In the West North Central USA, is it Legal to Purchase Cannabis Seeds?

The West North Central region of the USA consists of Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. As of right now, marijuana is not legal in any of these states but has been decriminalized in four of them. Despite marijuana still being illegal, it is possible to purchase cannabis seeds in these states. If you’re ready to purchase marijuana seeds, read below to learn how to buy them legally or browse our store to start shopping for the perfect seeds now.

The Legalization of Marijuana in the West North Central USA

The states that make up the West North Central division of the US have not legalized marijuana for recreational use yet, but Minnesota, Missouri, and North Dakota have all decriminalized it. Nebraska has decriminalized as well, but only for the first offense. None of the states allow marijuana to be grown for recreational use right now, and transport is only legal for medical use in states where medical marijuana is legal.

For medical marijuana, Minnesota, Missouri, and North Dakota are the only states in this region where the purchase is legal. In the remaining states, medical cannabis is limited to CBD oil that is low in, or free from, THC, depending on the state. In Minnesota and Missouri, it is legal to grow plants for medical purposes with a medical marijuana license. However, it is not legal to grow it for recreational use, and residents in the remaining states for this region cannot grow marijuana, no matter what the purpose is.

Can You Legally Purchase Cannabis Seeds in These States?

While it is illegal to grow marijuana in all of this region, with some exceptions for medical use, it is still legal to purchase marijuana seeds. Cannabis seeds are seen by the federal government as an adult novelty item. This means the seeds are not regulated the way marijuana would be, so they’re legal to collect. Instead of purchasing them with the intention of cultivating marijuana, seeds are legal to own as long as they are for souvenir purposes. This means they need to be kept in a collection and stored properly, so they don’t germinate.

How to Purchase and Store Seeds for Souvenir Purposes

Any marijuana seeds can be purchased as souvenir seeds. This is simply a way of storing the seeds, so it doesn’t differentiate between different types of seeds or unique strains. Those who want to purchase souvenir seeds can buy any strain they like. It’s generally a good idea to keep them in containers that seal completely, such as the temperature/humidity controlled packaging supplied by i49 USA. All seeds purchased for souvenir purposes should be kept in a dry, cool, dark place. This will help ensure they remain viable and un-germinated.

Learn About the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

There are different types of marijuana seeds, as well as different strains. The types of seeds include regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. Regular seeds are inexpensive, but product both male and female plants, which may not be desired. Feminized seeds produce only female plants, and autoflowering seeds produce plants that are not photosensitive, which means they’ll start flowering once they’ve grown enough instead of waiting for the number of daylight hours to change. This makes them easier for beginners as there’s less to worry about.

The two main strains available are Sativa and Indica. Sativa produces a high that offers energy and can help inspire creativity. Indica produces a high that’s more mellow and is better for relaxing. Besides these, there are also hybrid strains that combine both Sativa and Indica in a unique blend for a different kind of high. The seeds chosen can depend on the type of high you’re after or the type of seed and how easy it might be to grow.

Try Out These Strains if You’re Ready to Collect Seeds

If you’re ready to start a souvenir marijuana seed collection, i49 USA sells a huge selection of cannabis seeds to choose from. Our latest seeds that are designed to produce a heavier yield when you can start growing plants will include the G13 feminized seeds, True OG feminized seeds, and Tropicana Cookies Purple feminized seeds.

If you are able to grow marijuana for medical purposes, we have a number of new ones to check out. These include Hindu Kush regular seeds, Strawberry CBD 1 to 15 feminized seeds, and OG Kush 1 to 15 feminized seeds. We also sell a variety of quick flowering seeds.

Why Buy Seeds From i49 USA?

If you’re looking to purchase seeds to grow for medical purposes or to start a souvenir seed collection, it’s important to purchase high-quality seeds. i49 USA sells a huge variety of different strains, and we ensure only the highest quality seeds make it to your home by hand-selecting all seeds before they are packaged and shipped out. We also offer a dedicated support team to answer any questions you might have about our seeds, germination tips, and storage advice. We make sure the seeds are discreetly shipped to your home as fast as possible, so you don’t have to wait to start your new collection or to start growing plants.

If you’re in the West North Central region of the US, you may not be able to grow marijuana for recreational use yet, but the laws could change in the near future. That’s why you’ll want to go ahead and purchase souvenir seeds from i49 USA to start your collection today. Visit our store now to browse our selection of marijuana seeds or contact our support team for help finding the perfect seeds to buy.

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