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South Atlantic States USA

South Atlantic States USA

Is it Legal to Purchase Cannabis Seeds in the South Atlantic States?


The South Atlantic region of the US consists of eight states – Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, as well as the District of Columbia. These states all vary based on whether recreational marijuana use is legal, with DC being the only district to fully legalize recreational use. However, in all of these areas, it is legal to purchase and possess marijuana seeds. If you’re interested in buying cannabis seeds, learn more by reading this article or browse the i49 USA online store today.

Legalization of Marijuana in the South Atlantic States

Washington, DC is the only place inside the South Atlantic region that has legalized marijuana for recreational use, but it has not legalized commercial sales. The district also allows residents to possess medical marijuana and to grow marijuana for recreational or medical use. Despite legalizing marijuana cultivation, there is a limit of six plants per household, and only three of them can be mature at one time.

Marijuana possession has been decriminalized in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, and certain cities within Georgia. Possession is still illegal in the remaining states for this region. Medical marijuana is limited to Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Florida, and DC. In the remaining states, CBD oil is legal, but most of them have a limit on the amount of THC that can be found in the CBD oil. As far as marijuana cultivation, it is only legal to grow for medical purposes in Delaware and Florida. In the remaining states, it is illegal to grow cannabis plants for any reason.

Can Marijuana Seeds be Legally Purchased Here?

Though marijuana possession and cultivation may be illegal in most of the region, it is still legal for residents to purchase marijuana seeds. They cannot travel through the state or to other states with the seeds and must take care to avoid germination. However, they can have seeds in their home. According to federal laws, marijuana seeds are seen as a novelty product, so they do not fall under the marijuana laws that govern possession federally or at the state level. These seeds are considered souvenir seeds and can be collected as long as they are stored properly in a collection instead of being cultivated.

Buying Marijuana Seeds for Souvenir Purposes

Even though it’s not legal to grow plants in this region for recreational use, apart from DC, it is still possible to purchase souvenir seeds. Those who are expecting laws to change and who want to start a seed collection today may want to go ahead and purchase seeds. They will need to make sure they have a way to properly store the seeds so they will still be viable when the laws do change. Many people prefer to store their seeds in a glass jar to minimize the chance of moisture reaching the seeds. From there, the seeds should be placed in an area that’s constantly cool and dark. Light, moisture, or warmth can all cause the seeds to start germinating.

Know the Main Types of Marijuana Seeds Available

Before buying any cannabis seeds, it’s a good idea to understand the different types that are available. All types can be easy for beginners to grow, but there are differences that buyers should be aware of before they pick out the strains they want to purchase.

  • Regular Marijuana Seeds – These are basic seeds that can produce either male or female plants. If male plants are allowed to grow further, they will pollinate the female plants, which will cause them to grow seeds instead of larger buds. Care must be taken to remove the male plants as early as possible, so pollination doesn’t occur.
  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Specially treated, these seeds only produce female marijuana plants. This is done to minimize the risk of pollination and to ensure none of the plants grown need to be disposed of during the early stage of growth. Feminized seeds can require less maintenance compared to regular seeds.
  • Auto-Flowering Seeds – Autoflowering seeds are designed to automatically flower at the right time for the plant, even if the lighting isn’t adjusted. As soon as the plant reaches the flowering stage, the flowers will start to appear. This means they require much less maintenance compared to other types, which means beginners will find they’re easier to care for.

Ready to Buy? Try These Strains Today

Beginners may be interested in checking out some of the strains that are the easiest to grow. New choices available that are easier include the G13 feminized seeds, Critical Mass CBD feminized seeds, and Mango Kush feminized seeds. All of these are easy for beginners, even though they are not auto-flowering, so those who can grow plants right now can have a healthy plant growing right away.

Those who are interested in growing marijuana for medical purposes will want to look at the CBD-heavy strains. It’s a good idea to check out the amount of CBD compared to THC for these strains before purchasing anything. However, some of the latest additions to the medical marijuana list include Strawberry CBD feminized seeds, Cheese CBD feminized seeds, and Harlequin CBD feminized seeds.

Why Buy Seeds From i49?

Buying from a seed bank gives you a lot more variety to choose from. i49 USA has a huge variety of strains for sale including seeds for beginning growers, for medical use, for indoor growing, and more. We only sell the highest quality seeds and hand-select all seeds before they are shipped discreetly to your home. We also ensure you have the full support you need, as our support team is available to answer any questions you might have before or after your purchase.

Though marijuana is not yet legal in the South Atlantic region, apart from DC, laws are changing rapidly throughout the US. Seeds can be purchased today, allowing you to start a collection, so you have the strains you want to try as soon as your local laws allow marijuana cultivation. If you’re ready to buy seeds today, browse our selection now.

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