attempt to cover the odors but fail miserably. Do not waste your money!

1. Ona Products

Ona products include gels, blocks, and mists, and they all work to control odors. They were initially manufactured to control sewer odors, and people got the idea to use them for marijuana odor control because they work so effectively.

Ona has crafted multiple scents, and they can be placed in air vents. They will continue working to cover marijuana odors until they become entirely dried. The gels or blocks can then be thrown away and replaced with a new one.

While these work incredibly well to get rid of marijuana odors, they do not last very long. You will need to replace the gels and blocks every three to four weeks, and they work best in small spaces. Use the mist for your car or home after smoking, to eliminate the odors.

As a warning, remember to never place these inside your grow room, especially during the flowering stage. You do not want to transform the smell and taste of buds.

2. The Neutralizer

Another product that is trusted by many marijuana growers is The Neutralizer. This product has won awards for its effectiveness in Europe. The Neutralizer contains pungent natural oils from flowers, plants, and fruits.

You simply plug in the unit and pop in a cartridge. The Neutralizer lasts longer than the Ona Products (about five to six weeks). These also work better in larger grow rooms. If you want to use them for a smaller grow room, they offer a condensed version, and it is just as strong as the larger one, without being overwhelming.

3. Vaportronic

Vaportronic stations work with five or twelve-gram discs that feature Neutrox Gamma. This station can be programmed to come on at specific times. These stations operate on a D battery, so they require no electricity.

The Vaportronic discs last about two months before needing to be replaced. You can choose between pine or eucalyptus scents. Vaportronic is ideal for small grow rooms. If you have a larger grow room, it may be necessary to use more than one station.

Air Purifiers

While some growers use air purifiers to attempt to get rid of intense marijuana smells, this is not recommended. Air purifiers filter the air inside your home and are ideal for the elimination of smoke and cooking odors.

Unfortunately, air purifiers simply do not seem to work on marijuana smells. If you want to use an air purifier, it would be best to couple it with a neutralizer product for the best results.

Carbon Filtration

Although there are many options for getting rid of odors, carbon filtration is one of the best. This type of filtration system takes the smallest of odor ions and traps them inside the filter, allowing clean and fume-free air to come out.

If you genuinely want to clean the air of any marijuana odors, carbon filter exhausts are the most effective. Carbon filters require you to use a tubular air extractor. The air extractor sucks air into the filter, where there are small, active pieces of carbon.

One reason many growers prefer carbon filtration is these filters do not emit any other smells. Although fragrances can be pleasant, not everyone wants them. Some people are sensitive or allergic to certain synthetic fragrances.

Another positive of using carbon filtration is you can purchase them in different sizes, according to the size of the grow room. If you are going to use carbon filtration in your grow room, it is of utmost importance these systems are installed correctly.

First, consider the size of your exhaust. If you are using air-cooled marijuana grow lights, these typically come standard with a six-inch exhaust. For small grow rooms, a six-inch fan will suffice. Never purchase a four-inch fan because they are not strong enough to work with a six-inch carbon filter.

It is important to note that bigger is not always better. If you attempt to use an eight-inch fan and filter in a small space, it could end up being too strong. Eight-inch fans and filters are reserved for commercial grow rooms and large setups where powerful fans are needed.

You will also need to check the CFM rating and match it to the filter as precisely as possible. Be sure to install the fan and filter correctly, according to the directions.


Getting rid of unwanted marijuana odors is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from unwanted attention. Prying neighbors can get very nosy, especially when they start to sniff out what they believe to be marijuana odors.

If you truly want to get rid of these odors and prevent them from spreading outside of the walls of your home, carbon filtration is the ideal choice. With the right setup, marijuana odors will be whisked out of the air and trapped inside a carbon filter.

As long as the system is installed correctly and maintained, it will keep your marijuana plants from being discovered because of the heady aromas they produce while growing.

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