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White Widow Strain

White Widow strain review

The White Widow strain was first grown in 1994, little did the cultivators know they had created a winner. A year later, White Widow claimed first prize at The High Times Cannabis Cup. The marijuana strain continued to win several more prestigious awards and is one of the most famous old-school ones worldwide.

So, what do people love about the world-famous weed strain, white widow?

Does this multi-award-winning marijuana plant live up to its hype? Are the weed seeds easy to grow? We’ll answer those questions for you, and we’ll show you all the info you need to know about the White Widow cannabis strain.

White Widow strain facts

The White Widow marijuana strain is a favorite among seasoned stoners who acknowledge and respect its potency as an Amsterdam classic. Before we unravel the marvelous effects that it’ll cast upon you, let’s have a quick look at the basic White Widow strain info:

White Widow Strain Information

White Widow strain description

The White Widow strain plant has Indica, fresh spring-green leaves with large, dense flowers. The weed has a skunky-hash fragrance and is sure to tingle the nostril hairs of anyone within a close radius of it.

The White Widow plant produces yummy-looking white sugar-coated buds, and as magnificent as they are, they also give you a hint of how potent this strain is.

White Widow’s THC levels are amongst the highest you’ll find in a cannabis plant, and it still knocks the socks off veteran smokers to this day. Newbies beware – space out your tokes and take your time savoring this beauty.

White Widow Feminized

Fragrance and flavor

You’ll enjoy the fragrance of flowery and earthy smells, combined with citrus undertones when you light her up. Be cautious as this strain is highly pungent when you take a few puffs, so ensure you are in a discreet location.

When it comes to taste, the White Widow strain can come across as a bit bland. There’s no single dominating flavor, but if you’re a weed connoisseur, you may savor slight hints of citrus, pine, and spice. You can try out other strain variants like the White Widow cheesecake strain if you want to relish a taste of cured cheese while enjoying your smoke.


White Widow will greet you with an uplifting burst of energy as her effects quickly start to show themselves. The hybrid will lavish you with Sativa euphoric cerebral highs; you’ll feel like you can take on the world. Or even better, inspire you to complete those monotonous everyday tasks that you keep casting aside.

Not only will you feel creative and relaxed, but you’ll feel extraordinarily talkative, so get ready for some fun, meaningful debates and philosophical conversations with your buddies. Have your favorite snacks and a drink on standby, as you’ll feel the need to tuck into them as a dose of munchies will kick in.

Medical effects

Folk also grow White Widow for medicinal purposes to help treat ailments like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression

With such an extensive range of recreational and medicinal benefits, we can see why it’s so popular and has earned its place as one of the best strains in the world. And if that’s not enough for you, continue reading to discover how easy you can grow these magnificent high THC seeds.

How to grow White Widow 

The cannabis seeds grow the best well in warm climates and can also handle cooler temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere. Because the White Widow strain is disease and mold-resistant, it makes her perfect for beginner cultivators looking for a sturdy weed plant to begin their green growing journey.

White Widow Auto

You can plant your marijuana seeds in a Greenhouse for the first few weeks. Although the White Widow is robust and doesn’t require a lot of your attention, you can give your cannabis plants a quality boost by using a high-grade nutrient pack throughout their life cycles.

When they are ready to brave the great outdoors, transfer your weed plants to an area that soaks up those sweet sun rays. The White Widow strain grows like an indica and can reach heights of 5ft – 6ft, so keep that in mind if you’re planning a stealth growth.

You can control your marijuana plant’s growth by topping her and carefully pruning the highest leaves to allow more light to reach the bottom of your plant for higher yields. Ensure you provide your cannabis plants with adequate space if you want their beautiful dense flowers to stretch out in all their glory.

White widow strain flowering times are between 8 – 10 weeks and will be ready for harvest in September or early October. If you’ve treated the marijuana plants with loving care, they’ll reward you with significant yields of up to 31oz per plant outdoors.

If you prefer the option of growing an indoors marijuana strain, White Widow thrives in SOG and SCROG setups. With proper care, decent hydroponics, and sufficient lighting, your crop will create a beautiful canopy of colas that’ll make your mouth water. These plants will flower in 9 weeks and produce yields of up to 3 oz/sq ft indoors.

Remember to abide by your state’s laws, and you should only cultivate marijuana plants if it’s legal to do so in your district.

White Widow strain genetics

Shantibaba bred the White Widow weed strain in 1994, using a South Indian hybrid and a Brazilian sativa landrace strain. Cannabis connoisseurs appreciate the old-school genetics used by Green House to create this perfectly balanced hybrid.

Here’s a short and sweet rundown of the White Widow strain genetics:

Brazilian female sativa landrace White Widow
South Indian male hybrid

White Widow seeds to buy near you

If your state has medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensaries, you’re sure to come across White Widow for sale. If you prefer to avoid higher prices, you can buy the weed seeds from online cannabis seed banks such as i49 Genetics.

White Widow feminized seeds aren’t the only type of cannabis seeds from this strain you can buy. If you are interested in other variants, you may like the following:

Blueberry x White Widow

If you want to get even more adventurous with the strain, you can always look at White Widow crossbreeds from i49 Genetics, including Blueberry x White Widow Fem and White Widow x AK47 Fast Fem.

White Widow strain reviews

Are you curious to know what some of our buyers thought of the White Widow feminized seeds? Here are some of the White Widow reviews from happy weed cultivators:

KmK – 5 Stars

Love it! My strongest one thus so far! Easy grow. Can take a lickin and keep on tickin!

LaRue Claros – 5 Stars

Beautiful plants! Easy to grow and robust.

Antoine Smith – 5 Stars

Get yours today… I have dealt with a few different distributors when it comes to White Widow and by far these are some of the best seeds I’ve seen.

Martin Tamou – 5 Stars

Beautiful genetics

White Widow – a vintage classic not to be missed

White Widow has graced the noses and taste buds of seasoned tokers throughout the years. Weed users admire her potency, her fun recreational effects, and her aiding medicinal benefits. The pot seeds are easy to grow and are perfect for beginners. You’ll enjoy reaping rewards of significant yields at harvest time.

We can honestly say that the White Widow strain does indeed earn its reputation among the best cannabis strains in the world.

Our website contains all the White Widow strain information you’ll need, and you’ll even be able to buy nutrients and fertilizers to aid you in your cultivating journey. This is one web you won’t mind getting tangled up in.


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