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East South Central USA

East South Central USA

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in the East South Central USA?

The East South Central division of the US includes Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. While these states have not legalized marijuana for recreational use, it is still legal to purchase and possess cannabis seeds. At i49 USA, we offer a huge selection of seeds for you to choose from if you’d like to start a collection and live in one of these states. Learn more about purchasing marijuana seeds below or check out our store now to see the options.

Marijuana Not Yet Legal in These States

The states within the East South Central division all allow CBD oil for medical use, but some do state that there can be no THC in the CBD oil. None of them have other options for medical marijuana use, nor do they allow plants to be grown for medical use. They also have not legalized marijuana for recreational use, though Mississippi has decriminalized the first offense, so long as it is under 30 grams. Plants are also not allowed to be grown for recreational use, and being caught with plants is a felony charge except for Kentucky, where under five plants is considered a misdemeanor.

While marijuana is still not legal in these states, there are bills either underway or planned for each of the states that will allow medical marijuana to be purchased, possessed, and consumed if they pass. This still doesn’t address recreational marijuana, but it is a step towards legalization. Many states that are planning to legalize recreational use or have already done so have a medical marijuana plan in place first, and recreational use follows soon after. So, despite there not being any bills for recreational use in the East South Central US right now, there could be in the near future.

Is it Still Possible to Purchase Marijuana Seeds?

Since it is not legal to cultivate marijuana in any of these states, is it still legal to purchase and possess marijuana seeds? The short answer is yes. Marijuana seeds are considered a novelty product by the US federal government, so it is legal for residents to own cannabis seeds. However, they cannot transport the seeds and must keep them in a collection, without the intention to germinate the seeds. As long as they aren’t germinated (what’s germination?), the seeds can be considered souvenir cannabis seeds and legally owned.

Souvenir Cannabis Seeds and Proper Storage

Those who live in the East South Central US and who want to purchase marijuana seeds can buy souvenir cannabis seeds for their personal collection. Any marijuana seeds can be considered souvenir seeds, so long as they are not germinated. They will need to be properly stored to prevent germination and to ensure they will still be viable by the time cultivation becomes legal.

To properly store marijuana seeds, it’s important to keep them away from moisture, light, and heat. Small glass jars or sealed bags inside glass jars are perfect for storing seeds as they allow them to be easily labeled and prevent moisture from causing them to germinate. The jars should then be placed in a dry, dark, and cool place inside the home, so there’s no chance they’ll be exposed to moisture, light, or warmth. When stored properly, marijuana seeds can remain viable for at least a few years.

Know the Types of Marijuana Seeds

The types of marijuana seeds might not matter much for someone starting a collection, but it still handy to understand the differences in case you would like to grow them in the future when it becomes legal. Regular seeds are the most common type, and the seeds found on any plants that are allowed to pollinate. These seeds can grow male or female plants, so it’s important to keep an eye out and remove male plants as soon as they are noticed.

Feminized seeds only produce female marijuana plants, so there’s no need to keep an eye out for male plants. However, it’s still necessary to pay close attention to the growth of the plant so the lighting can be adjusted when it’s time for the plant to flower. Auto-flowering cannabis plants don’t require this attention to detail, as they will start to automatically flower independent from changes in their light/dark schedule. In other words, they still need light, but don’t require a change in their lighting schedule between the vegetative and flowering phases in order to begin flowering.

Try Our Most Popular or Newest Marijuana Seeds

If you’re ready to purchase seeds to add to your souvenir marijuana seed collection, we have a number of options available. You may want to start out with some of our most popular strains, as these are the ones our buyers choose to purchase the most. These include Do-Si-Dos feminized seeds, Super Silver Haze feminized seeds, Banana Kush feminized seeds, and Wedding Cake feminized seeds.

If you’re looking for something new and interesting, we are always adding new strains you might enjoy. Some of our newest options include Critical Mass CBD feminized seeds, Yumbolt feminized seeds, Black Rhino feminized seeds, and Triangle Kush feminized seeds. All are an excellent option for collections or when you are able to grow plants.

Why Buy Cannabis Seeds from i49 USA?

At i49 USA, we offer only the highest quality marijuana seeds delivered discreetly to your door. Plus, we offer support before and after you’ve purchased seeds from us so you can get answers to any questions you might have. We also have a huge selection of seeds and add new ones frequently, so you will be able to find the strain of your choice.

If you’re in the East South Central part of the US, you may not be able to legally grow marijuana for recreational or medical use yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a collection of souvenir seeds. If you’re ready to purchase cannabis seeds, take a look at i49 USA’s huge selection now or contact us to speak to a customer service representative.

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