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Mountain States USA

Mountain States USA

Marijuana in the Mountain States: A Brief Guide to the Laws and Options

Residents of the Mountain West states are among the country’s most active, youthful, and open-minded. Most of the Mountain States have liberalized formerly strict laws governing the possession and use of marijuana, too.

Colorado, in fact, has been a leader in this area, with its 1975 decriminalization of marijuana possession being among the first such moves nationwide. Fellow Mountain State Nevada joined Colorado near the head of the pack in 2000, when residents of both states passed a couple of the country’s earliest medical marijuana legalization measures.

Probably the single most notable Mountain West marijuana legal move of all happened in 2012, though, when Colorado voters approved the first recreational marijuana legalization bill in the United States. Nevada followed suit four years later, although the rest of the states in the Mountain West have yet to do the same.

Buying and Owning Marijuana Seeds is Legal Throughout the Mountain West and All Over the Country

Even though the situation concerning marijuana possession and usage is mixed, the legal status of marijuana seeds in the Mountain West region is easy to pin down. As with the rest of the country, people can buy and possess un-germinated cannabis seeds without restriction in every Mountain state.

Displaying intent to germinate seeds and cultivate the plants that sprout from them, of course, could be legally problematic. Whether that will be allowed depends on state-level laws, which tend to be most permissive in the Mountain West where there’s been the most progress on the road to wholesale legalization:

  • Arizona has not legalized the recreational use of marijuana but has allowed medical usage since 2010. People authorized to consume marijuana for medical purposes can grow up to 12 plants for personal use, but only if they live more than 25 miles from a licensed dispensary.
  • Colorado has the most liberal of the Mountain West states’ marijuana laws. Adult Coloradans are entitled to grow up to six plants each for personal use, although no more than three can be flowering at any given time. In addition, no home can host more than 12 marijuana plants at once, no matter how many adults live there.
  • Idaho forbids both the medical and recreational use of marijuana. While residents can use CBD oils that include no measurable amount of THC, Idaho’s laws are among the strictest in the region. As would be expected, cultivation of marijuana is prohibited. As with every other state, though, Idahoans are still entitled to buy and collect un-germinated cannabis seeds.
  • Montana still prohibits recreational use of marijuana but is fairly lenient about cultivation for medical purposes. People registered to use medical marijuana can possess up to four flowering plants and 12 seedlings at once. Providers can cultivate a similar number of each for every cardholder who has officially designated them as a supplier.
  • Nevada allows recreational marijuana users to grow up to six plants each if residing more than 25 miles from the nearest licensed retailer, with a limit of 12 per household also being enforced. Registered medical marijuana users can grow up to 12 plants but only if they live more than 25 miles from a dispensary.
  • New Mexico decriminalized recreational marijuana use in 2019, but still issues tickets for violations. As such, recreational users are not allowed to grow cannabis plants at all. Medical users can apply for official Personal Production Licenses that entitle them to grow up to four flowering plants and 12 seedlings at a time. New Mexico’s oversight of cultivation for personal use is somewhat closer than with most other states that are similarly permissive.
  • Utah moved ahead of Mountain State compatriots Idaho and Wyoming in terms of legalization progress with 2014 and 2018 bills that allow medical use under limited circumstances, like for people with terminal cancer. Cultivation remains illegal, though.
  • Wyoming prohibits all marijuana use, like Idaho, although THC-free CBD oil can be owned and consumed. Marijuana cultivation of all kinds remains illegal.

Many Marijuana Seeds to Buy, Collect, and Possibly Cultivate

As should be clear, the status of marijuana legalization throughout the Mountain West is quite varied. Some states, like Colorado and Nevada, are at the head of the American pack. Others, like Idaho and Wyoming, have made very little progress at all.

The fact remains that people in these states are allowed to buy and own cannabis seeds, though. Shopping online for marijuana seeds will reveal that there are hundreds of kinds that are worth considering. Some of the types that are most popular among residents of the Mountain States today are:

  • Feminized Girl Scout Cookies/Jack Herer hybrid: many cultivators lean toward plants that can achieve especially high THC levels. Bred to pack a huge THC punch, the feminized version of the Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer hybrid is always a best-seller. Feminization means that plants do not need to be sexed and that hermaphrodites will never drag down a harvest. Medical marijuana users who suffer from problems like migraine headaches and fatigue often find this strain particularly helpful.
  • Auto-flowering, feminized Northern Lights/Big Bud hybrid: another popular cannabis crossbreed brings automatic flowering to the table courtesy of hybridization with the ruderalis cannabis subspecies. The parents of Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud Fem are Indicas, so a calming, relaxing experience is to be expected.
  • Feminized Zkittelz: a winner of multiple awards, Zkittelz boasts a legendary flavor and plenty of THC. Although Indica-based strains like Zkittelz are mostly known for producing relaxing highs, this one leaves fans feeling alert and engaged as well. That makes for a particularly well-rounded experience which draws just as many to this hybrid as its berry-like taste.

Although not all Mountain West region residents are legally entitled to cultivate popular cannabis strains like these, everyone is permitted to buy and own cannabis seeds as souvenirs. A quick online search will show that there are many more types of seeds available at that all have distinctive, interesting characteristics.

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